Children Of The Sun

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Pouring out a part of my soul.

Submitted: July 13, 2017

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Submitted: July 13, 2017



Children Of The Sun

I can remember those days of just being a child in the ghetto, young gifted and black.

You see….back then as children we didn’t have anything that we could compare love to.

Only to say… that it was like being free.

Like running with your feet in the grass, chasing butterflies as they chased the wind.

Back then we would put our backs to the ground and we would put our eyes to the sky. 

And we would use our finite minds to try to understand and comprehend things that were infinite. 


We use to think thoughts like….I wonder what God looks like.

I wanted to know… was His skin dark like mines.. was His face dark like mines.

Did He look like He knew and had a close relationship with the sun (Son)


You wanted to know was His skin smooth as caramel like yours, was His hair like 

 or long and flowing like yours but white and pure like snow.


Then we tried to imagine what God sounds like we He laughs.

I said I bet He sounds like thunder and you said…No! I bet He sounds like music.

Together we found a way to compromise and we said that…. even thunder can be melodic once your fear of it is all gone away.


Then we opened up our eyes to the canvass around us and we saw the fathers as they moved up and down the blocks.

Some stood still working miracles; turning stones into bread so their children won’t go unfed….

…. God must look like fathers!

I bet He has the names of His children tattooed across His bosom. 


ou said…No! God looks like mothers who outstretch their arms like the Gates of Heaven they embrace you and they love you without conditions.


Then we looked at each other… and the truth became so self evident.

That God….. looks like Children…. Daydreaming in the sunshine.



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