like a Pendulum

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a relationship between human feeling and pendulum!!!

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



I FEEL MYSELF LIKE A PENDULUM ... TICK ( to) IN THE PAST TOCK (fro) IN THE FUTURE... THOUGH WHATEVER IS ......... THAT'S PRESENT...!!! However Pendulum doesn't fulfill the condition of static motion, it moves continuously in to and fro motion... So how can I achieve the static motion until or unless pendulum gets stop due to some static force... Though to and fro motion is in the nature of Pendulum.... !!! Furthermore I spend the time in present only when the pendulum reaches its extreme positions, once when it moves to ( past) and then stops for milliseconds and onwards when it moves towards fro ( future) motion, then again it gets stop for milliseconds.... That is the only time which I spend in present... And then again leave the extreme positions for the completion of movement of pendulum for a long time period perhaps related to seconds rather than milliseconds and definitely it is.... Mean position is the mid of emotions or when I feel past is equal to future... That's what I find the mean of to and fro motion of a pendulum... As past mistakes ruined my future... So the mean of the to and fro motion is equal or if we go for optimism then I learnt from past to make a beautiful future though I can't forget the extreme positions of present... So the conclusion is present is extreme positions in the past and future though mean position of past and future is same and equal, so to make the time period beautiful, which is prolonged no doubt it’s time to do work at extreme level which is short... Cause may be ya also feeling now yourself like a pendulum aren’t it????

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