Lost mind: the start

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic


Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



???: tell me,what do you go by?

Dexter:...my name is Dexter.

Niles: it's nice to meet you Dexter. They call me Dr.Yates,but you can call me Niles.

Dexter:..where are we?..i- i can't see anything..

Niles: you are in my office. 

Dexter: I'm in a doctor's office?..did something happen to me?..

Niles:yes,but not to your physical body..tell me,do you know of the term,purgatory?

Dexter:I'm in hell?!

Niles: Ha,no child.the purgatory I'm referring to is mental anguish or suffering- in your case caused by your own thoughts.

Dexter:so I'm here because of my own thoughts?.. am I going crazy?

Niles: we are all crazy.You stop being “sane” once you're able to have complex thoughts on this world.it's what makes us human.

Dexter:..so why am I here? And why can't I see?..

Niles: well you are here because you were admitted by a friend that was worried about some stress on your shoulders.long story short we did some tests,found worrying results and i'm here to sort through them.as for the lose of sight,we are in a pitch black room to stimulate your thoughts and to ensure you don't pinpoint where you are.

Dexter: wait.i don't remember leaving my house yesterday..did you guys kidnap me?

Niles:we should begin.

Dexter: don't ignore me! Did you people kidnap me? None of my friends would just admit me into a place-

Niles: calm down.i can't tell you how we got you here but I can assure you it was legal and safe,and you will be released after giving me a chance to relieve some of the weight weighing down your mind.

Dexter:..well i keep walking into walls and i can't feel a door anywhere,so i guess i have no choice..so what are you going to do?..

Niles: We are just going to talk,more specifically you are. Luckily the stress weighing you down isn't due to a disease.it's being caused by the aftereffects of years of you dealing with the problems life has dealt you without letting any of it out .

Dexter: wait. If that's it then you're blowing this out of proportion. It's not like I've had any tragic events happen to me that I couldn't deal with.i feel fine-

Niles: don't underestimate accumulated stress. This world we live in is a ruthless one, especially when you don't ever take a break from it.from what I've been told about you,you keep to yourself-never letting others know about your problems even if it's driving you insane..

Dexter:I get what you're going for,but why involve others in what I can handle? Everyone has problems why should they have to deal with mine too?

Niles:very “noble”,but what about when that stress eats you alive?

Dexter:what do you mean?

Niles:I'm sure you've experienced it before.that intolerable pain in your head and chest that haunts you when you're alone..Your past decisions clawing their way up your back while the unknown future ingrains fear into your soul. How will you deal with that pain?

Dexter:I've dealt with it before and I'll deal with it aga-

Niles:can you? You can speak bold now,but what about when you're alone in a darkness similar to this. Can you fight the pain when all you have is the walls to talk to? What about when t.v and music lose their magical distracting abilities and your left there with your thoughts and problems for eternally lasting hours?

Dexter:...i can take it.i always have and I always will-

Niles: who are you trying to convince? Me or yourself?

Dexter:...You speak like you've been through this before..

Niles:No one starts off wise child,that's an expectation for God. So tell me now that we are warmed up,are you ready to begin?

Dexter:..alright.let's talk.

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