War-3 Realms 1 Nephalem

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A long time ago, about 18 years ago an angel in heaven was one of the most beautiful and powerful angels of all. She wanted power and wanted to rule Heaven and Earth but when God refuse to give up his place to her she got mad and betrayed everybody in Heaven. She went to the Devil and made love to him to create a more powerful being in the world to control Heaven, Hell, and Earth.

God kept the angel in Heaven till the baby was born. When little SeRena was born, God banished the angel out of Heaven to become a demon in hell. SeRena grew up in Heaven up until she was 10 years young and had to be sent down to Earth. She did not have a pure heart since she was an angel of good and bad.

God sent an angel down as a butler to guide and help SeRena with her powers. When her powers was under control God sent a special collar to SeRena to lock away her powers so no human, creator, nor her parents can find out about the powers and the collar had scent so nobody can track her down.

Now you think it's happy and all but think again. What happens when SeRena parents find her and tries to convince her to become ruler of the 3 realms? What happens when SeRena finds out she has a werewolf mate?

Dare to read and find out.

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First Day, What can go wrong?

Submitted: July 13, 2017

Serena POV "Serena get up, you have to get ready for school!" My Butler says. "Why do I have to go to school?! Don't I have to ke... Read Chapter