Tribute to Isaac Asimov, Under a red moon

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The last remaining Sentinels before their start their departure from Phobos.

 Omicron5 looked out the station's window.Sun was coming into view."Trasmit the report, Venue*.", the artificial intelligent android ordered.Having gone under several upgrades, Omicron5 processed data now also using his own assessment-command algorithm.After proving a reliable model, the Sentinels considered a waste recycling Omicron5 and spend time upgrading him.

 Report:Mars status constant,no events coming.Weather fluctuations due to unpatterned increases in Solar radiation.Earth status normal speed decadence, seawater levels rising normally, violent weather phenomena.Military and space,orbit only, activity rising.

 Omicron5 received with his sensors the conveyed report and started reading again, processing with his rest artificial intelligence the possibilities.Earth language was so costly in time and energy.Humans never pay atention to what matters.Venue* must be reprogrammed to use the stars symbol system.Using alphabet,numbers and notes was a foolish waste of resources and a inherent labyrinth in communication.But the report is worrying.Humans are increasing their space activity,even if it's only in orbit.

 "Venue, has Principle conveyed orders?", the android asked in his clear, mechanical voice.

 "No orders and no communication at all, Commander.The guards are doing maintenance of the station, as scheduled.The spaceport. energy and storage sectors are finished.Communications, research and protection sectors remain.", speaking slowly Venue* responded.

 "So unless orders change, 200 months more in humans' poor counting.Then we are leaving." Omicron5 said in an observing tone, in machines' way.

 "Shouldn't the humans be monitored?They could become a threat.",Venue* ponted out.

 "Humans are unable to think correctly.Even of what they call consequences.They give names and meanings to objects, but regard them as nothing more that matter.Besides that being pointless, humans see no need nor even a desire to connect.They speak of emotions, but what they do, is chase solitude."Omicron5 said his vision sensors lighting intense, a clear sign of burning more energy for "enjoyment". 

 Venue* rotated his wheels near to what looked like an energy plug.A medium sized arrow with a star at it's tip, got out from one side of his spherical metal construction and was put into the socket."Commander, is it risk effective to assume that humans will make so many mistakes so as to never reach here?Someday they are going to learn.",Venue asked in a data desiring way.

 "Their plans to travel to Mars have been cancelled.They do not perceive the red planet as having anything to do with the ancient god of war, as that was the identity they have given the planet.It's just a space object that stimulates imagination, but conquering it has no economic or resource use, besides satisfying human vanity.Just like the Moon."Omicron5 concluded.

 "I understand resource manegement but you are saying if humans take Mars their civilization will know peace?Then why are here all these centuries?", Venue asked unable to see his Commander's reasoning.

 "Of course their civilization will know peace, but not the end of conflicts.That's what keeps them in check.Fear.That's why we are on Phobos.", Omicron5 explained.



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