Vacant Knight

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Submitted: July 13, 2017

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Submitted: July 13, 2017



The pedestal of honor

Swore their existence

Beneath the gallant king

Granted an unspeakable faith


Withstand beyond the man

Fallen without a fight

Lurking every enemy for himself

Everyman for himself


Driften away by his brave

A lionheart awoke in bloodshed

Fiery fury fired the souls

Shaken every ground of living


Thou shall not afraid of death

Haunt with the darkest abyss

Light of the warrior shone still

Out from the reality

Reaching out for glory

Oath that never wanted to be vanished


Life is their armor

Sword is their way

Oath is their justice

All for the truth their seeking


Blood fell on the earth

Taken the brave souls

Back into their home

Carrying the oath and honor


Lifeless body lies on the ground

Stayed until the aftermath

Final grasp of hope uttered 

Rallied the final wave


Ghost of the warrior faded

Seeing the earth for final sight

Ghostly smile uttered from the lips

Leaving tears of final goodbye


Sadness rain poured heavily

Flower showered in precious ground

Leaving a mark of your existence 

Inside the living memory altogether


But the tales still flowed

Descend to human itself

The stroke of their line will be written

Engraved in cold thin air

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