Oh how I wish

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What would you wish for, if you had one chance?

Submitted: July 13, 2017

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Submitted: July 13, 2017



Have you ever been asked ''if you had a wish, what would you wish for''? Well, I have. I never needed or wanted anything, so my answer would be I don't need a wish. I never needed a wish cause I never knew what I would wish for, until yesterday.

I was talking to my bff and he asked me out of nowhere if I had a wish. I would say no as I always would and he for some reason got mad and said ''you must have a wish''. And that kept me awake all night long. I was thinking and tought to myself: a new laptop would be nice,or a phone, or maybe a house to myself... Or to be older... After a while I called him and said that I have too many wishes and he told me: thats impossible, you need to have that one thing that you really want, from the bottom of your heart, it doesn't have to be a thing, just something you want so bad it makes you anxious just to think about. That got to me so fast I started thinking: life without a depression would be amazing, or more friends,maybe a boyfriend... The list was endless and soon, I fell asleep. When I woke up the toughts were still in my head and I realized my wish was to start my life all over again. To live with a different family,different friends and to live a different life. I finally felt happy because I tought to myself I finally have a wish, but no. I would probobly make the same mistakes and I would end u where I am now. I live by the quote ''There need to be life without sorry's''. 

I'm trying to be as happy as possible and to forget about all my problems,but it's just so hard. So, if I had one wish I would wish for what ever I want in my life right now,and currently that is to just have that special someone,who understands me so perfectly that I don't have to say more than whats needed. 

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