Our children are rudderless and lost – we are creating a future of losers and takers.

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Who the do the youth of today look up to with so much corruption in business and politics, cheating in professional sports and a dumbed down education sysyem?

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



Who do you look up to and respect now, who was your idol growing up? Now, think of whom your child may look up to or try to emulate today?

Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor, Spiderman helped people in distress and kept the city safe, adults were respected and, the Police were the good guys who we looked up to and trusted.

Now, our politicians lie, cheat and commit fraud, some commit murder while others have been caught smuggling drugs into other countries. Some of the world’s top sporting figures have been caught for doping or taking recreational drugs, others have been convicted of rape. In SA we hear of school teachers having sex with school children, and pregnancy levels among young girls at school are over the 100 000 mark. Many of the school teachers cannot pass the exams set for the students.

Our police are fat and unfit and there are regular stories of law enforcement officers being arrested for taking bribes, for being involved in robberies and drug smuggling, not to mention the ones who murder people than turn the gun on themselves. Our school education has been dumbed down, our Universities are held ransom by hooligans and our military is a joke with entire bases running out of food, an extremely high level of AIDS amongst the soldiers and an alarming number of weapons stolen from the army.

There is no more legal corporal punishment at school, everyone gets a certificate or trophy for participation instead of only those who train hard, persevere and actually win. On the home front we have an extremely high incidence of divorce; more families have both parents working and children are treated more as friends.

Do young adults stand to offer their seat to the old or frail, are doors opened for females and are the words, please and thank you used as often today as they once were? What chores do the kids of today have to do at home, how often do any of them have their mobile phones, iPad’s, X boxes or skateboards confiscated for a week for not listening or “for not doing what they were supposed to do?”; how often do you think a friend will say “Sorry, I cannot come out because I have been grounded?”

Songs used to be about love, about travelling to faraway places and having adventures, having fun in the sun and about happy people. We listened to the words, were transported in our minds to faraway places, saw beautiful faces and dreamed of one day going there. Today, songs are about drugs, demeaning women, drinking expensive alcohol, killing and racism. Children listen to the words and see this actually being played out on screen in music videos; and they dream of one day doing that and going there!

Fashion is slovenly and ill fitting, shoes do not get polished and shirts do not need ironing. Girls are bitches, guys are niggers, “oh my word” is now “what the fuck.”

We need to be home to spend time with our children, we need to model accountability and behaviour for our children, our children have to understand that what they achieve in life is because of actions they take and decisions they make.

Confiscate your child’s toys, cut all privileges for a certain amount of time, and teach your child how to not only survive but how to thrive in life – that is your duty as a parent.

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