"Old City jail" first story

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My first short story.

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



A paranormal investigator goes into Charleston south Carolina "old city jail" first just to find proof on the existence of ghosts but then after time he is assaulted by an unknown force and he gets on the phone with his team and asks them to get to the jail however his team mates are in savannah Georgia kinda far away from him. As he digs down deep trying to figure out what attacked him he soon discovers that all of his equipment is missing and soon realized that the culprit was non other then Lavina Fisher Americas first women serial killer also a thief. He goes to the jails psych wars and retrieves his equipment at thus point attacked by a giant angry spirit that picks him up throws him against the jail wall soon to realize that it was the demon of Charleston. He then starts thinking it's a personal issue and must stop the demon. But realizing he cannot do anything without his team he calls them again only to find out by one member they got in a terrible wreck and she died on the phone with him. Content on the demon he goes in a fit of anger taking it out on the jail. When suddenly kicks down a door leading where the electric chair was once used he walks over to see if it was still used when suddenly looses control of his body and realizes the entity has possessed him and making him strap in to the chair trying to break out of the hold a strong burst of light brightens the whole jail and a man he never seen before saves his life by teleporting him out of the jail and into a church. Soon to think he was saved by God and then he leaves Charleston never to come back.

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