Seraphim:The Armageddon files: Chapter four. The Ark of the Covenant.

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Part 4; The Seraphim travels to the lost tomb of Alexander the great to retrieve divine relics to aid her in the coming battle with the demon lord, abaddon.

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Seraphim:The Armageddon files

Chapter 4; the Ark of the Covenant


Where are we, Seraphim?’ Peter asked wiping rivulets of sweat from his wet brow as they stepped from the swirling vortex into a narrow rock hewn tunnel stretching ahead into the darkness.

Holding up a scimitar, its blade glowing like a beacon, Shani turned to Peter, ‘Approximately three hundred feet below the step pyramid of Djoser. Alexander’s tomb lies at the end of this passage.’ She pointed her glowing blade ahead.

‘Wow! Alexander of Macedonia,’ Peter mouthed, ‘I would have thought he would have been buried in Macedon?’

Without turning, Shani Tarath explained. ‘That was the plan, Peter. But on the way, Ptolemy stole his body and his funerary treasures and brought them here. when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon ransacked Jerusalem in 597BC He took all of the treasures including the ark of covenant  back to Babylon with him, where they lay in his treasury until Alexander conquered the city in 331BC.’

Peter scratched his head and sighed, the stuffiness of the tunnel was almost unbearable.

‘So, why didn’t Nebuchadnezzar open the ark or even have it destroyed?’

Shani turned to Peter, ‘That’s simple! It was hermetically sealed, he couldn’t open it, and because of its divine construction, he could not destroy it either, so it lay un-opened in his treasury collecting dust.’

Finally they came to the end of the tunnel; in front of them were two heavy set bronze doors with a roaring lion’s head surrounded by a laurel wreath in its centre, and circling the head were three concentric circles of ancient writings.

‘So are you going to open it then?’ Peter asked Shani.

‘No! You are, Peter.’ Shani smiled. ‘Go on take a look at it, study it.’

Peter slowly walked over to the door and reached out, resting a hand on the lion’s head as if gently caressing it. Then his eyes began to study the circles of writing.

‘The outer ring, that’s Cuneiform. Ancient Sumerian,’ Peter replied, more to himself than the Seraph. With his interest burning, Peter turned his attention to the other two rings.

‘The middle ring is obviously Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The inner ring is demotic, ancient Greek.’

‘Very good!’ Shani smiled, ‘can you read them?’

‘Can you?’ Peter asked turning back to the door.

‘Of course; I can read all languages, Peter.’ Shani smiled.

‘I could probably read the Demotic given a few hours to study it. The Hieroglyphs... hmmm... a few symbols, the Cuneiform, not a chance, sorry.’ Peter apologised.

‘We don’t have a few hours.’ Shani sighed moving over to Peter until her warm soft lips rested against his ear.

Peter felt a tingle of excitement run through his body as the Seraph’s lips brushed his ear and her warm sweet breath exhaled as she whispered a few angelic words into his ear in her sweet musical voice.

Peter felt his head swimming. It was almost a drunken spinning feeling but a pleasant one. Intoxicated by her closeness, Peter snaked an arm around her waspish waist and turned his head, their lips brushed lightly together, Peter felt as if his heart were about to explode with the ecstasy of the kiss.

The memories of every woman he had ever kissed, melted away into insignificance compared to the feelings that surged through his body as his lips pressed against the Seraphim’s.

Peter may have thought he had felt love before, yet now in this instant he realised what love really meant as he was lifted into a state of euphoria as he pressed himself against Shani’s body.

Something cold and hard and sharp pricked Peter’s chin, breaking his trance.He snapped his eyes open and stared into the maelstrom of swirling divine fire that roared in the Seraphim’s eyes as the tip of a scimitar blade punctured his chin drawing a bead of blood.

Peter’s intoxication evaporated in an instant as the orange heat vapours pouring from her eyes threatened to incinerate him on the spot.

A feeling of shame and worthlessness swept over him bringing him to his knees as tears welled up in his eyes.

‘Forgive me! I... I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Forgive me, Seraphim, I beg you!’ The feeling of shame that suddenly had descended upon his soul was almost too much to bear, Peter began to sob uncontrollably.

‘You have let the sin of lust enter your soul, Peter.’ The Seraphim’s voice echoed around the cave, hollow and full of sorrow as if she were about to weep herself.

