the heart of those who can not speak

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This story will be about one of the things that broke my heart to the core and that is how poor innocent dogs have been eaten and killed.also if you are from the area this takes place in I'm sorry if this seems's insensitive to you but it's just my opinion I'm not trying slander you and I am sorry if it seems that way.

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



This book is my feelings towards dogs.As most of us know in Yulin they have a festival where for ten days they eat about 10,000 dogs during their summer solstice.(the hots days of summer).When I heard of this it broke my heart and when I saw the pictures I started to cry.See you might be thinking it's not a big deal Dogs are just like Cows or Pigs there just food right..? Well if you're thinking that then you're wrong Dog's are far from what I think is food.To me, Dog's are very sweet, kind and loyal.well, of course, you most likely are thinking that about cows or pigs and you right.most animals are but if you think about it Dog's have saved about or over 10,000 people.from police Dogs to just plan pet Dogs I think their heroes and they should be treated as such.Well, if you don't think dogs are that special I will give you some of the names you need to look up  (Brutus, Zoey, Katrina Shanna, Napoleon.) These Dogs are not on my list for being cute or doing some kind of tricks these Dogs saved a humans life.Like I said these dogs are heroes or they can be.But 10,000 dogs are slaughtered every year at the Yulin festival and I know it's a tradition but come on there an animal that trusts you and some of these dogs are thought to have been stolen pets.also, I think it's so cruel because of the belief of if you eat dog meat you will have good luck.You can believe what you want but to me, there's no good luck or bad luck stuff just happens for a reason or doesn't I don't think Dogs should be killed for mythical luck when no one is going to gain any thing from it all it will cause is bloodshed and loss.There are many ways you could say it but here's what I think I think that the people who are doing this or have been in a way are trying to play God. whether they know it or not no one should take away a life if it's not their time.I know you're probably thinking Ember why are you slandering these people by what they eat and I guess you're right I am but to be honest I'm really not trying to I just need to say it out load I can not keep it in in the fear that I will break see it hurts me a lot to know that many dogs(or animals)are in pain.I want to fight and protest out loud but my fear of being judged by what I think shuts me down before I speak.Well, this story was about my opinion and feeling towards this matter and I am truly sorry if this story was at all hurtful towards you in any way possible. 

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