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working on something new. let me know what you think! i'm not really sure where i'm going with it yet, i have lots of bits and pieces written but i'm working on putting it all together.

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



Take your mark.”

She tightened her grip on the slippery, white pavement. Her knuckles turning white from the pressure.

“Stand up please.”

Relax, she thought. She stood up, but the girl next to her wasn't so lucky. She had flinched, letting anxiety get the best of her and in she went; eyes wide, body straining against the inevitable. It was too late now, too late to make a recovery, though her effort was something to be applauded. The way her arms flailed in an attempt to push herself backwards, her legs kicking the unforgiving air which had tickled her feet and caused such an unfortunate entry into the water. This was a sight to be remembered. And surely it would be, the memory of an over-involved parent is nothing if not persistent, especially with a camera so readily available; watch the race, re-watch the race, critique the race, repeat.


Mallory heard it before looking up to see who it was. What was her name again?, she wondered, Emily, Emma? Something like what. Oh well, sucks for her, she thought. And it did, genuinely suck, she believed. But it wasn't her this time, it wasn't her moment to be remembered so she looked back down. Back down to her hands she now held clenched in front of her chest. To her white knuckles almost purple from the strain, her bulging veins now screaming their need for blood.

“Take your mark.”

She bent down again, tensing her muscles in anticipation for the beep. She counted, “one one-thousand, two one-thousand-”

But the signal came faster this time, faster than expected. It was too quick, catching her off guard before she had reached three. The beep came on three.


And the rest of the swimmers were in the pool, already underwater, already ahead. She jumped, releasing every muscle in her back leg and propelling forwards with her front until she too went under. The screams of cheering parents, siblings, friends fading away as she went further down. Under the water, beneath the noise. Silence. It was calming, a serenity she so rarely felt these days. Peaceful, the light an inviting warmth. She liked how it bounced off the water and reflected on her goggles, filling her eyes with the bright, white light.


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