‘Sin weakens you and taints your soul in shadow, Peter. Bow before me so that I may cleanse thee of thy sins.’

Peter fell to his knees and bowed his head in shame.

Peter felt her anguish and disappointment in him, then suddenly a feeling of immense joy washed over him like a wave of searing, purifying flames burning away the dark sinful shadow that had crept into his soul; lustful feelings for his angelic partner.

Peter slowly raised his head and stared into the Seraphim’s golden eyes. His unclean thoughts for this angelic beauty had been burnt away, he felt invigorated, fresh and clean, his mind was once more sharp and acute. No more was it misted with carnal thoughts and images of him and the seraphim. Peter felt reborn and rejoiced in the ecstasy of that feeling. 

‘Thank you, seraphim for saving me and once more cleansing my soul, I am in your debt.’ Peter smiled as Shani returned the smile.

‘Now that we have sorted that out, let’s get back to why we are here!’ She said pointing at the doorway to the tomb.

Peter got to his feet and dusted off his pants and concentrated on the symbols adorning the doorway.

Shani leant forward, whispering in Peter’s ear, ‘Relax, concentrate, let the symbols talk to you, listen to their secret whispers, absorb their shape with your eyes.’

Peter took a deep breath and stared at the rings, emptying his mind as his eyes ran over the symbols. Then something miraculous happened. All of the symbols suddenly began to make perfect sense to him. It was as if they were really talking to him, communicating on a mnemonic level. It was as if a small breeze had blown through his mind clearing away the fog which had clouded his mind, awakening his sleepy dormant inner eye.

A wave of excitement ran through out his body, strangely culminating into his shoulder blades where an itchy sensation broke out for a few seconds. Peter turned to his mentor and cracked a big toothy smile.

‘I can read them, Seraphim. I can read them all!’

Shani nodded her head approvingly, ‘Good, you have made an important step in your transition toward enlightenment. Now solve the puzzle, Peter.’

Peter turned back to the rings with their now legible inscriptions and began to spin them around aligning them until he could read the message engraved upon them.

‘Here lies the body of, Alexander. The King of the world, the lion of Macedon.’

Then putting both hands on the lion head motif in the centre of the rings, Peter pushed it in. There was a deathly silence as Peter stepped back holding his breath in anticipation. Then the silence was at last broken by a metallic grinding and clicking of hidden wheels and pulleys as a shroud of dust was shaken from the doorway as it groaned into life and slowly sprung open a couple of inches then stopped.

With his heart beating in his chest with furious excitement, Peter braced himself and began to push the great bronze door open enough to slip inside the blackness of the tomb of Alexander the great.

Peter had never seen so many treasures and relics from the ancient world piled up in one place. Everywhere he looked was the glint of gold and silver, ivory, alabaster and precious gems. There were treasures from Egypt plundered from the great Pharaohs tombs. Holy relics cluttered the floor, taken from temples of Mithra the bull god from Persia and the holy ziggurats of Mesopotamia dedicated to the storm god Marduk, and the many gods of India. It was the horde of a life time; it was the history of the ancient world piled up in disarray like some junk collectors back yard, and rising above all of the tomb’s treasures in the centre of the room was a huge marble sarcophagus surmounted with a statue of Alexander mounted on a powerful steed made from gold and ivory.

‘This must be what Howard Carter felt like when he first entered Tutankhamun’s tomb.’ Peter sighed as he wiped a tear from his eye, as the moment became too overwhelming for him.

‘There is so much treasure here! Where do we begin to look for the Ark?’ Peter sighed as he walked over to a bronze chest and dipped a hand in pulling out a pile of gold and silver coins.

‘There!’ Shani replied pointing to the resting place of Alexander.

Walking over to the mounted statue of Alexander the Seraphim gave a marble side panel a kick. The statue shuddered from the impact shedding a cloud of dust as the panel cracked. Kneeling down, Shani drove her fist through the marble panel shattering it.

Reaching in, she dragged out a shroud covered chest. Grabbing the shroud she ripped it from the chest revealing the glint of gold as the Ark of the Covenant was unveiled for the first time in over three thousand years.

Peter began to tremble as he tentatively took a step toward the ark; his mouth fell open as he nervously came within touching distance of the holiest of holy religious relics in the history of the world.

‘It’s real?’ he managed to croak from a dry throat.

