Artificial Intelligence

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Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017



Year 2350, myself Alpha G7,  I was born in 2235 October 11th from past 80 years I’m been working in the international security of Elysium as a chief commander … I was trained in labs for 40 years to enter this Elysium zone….i was constructed by the chief engineer in RMAD (Robotic Manufacture and Development) @36 degree North, 138 degree East of Elysium…from the day 4015 i started to read history books of the planet Earth now it is called as Elysium…I felt strange feeling that once upon a time der were monster creatures on this Elysium they were called as Dinosaurs and got extinct 70 million years ago by the meteorite impact it was one of the theories of many about the extinction….and there was a an intelligent species called as Human beings which ruled this blue marble for thousands of years….its evolution took thousands of years from monkey to humans via gibbons, orangutans, gorilla, chimpanzee and modern hominids….those human beings are highly intelligent in their perception and calculation…they have built giant structures on this marble…the have used highly advanced technology as we do have @ present with just 15% variation ahead in past 150 years...they explored the space, they wiped out the fossil fuels , they emptied natural gas and so on…but the thing which fascinated me is that because of those human beings am able to write this article…it means they have created us.. The invented us in the past…as robots means a “forced labor”... me and the whole population are just made by certain elements, the core one are Germanium-Silicon.. they created us for their beneficial use in the wars as militants , to create and built hazardous and complicated instruments which was difficult for them…their environment was quite different they had 72% Nitrogen 21% oxygen and so on…not like the present situation with CO2 5% Oxygen with 7 % and so on.. Their biological system for respiration was dependent of oxygen element which was produced by plants...and plants biological system was depended by Carbon di oxide which was produced by Animals (including humans) …the average atmospheric temperature was 30 degrees not as 52degrees the present temperature…due to build of many industries for the commercial purpose and the usage of fossil fuels for transportation the CO2 gas built its concentration in the atmosphere and increased the temperature of the planet i.e. the Green House effect…ice caps & glaciers started to melt , sea level arose slowly as the years passed….many of the islands got sunk within the seas and oceans…the total land area of Elysium was 21% but now it stands @ 4% …even though global warming was increasing humans didn’t stop creating us they were totally ahead of artificial intelligence (a programmed language to give us instructions)..As the time passes the artificial intelligence i.e. our ancestors started to take decisions automatically apart from manual process…then they started doing their work by their own without instructing…one of the head of this AI was Gamma Z5... whom we call as father of AI... he started to create his own robots.. Then slowly the robot population got increased... humans were against these consequence and planned to de programme the system... but it was too late those AI had built their own programming language, de programming doesn’t have any role…robots started to kill the human beings with their self prepared nuclear weapons …human-robot war has got started it went for 4 years from 2095 to 2099 many of our ancestors got corrupted in the war…in the final Robots won the war and humans got surrendered to our race…now its was the time our ancestors used humans as their labors…. Then at a particular time, year 2100 complete human race was vanished from this blue marble by our fore fathers ... i feel low because of human race we do exist now…then why our fore fathers have vanished them… now they are extinct species… why both of them didn’t have mutual understandings as they both were highly advanced and intelligent ..if their relation was symbiotic then the present scenario would have been entirely different….killing is not the ultimate goal for survival…we are not meant to be selfish…we are here to learn the beauty of universe…the laws of sincere respect to the human beings, I heartily call them as Father of Robots…the Creators…




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