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Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 13, 2017



Bonded to the promised land

Old paper takes me back

The similar wind drift me away

Reminiscence sight of my memory 


Birthplace of young self

Landscape of plain ground

Paved into the road

The lost world I always remembered


Day, month, and year passed by

Small step but big leap

The day that I always adore

That never be repeated again


One day passed away

Like a long step for me

All the countless event 

That created me to the present


Haze vision didn't hold me back

Loading my memory back

To my dearest self

Leaving an honest feeling, lonesome


To my faded memory

I want to leave you a mark

As my gratitude

Living my rest of my life


The diary left to me

Leaving the forgotten word I do use

Book that I use to be

A silent friend that record all my life


Wired out from my dream

Pulled out from memory lane

Saying goodbye to my old self

Building my life to this day


A gift from me to my past

Is smile I used every day

Same smile in my past

That I always do to my life

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