‘Yes, Peter it is.’ Shani replied moving aside to let him take a closer look. ‘But beware, do not touch it with your bare hands, for only the anointed and angelic orders can place their hands on it and survive.’ Shani warned.

Peter nodded as a trickle of nervous sweat dripped from his temples down his cheek.

‘It’s magnificent, Seraphim!’ Peter gushed as curiosity and excitement began to take over his sheer awe of the object.

As his trained eyes ran over the golden box his curiosity peaked and his excitement overflowed.

‘What the fuck!’ he inadvertently blurted as he circled the shining golden ark.

'Profanities, Peter!' the Seraphim warned him.

‘Sorry!,' Peter apolgised before turning back to the chest, 'It’s Egyptian made, the ark of the covenant is an Egyptian relic.’

‘Tell me what you see?’ Shani encouraged Peter.

‘Well, where do I start? Ok, the descriptions of the ark have always said the lid was surmounted by two winged cherubs.’ Peter pointed at the lid. ‘They are not cherubs, they are images of Isis with her outstretched wings.’

‘Go on,’ Shani replied.

‘Well the big give away are the hieroglyphs on the side panels and then there’s the  four lotus leaf columns on the corners. This came from a temple dedicated to Isis it probably sat in the tabernacle in the centre of the temple with a golden statuette of Isis inside of it. This is absolutely amazing, Seraphim.’ Peter turned to Shani for confirmation.

‘Very good.’ Shani nodded in affirmation of Peter’s hypothesis.

‘As I told you, Peter when Tisithen and the Aten followers were driven from Egypt they raided Temples and small villages on their expulsion into the desert. This ark came from, as you say, a temple to Isis and became the carrier of the tablets and the armour of Yahwah.’

‘The armour of, Yahwah? I’ve never heard of that.’ Peter shook his head.

‘It is of divine creation, Peter it was, shall we say gifted to the faithful to help protect them from enemies. The last human to wear it was the priest king of the Edomites, Jasher. Well the time has come to open the ark and retrieve the armour.’

 Shani moved over to the ark spread her magnificent white wings and held her arms out as she invoked the power of the ark.

‘Aelph anxephek seb neqet, yahwah saak-hakt med seb rinifsa.’

There was a rumble like thunder that echoed throughout the cavernous tomb then a great swirling cloud began to form between the wings of Isis.

Peter took a nervous step back as Shani began to chant.

Peter watched in awe as the cloud began to writhe as if it were a living thing crackling and spluttering like a storm cloud.

Shani threw back her head and Reaching behind her, she ran her hands down the edge of her scimitars  then clenching her fists she squeezed out droplets of her divine blood onto the heads of the four lotus leaf pillars.

Suddenly the cloud began to swirl around forming into a miniature cyclone then with a roar it burst into flame shooting out fiery serpents which writhed and slithered towards the lotus heads igniting them, then there was an audible click and the flames went out.

Shani moved over to the ark and flipped the lid open and pulled down the front panel of the ark.

Peter, his curiosity bursting from him, peered around the Seraphim to take a peek inside.

Whatever it was that was inside the ark, Peter couldn’t see for it was covered in a cloth with a golden tasselled fringe.

Placing her scimitars on the ground, Shani began to unbuckle her breast plate, with the flick of a finger the clasps sprang open and the breastplate fell to the floor with a clank.

Feeling his cheeks redden with embarrassment, Peter gulped, ‘Errr... what are you doing?’ as he dropped his eyes to the floor as the Seraphim removed her skirt to stand naked before him.

‘I’m changing my armour!’ she replied absently as she pulled off her boots.

‘Don’t you think you should be doing that, err... in private?’ Peter said awkwardly waving a hand in front of him and turning away.

Putting her hands on her hips the Seraphim looked around the chamber then cocked her head, ‘Well, there doesn’t seem to be a changing room, so this will have to do. Really, Peter! Are you feeling uncomfortable with my nakedness?’

‘Just a bit!’ Peter blurted out.

‘Get over it, foolish one!’ she chided him. ‘ Go get the armour from the ark and help me get into it for pity’s sake and stop acting like a churlish little sop.’

Snapping his eyes up at Shani’s rebuke, Peter looked upon her naked form defiantly. Then went to get the armour as he tutted, ‘I’ve seen better.’

