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Lilac Rose is the adventure of a little girl whose parents abandoned her in a forest.

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



Once upon a time, just outside of the land of Magic, lived a little girl.  Her name was Lilac Rose. She was born to parents who never wanted children. They were mean and treated her unkindly. At the age of ten, they took her to a forest and left her there.  

The child wandered for days eating the berries from the bushes.  She found herself in a totally different world.  It was a beautiful place with flowers bright in color and streams with the purest of waters.  Lilac Rose, oddly, felt safe and secure, for she had now entered "The Enchanted Forest."  At night she saw the little fairies fly.  They lit up the darkness. One night, she met one as this tiny fairy watched her from afar.  She came closer and finally rested on Lilac Rose's knee.  They stared at each in amazement that finally came to a soft smile.  The little fairy's name was Daisy, and both having names of flowers, they became best friends.

After hearing Lilac Rose's story of her mean parents and wonderful journey in the forest, Daisy said, "I must take you to visit the 'Special Ones,'" and off they went into yet another beautiful world.  Deeper and deeper into the forest they went.  Lilac Rose said, "No one in the world could possibly know this beauty exists," and Daisy smiled as they approached an enchanting waterfall lined with bright colored flowers along the sides.  As they rounded the curve, Lilac Rose saw the most beautiful creatures she had ever seen in her life.  They were white, majestic horses with long manes, where flowers were intertwined.  Yet these horses were different because they had a horn mid forehead that completed their beauty.  They were magical.  One came over, and Lilac Rose reached out to touch his mane, when he spoke!  "Daisy, who do you bring here. She is a lovely human."  

Lilac Rose's story was repeated once again, and the beautiful creature, whose name was Sparkle, welcomed her into their family of fairies and, yes, unicorns! 

Years passed and Lilac Rose remained happy in the land of magic, and because she also remained smaller in size and her beautiful compassionate heart, she was chosen Queen of the Fairies, and awarded wings, and Sparkle became her own personal unicorn to ride wherever they went.  She was always meant to be "Queen of the Fairies," and finally found her true happiness.

The end.

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