I'm so depressed

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Submitted: July 13, 2017

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Submitted: July 13, 2017



I'm stuck in this mindset that I'll never succeed,

I can't escape from the horror and the greed,

My body aches and demands to bleed,

The pain in my head feels like a stampede.

Imprisoned by the belief that I'm sick,

I feel like I've been repeatedly hit by a brick,

I throw up so much I might be anaemic,

Everyone around me tells em I'm a lunatic.

I could kill myself and end all this pain,

Feels like there's a darkness lurking in my brain,

Every time I wake up I'm lying in a bloodstain,

I dream of slicing open every single vein.

I'm an illusion to the reality that I'm facing,

In my dreams it's myself that I'm chasing,

I find myself pacing, my mind racing,

My dark thoughts meet and start embracing.

I'd jump from the bridge near my street,

I can't decide if I want to be killed by concrete,

Falling 60 feet doesn't seem like a very good feat,

I'll just continue living my life as some coward deadbeat.

I told my family how I felt and they took pity,

Then they took it on themselves to be the anti suicide committee,

I don't need help I see the world as pretty,

I just find this city so shitty and gritty.

I resorted to drugs to help me escape,

But instead I just got out of shape,

The drugs took my mind to a next level rape,

I felt like superman falling without his cape.

Reality showed me that the drugs did nothing,

The good times were fake, everything was bluffing,

I still woke up to find I'd been night cutting,

I look in the mirror and what I see is disgusting.

I'm depressed I'd rather be dead,

I dreamt I cut myself and bled to death in my bed,

I tried starving myself on a diet of just bread,

Death lingers everywhere I tread.







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