Legion Of Heroes : Chaos

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Chaos the New God of war seeks nothing but war, prevented from starting battles by the New Gods the God of War, aligns himself with the Reptilians who for many centuries have been enemies of the New Gods.
Turbo New God of Speed soon finds out about Chaos's plan and tries to stop his brother only to be thwarted. Along with some villains of Earth the alliance seek to conquer the planet and dethrone the Gods.
Drawn into the plot is an unlikely group of warriors with gifted abilities, who soon form a team of their own. Together they call themselves the Legion of Heroes and vow to protect Earth from harm.

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



Legion of Heroes



Chapter One

Turbo the New God of speed pursued Chaos the New God of war fearing his brother was about to start a war. Chaos had quarrelled with King of New Gods Zayo after his last attempt at battle failed miserably. Banished by his father the New God set out to raise an army to over throw his father.

Turbo passed through the Eternal gateway and was soon transported to a realm he didn’t wish to be in. For centuries the Reptilians have been enemies of the New Gods, banished and thrown to the outer realms. Tyrannosaur the leader of race bade for revenge against the Gods. The thought of making Zayo suffer pleased him as he sat on his thrown staring into the distance.

A ray of light beamed from nowhere the guards assembled quickly, the light disappeared revealing itself to be none of than Chaos. The guards raised their weapons the New God of War smiled.

“Not the kind of welcoming I was expecting” Chaos smirked

“You know we despise your kind” Tyrannosaur replied

“Oooo not all Gods are bad you know” Chaos teased

“What do you want”? Tyrannosaur quizzed

“An army” Chaos replied

“Hahahaha” Tyrannosaur laughed

“I have a proposition for you” Chaos replied

“Go on” Tyrannosaur pressed

“If you help me over throw Zayo and the others I’ll give you new land” Chaos smiled

“Why should I help you, it’s because of your kind we are here on the outer realms” Tyrannosaur replied

“I know of a place you can conquer easily with my help” Chaos told

“It’s called Earth before you ask, you conquer that planet enslave its race before the New Gods can react with have already attacked” Chaos smiled

“Why won’t they intervene” Tyrannosaur questioned

“Because if they leave Eternia would likely be attacked by other enemies” Chaos smiled

“Earth is ours for the taking, then we attack them and I’ll let you kill Zayo myself” Chaos grinned

“What about the Super Humans the other race of humans on earth?” Tyrannosaur quizzed

“Don’t worry you assemble your armies and have a plan to deal with them” Chaos smiled

“Do we have a deal” Chaos asked

Before either of them could say anything a beam of light entered the room. Perplexed the guards set on it, Chaos waited anxiously for the light to disappear. It soon did revealing itself to be none of than the New God of War’s younger brother Turbo.

“Ahhhh” Chaos screamed

Fearing his brother would ruin everything he set upon him, Turbo made quick work of the guards, and sped towards his brother. The two thrust themselves into battle, back and forth they went. An attack from a reptilian distracted the God of Speed long enough for Chaos to attack. A blast of power from both hands sent the speedster flying crashing into the walls. The walls smashed instantly stone began to act like rain and pour on the guards who quickly moved out the way.

Chaos picked up his brother and began to choke him, Turbo whizzed round him delivering punch after punch. The war God was dazed and stumbled. Chaos soon knocked him down again a blast of war fire knocked the speeding god down. The reptilians moved in Turbo knocked them down. Now face to face with his brother Turbo charged a blast from behind the speedster fell forward. A rope was flung around Turbo’s neck but this wasn’t any kind of rope as Cold Heart the lover of Chaos emerged the Ice Nymph smiled as Turbo choked. Chaos blasted his brother and cast him into a portal.

“You see Tyrannosaur I have a plan for everything, now are you in?” Chaos smiled

Chapter Two

Knightmare stood on the rooftop peering down on the citizens below, all was quiet in the city of Darkwick. Unsettled by the calmness Knightmare otherwise known as Jason Michaels recalled how he came to be the Demon Bounty Hunter. Neither Angel or Demon Michaels was a mortal caught in the crossfire when the war between the two Kingdoms exploded on to Earth. The soldiers of Hell took Michaels along with others and tortured them. The heavenly forces intercepted the mortals after a Demon switch sides.