With a sarcastic laugh, Shani straightened up spread her magnificent white wings giving them a good stretch, and scoffed ‘I very much doubt that.’

Peter very much doubted that as well, but he wasn’t going to give, Shani the satisfaction of admitting it. So clenching his teeth he took a deep breath and composed him-self as Shani’s perfect angelic form wavered before his eyes turning his legs to jelly.

Peter laid out the five pieces of armour on the ground and what looked like the handle of a sword minus its blade.

‘So if this armour is divine made, I guess it has a purpose?’ Peter remarked.

Shani nodded as she stepped forward and picked up the boots and began to slip them on.

‘The boots were made of black leather and covered in metal interlocking plates allowing movement and finished with leopard fur trim as was all of the pieces of armour.

Peter tried not to look too obvious as he watched Shani slip them onto her slender yet toned legs.

‘These are the boots of peace,’ Shani explained. ‘Wherever I tread with them they bring calm and solace to those around me.’

Next she picked up a thick skirted leather belt made from the hide of a leopard with a roaring leopard’s head embossed at the front of it.

Peter stepped behind her and pulled the belt tight around her waspish waist fumbling awkwardly with the buckles as he stared at her perfectly rounded buttocks.

‘What about this?’ Peter asked, as Shani adjusted it so that it hung comfortably from her slender hips.

‘The belt of truth. It allows the wearer to focus with an unclouded mind, to see through deception to know the enemies true intentions.

Next, Peter helped Shani into the silver metal breastplate  also emblazoned with the familiar roaring leopard head. Peter felt rivulets of sweat trickling down his face. He didn’t know if it was because of the stuffiness of the tomb or being so close to the semi-naked seraphim as she wiggled into the armour.

Her abdomen was flat and toned, her breasts were small and petite and perfect. A silver ring decorated her left nipple and her myriad of celestial tattoos slowly pulsed on her bronzed skin with divine power.

‘The breastplate of righteousness,’ Shani explained. ‘It bestows upon the wearer an unwavering feeling of confidence and a need to see justice done against the fallen.’

Next, Shani slipped the helmet over her head. Her face was protected by two cheek pieces and a nose-guard. A rampant silver leopard adorned the crest of the helmet, reminding Peter of the hood ornament on a Jaguar car.

‘The helmet of salvation,’ shani said. ‘It allows the wearer to be at the side of any fallen comrade in an instant.’

Peter looked dumbfounded, ‘You mean it lets you, for want of a better word, teleport?’

‘Yes, a very good and acurate description, Peter!’ Shani nodded.

‘Whoa... that is so cool,’ Peter chuckled.

Next Shani picked up the round shield with the same embossed leopard head as the breastplate and held up the sword handle.

‘The shield of faith, this has the ability to protect you from all attacks and also delivers a devastating blow to any who come within its range.’

Peter nodded appreciatively, ‘and what about that?’ he pointed to the sword handle. It seems to be missing a blade?’

Shani held it up and smiled, ‘This is the spirit sword, it can exorcise any demon that possesses a human host without hurting that person.’ She then invoked the blade, ‘Theckas.

With a flash a three foot wavering blade of blue pulsing energy shot out from the sword handle.

‘Wow it’s a fucking light sabre!’ Peter blurted out.

'Profanities, Peter!' the seraphim wagged a finger at him.

'Sorry, again,' Peter shrugged his shoulders.

‘A light sabre?' Shani muttered as she waved the glowing blue blade about.

'I have no idea what you are talking about, Peter but it no doubt amuses you? You humans are a curious race to be sure.’ Shani mused.

'You know we really need to have a movie night sometime. I think you will love Indiana Jones,' Peter smirked. 'You and him have a lot in common.'

'What pray tell is a movie night?' Shani asked.

'Well we sit on a nice soft cozy sofa, eat lots of popcorn and drink lots of fizzy liquid and watch some good action movies.'

'Hmm... sounds a lot like the sins of Sloth and Gluttony to me.' Shani protested.

Peter sighed in defeat, 'Do you ever take a day off?'

'No! now let us get back to the task at hand.'


‘Ok, Obi Wan, You are suited and booted and armed to the teeth, what’s next?’

Shani opened a portal, turned to Peter and grinned, ‘It’s time to slay a Demon.’

With the Seraphim at his side, Peter stepped through the swirling vortex and disappeared leaving the tomb of Alexander once more in silent darkness.



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