Where have all the children gone?

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A personal retrospective of children today compared to children of yesteryear. Were we so different, are they so different today?

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



Very few trees are climbed nowadays and trees-houses are nearly extinct. Parks and fields no longer host impromptu soccer matches between neighbouring kids, the pavements are not used for riding bikes or walking to friends houses, and all the mud that so many of us played in and with which we made mud cakes has dried up. Swings do not swing, no-one slides and the merry-go-round has long since stopped. What is a see-saw?

I am not sure if children even have feet and toes anymore as they are always wearing sneakers, I am also sure that stubbed toes, grazed knees and “roasties” are a thing of the past as no one moves fast enough or does anything exciting or exhilarating enough to get any of these anyway.

Corporal punishment has been abolished in schools. Military service is no longer compulsory; management and leaders in the work place are often promoted due to their education and speciality (e.g. IT) rather than their leadership or management experience.

At home people spend long periods in front of the Television; children are continuously on mobile phones, or tablets with social media. They are taught about human rights and freedom of speech but they do not seem to understand that people still have the right to disagree with them and challenge them. How many children today have chores to do at home, and, if those chores are not done how many of them are held accountable and punished if the task is not completed?

Etched somewhere in a cave far away are words and phrases that in another time used to mean something, some of them that are still illegible are; “please,” “thank you,” “excuse me,” ”how are you?” ”Please may I?”

We live in a time when everyone expects instant gratification and if something is broken or no longer works properly we simply throw it away, we do not spend time looking for problems or trying to fix it; this goes for us too, divorce rates are at the highest levels ever. Parents work longer hours and there are more families in which both parent work.

Who do our children look up to these days, who are their heroes?

What do you do to lead by example? You are judged by your actions and not your thoughts or words.

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