A lonely afternoon

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A lonely afternoon for a housewife. What does she do when she is bored and alone?

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017




She sat by the window, looking at the rain drops drizzling down the pane. Glancing now and then at her phone with the msg, "will be late". It was the third time this week he was going to be late from work. Of late, she had started feeling lonely anytime he was late. The little one was not going to be home for another couple of hours. She wondered what she would do if he was at home now, with the cloudy and dark weather outside. They would be cozied up in the quilt, with his warm legs laying on her cold ones. Talking sweet nothings. She remembered the days when they were alone, newly married. She stood up hurriedly, getting a head rush. Her face glowed, like a switch turned on. Yes, she was. She'd never done like this before, but that wasn't going to stop her now, she had decided.

She freshned up and wore her dazzling skirt with her favourite blouse, and left to meet him at his office. Just as she got down from the cab, the rain increased, and she got a little wet, getting into the office. People smiled and waved hi, as she went in. A couple of people curious as to why she was in the office now, and few others a little mesmerised looking at her. She got into his cabin and closed the door, he was on the phone as usual. His eyes met hers, he was surprised, confused, and speechless. He started gazing, her sultry eyes, blushing cheeks, her lips, quivering, waiting for the moment to talk, her arms, covered with rain droplets, her skirt, hugging her love handles, and amplifying her shape, the rain had wet her blouse in the right spots, but little did he know the wetness on her outside, matched her insides too...

She walked closer to him and stood in the little place between him and the desk. Still staring into her eyes, he was struggling to end the conversation on the phone, and just had he removed the phone from his ears, in the tiny second, she bent over and locked her lips with his. His lips were soft on hers, his tongue trying to quench her thirst, but the fire in her was high to be quenched. She moaned, her hands looking for more strength to grab his hair with more intense so he would know how much she wanted him. And he knew with that moan that she wasn't going to be quenched with just a kiss. Struggling and gathering all his will power, he broke from the kiss. He wanted to look at her, the innocence and fiery passion all merged into her face. Her lips were red with the kiss, cheeks blushed and her eyes staring down, shy with what was going on in her mind. He looked down, her neck with sweat. Her blouse didn't seem that tight when she came in, but now they were sticking to her body. Her ample breasts, trying to come out of the constraint, her nipples were piercing the fabric with her arousal. It was a wonder that the blouse was still holding on, without being ripped open from inside.

He walked away, and before she could look up and search him, he was back closing the blinds of the windows. He lifted her in a swift motion and made her sit on the desk. He stood between her legs, he kept his eyes on hers but his hands were working through her top, finding it hard to be patient with the buttons. And once the work was done, he moved his eyes to her bosom. His favourite part of her, he wondered when he would ever feel enough when looking at her breasts, probably never and he knew it. He opened the clasp of her brasserie in the front, lauding her thought of making things easier for him. He fondled her left one with his fingers, twitching her nipples, she put her arms down at the desk for support, she knew she couldn't resist what came after this. He kissed her nipple and started sucking her breasts, he was waiting for her next move. She never liked her other breast being ignored. Just as he finished this thought, right there was, her hand finding his and guiding it to the next one. And he took it obligingly. Fondling them, sucking them and pinching them enough to make her want her more. Her hips started swaying, as if craving attention. Answering her body, he lifted her and took her to the couch, laid her down and kissed her all over. She pulled him closer and undid his belt, she removed his zipper and pulled his slacks down. He knew she meant business, his hands worked their way through her legs, lifting her skirt up,surprised to see all she wore was the skirt. He wondered how could anyone not love a woman like her, at least at this moment. He felt he was luckiest there ever was. He squashed her down, feeling her wetness, so glad that she was ready for him. He thrust himself into her, and not a moment later she pulled him down on him and began rocking her body. Swaying to his wish, trying to let him inside, as deep as she could. She pulled his hair as hard as she could, trying her best not to make any noise but that seemed impossible,with the way her body was feeling. And just as she let go of herself and reached her peak, he climaxed too. They lay together a few minutes and then she got up and dressed properly. She left him with a passionate kiss, with the promise of more at home.

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