What I want to say about my life

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What I have learned from my life.

Submitted: July 13, 2017

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Submitted: July 13, 2017



What I want to say about my life

‘I have coped with bad and selfish people, this includes my own family, I have understood that if you don’t have a family behind your back to defend you then you have to expect enemies stalking you in the long run.’

‘Loneliness is a big poverty. It is difficult to be a single mother and also the lacking paternity of a father.’

‘I once started to think that if people are homeless, it is for a reason it is better to live outside than having a family that doesn’t care about you.’

‘I was extremely suffering from pain once, but I was very patient so I have survived the hell I was in, it isn’t that bad as the past anymore.’

‘I want to state the truth in this phrase, don’t ever quit keep fighting you will get there if you want to if not next life if you believe in heaven, god will reward you.’

‘I am very mature for my age I don’t respect too much of foolishness I believe everyone should have something that they have been through to build them strong.’

‘Respect everybody’s rights this is one world, our world and everybody is different but altogether we are one whole.’

‘I once never felt like myself, but when I did I realized how sympathetic I am towards people it doesn’t matter who you are I want to sit down be a helping hand and talk about life.’



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