Post office accident

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An unexpected meeting turns into a fight about things never expressed.


The sun was well up in the sky, but the sky was clear.Still, it was very cold on this Friday's New Year's Eve in San Fransisco.Veri opened the post office's door suddenly and stormed inside, desperate to do his business in time.He didn't notice however, the young elegant red-haired woman getting in front of the turn number machine and slammed on her, nearly knocking her down.

"Are you nuts?",the woman cried in dibelief of what she had just gone through.

"I'm sorry, I did not ..Diadora?Is that you?",Veri said in surprise,clearing his long dark hair.He looked very carefully to Diadora's long curly red hair and green eyes.It immediately brought back memories of Cambridge's master years.Sure, Veri thought.She is still  able to disarm with a smile.

"Veri?You nearly murdered me!What are you doing here?",Diadora asked noting the changes in Veri..The long hair made him look a bit wild, but it was obvious he had worked out.Still the same piercing look and obsession with men's watches.Though now, it looked really expensive.

"I came to send Christmas cards to associates and old friends.I was in a hurry to get in time before the post office closed.But I live and work in San Fransisco.What are you doing in the United States?You had said you would stay in London.",Veri replied in a partly accusing tone.

"Well, things change.I had a real good job offer in Los Angeles and made the decision.Much more work, but a lot more money.So, where are you working Flash?",Diadora  responded returning the poison.

"I have mu own works of art and fashion company.Wooden watches, music crystal balls and so on.Do I see a sense of irony about me trying to make it in time?", asked Veri furrowing his brow.

"No.What makes you think I critizing your appointment habits?It's not as if  you have ever missed a flight even though you pay attention to your watch  more than Big Ben!", Diadora said somewhat rising her tone, but  still focusing in the turn service number display.

"You still remember that Chrismas misunderstanding?You are just as selfish as you were!I took the next flight!",Veri said in obvious psychological exhaustion.His nerves were beggining to crack, contrary to Diadora, who seemed very focused in doing her business, while throwing a few lethal arrows to get even given the oppputrunity.

"So informing the person who was waiting costed more than the plane ticket?Do you men enjoy your time better, when you know someone is waiting?Is it like more reassuring and comfortable knowing that a succer is spending her time waiting?", Diadora asked in a very attacking manner, but being careful not to draw attention.

Veri understood immediately he was in real trouble.He would take care of his business, but he hadn't expected this meeting.The view of his red-haired, short adventure woman back in London, made feelings surface.His heart was starting to beat fast,though anger had been the trigger.But now watching the delicate,feminine moves of her body, had sent warm blood running through his veins.Did she do that on purpose?

"I did not have time.I spent like two hours trying to get a ticket on the next flight and arguing with the ticket salesmen.By the time I was finished, the plane was leaving and I did not have time."Veri exlained hoping to find way out of this.

"You just keep repeating yourself, Veri.People inform before doing otherwise it's not informing.It's finishing and bye.But you did finish what you did puncually.That's for sure.Once you got the master, simply moved on.", Diadora  said hardening her voice.He is still attractive and hopes his desperate excuse attempts will save him, but he didn't leave.Is it possible these eating alive looks he gives, mean something more?

"I had to return to the States.",Veri said finally undersanding the cause.It was a mistake to suddenly leave London after graduating from his Master of Arts in Arts Design."But..",Veri begun, but was immidiately interrupted by Diadora's little revenge."But  now it's my number turn.You wait, Veri.Bye."Diadora said moving to the post office bench.Veri was left speechless.But he couldn't resist.I just can't forget those endless legs, he thought while staring at Diadora's large exposed lower body part.Her electric blue dress wasn't the latest fashion but the colour definitely fascinated the Arts trained entrpreneur.She was so abrupt and desicive.It's worth a second shot, Veri thought.But is there a point in changing a woman's heart?Because she did seem to have other priorities.

Lost in his thoughts, Veri did not observe that his service number had appeared in the display. He woke up by Diadora's voice."Aren't interested anymore in doing your business?'

"Yes I am.Perhaps I'll also send some letters to FRIENDS IN LONDON.", Veri said almost shouting out loud the last part.Diadora looked Veri straight in the eyes understanding the implied meaning.  

Submitted: July 13, 2017

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