With You I learned

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Submitted: July 13, 2017

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Submitted: July 13, 2017




It is with you I learned to love,

To realize what true love really can be.

Not just the lustful passions

Which comes between each other

But those emotions so intense,

Like a riot within the heart,

Uncontrolled and unbridled,

Consuming my soul to the point beyond my expectations.

Awakening my eyes, my heart, my soul,

To the beauty of the world

Which I was blinded to see.

Only with you, my Lady,

Have I’ve been reborn

In true love’s paradise,

Walking hand in hand

In a world, our love has created.


It was with you I learned

This bliss I never thought I could feel

To be with that special woman,

No matter what destination we travel…

Or what it is we do.

Just if I’m with you, my darling,

My heart shall always be content

To hold your hand as we walk,

Hear your laughter,

And see you smile…

Warms my heart so sweetly.

Feeling as if the world around us melts away

And nothing around us matters

If we are together.


It was you I learned

To open my soul and heart to you,

Being able to let someone in

Without any fear of being hurt,

For when I gaze in your eyes

There is no threat at all….

Instead just the true love which illuminates

From those dark blue eyes of yours

Which I always longed to be lost within them.

Such tenderness… such admiration…

Making me believe

I’m considering the gates of heaven through

Something I never seen… never felt…

When gazing within the eyes of any other woman.

And because of it,

All my soul is becoming succumb to you

Lost within the woman that you are within your heart…

Which you keep locked away from so many to see.

But now share with me,

To embrace… to love…

The true woman you are.


It was with you I learned

All that I truly can be…

That I’m more than I am.

Through your strength

Of the belief you have in me,

More than I have in myself.

Believing in the words I write,

The dreams I believe,

And that with my talent

To awaken my dreams and make them come true.


It was you I learned

That dreams can come true.

For you are all I ever dreamed of

And now you are here with me…

Making my dream come true.

Holding you in my arms

And tasting your lips against mine…

Awakens my heart and soul each time.

Oh, my darling,

You are my dream come true,

My Lady… my Princess…

My True and Only Love

That has become reality.

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