But it was too late the damage had already been done. Cursing Hell Michaels swore vengeance. The war continued to rage until the High Council intervened. Consisting of both Angels and Demons the council were bound by oath to stop the war. Michaels confronted the council whilst they were on Earth. For his bravery and courage against Hell they gave him the mantle of Knightmare. The Bounty Hunter of the two Kingdoms who should anyone Angel or Demon step out of line they would be served justice by this immortal being, who serves the High Council only.

From that day on Michaels defended Earth from evil. The wind bristled by Knightmare turned a figure stood behind him, he drew his sword ready. Knightmare spun round in a quick motion. Unintimidated Angelus Captain of the Angel Guard stared back at the hunter.

“Expecting someone, were we?” Angelus mocked

“Should I be?” Knightmare replied

No love was lost between these two Angelus had always made it clear that a mortal shouldn’t have been cast as Knightmare. Jason didn’t care his old life was ruined being Knightmare was all he had left.

“Something you want?” Knightmare asked

“Many things” Angelus smirked

“I came to tell you Terror Man escaped” Angelus told

“I’ll find him” Knightmare told

“He was aided in his escape” Angelus replied

“Who by”? Knightmare asked

“A powerful being my men said it could have been super human, but to take down Angels it’s one powerful thing” Angelus told

“Agreed no matter I will find him” Knightmare replied

“You mean we will find him” Angelus replied

“We”? Knightmare quizzed

“I lost men Knightmare I will avenge them” Angelus told

“That’s not how it works and you know it” Knightmare replied

“I don’t care how it works” Angelus retorted

“You know I can take you in” Knightmare replied

“For what assisting the Hunter of evil?” Angelus laughed

Knightmare stayed silent he knew the more he argued with stubborn General the more time slipped away, which meant the more Terror Man got ahead. Begrudgingly the two set about finding Terror Man before innocent mortals were harmed by the foul creature.

Chapter Three

Emerald patrolled the night sky the Stone Keeper had been alerted about an escape of a demon. As a stone keeper Emerald had the power to venture anywhere on Earth. Dane Whitman was once a normal human being going about his business. When out of the blue his best friend Jack Harvey phoned him. After not seeing him for years Whitman answered the phone bubbling with excitement.

Sadly, the news Jack had was all but good. Jack revealed to Dane he worked for a secret powerful organisation known as the Priory. The Priory guarded powerful stones which all contained different powers. Jack had been guarding the Emerald stone but evil forces wanted the stone for their own use. Thinking it would be safe with Dane, Jack died, his death caused by the evil known as Spector. A magical Villain who hoped to obtain the stones of all colours to become mighty and take Earth for his own. After proving himself by defeating Spector Dane was accepted as the new Emerald. Now he patrolled the Earth on behalf of the priory battling all types of evil.

A loud scream broke the silence of Darkwick Emerald flew towards the direction of the sound. Drawing closer Emerald hovered and shone the green light over where he heard the scream. A black silent darkness is all which stood opposite Emerald. A few seconds passed Emerald waited. Terror Man leapt out of the darkness, snarling and growling, saliva flowing like a river from his fangs. Emerald shielded himself knocking the crazed demon back to the ground. Emerald blast green rays at the carnivorous beast like being. Only for Terror Man to avoid being struck.

Angelus and Knightmare wandered through the city the night air brushed by them. A strange green glow could be seen on the far side of the city. Both raced towards it. The glow became closer and closer. Angelus struck the glow from behind.

Emerald crashed to the ground with a thud. Out of the shadows Terror Man re appeared lunging towards Knightmare.

“I’m not going back Hunter of Evil” Terror Man snarled

Knightmare threw the savage beast like creature off him. On the other side Emerald was being tackled by Angelus. The two fought back and forth. Terror Man readied himself for another attack, Knightmare blocked it, this time drawing his sword. The Hunter of evil lunged towards him, swiping the sword from Knightmare’s grasp. Terror Man laughed and charged once more. Terror Man leapt on Knightmare clawing and biting. A dagger to the shoulder. The demon howled in pain. A blast of power the demon was thrown back weakened, Knightmare quickly grabbed his rope. Like a cowboy grabbing a wild horse he lassoed the creature. Screaming Terror Man tried to shake off the rope but the rope like a snake suffocating it’s perilless victim grew tighter.

Pulling the demon closer, Knightmare delivered a knockout blow to silent the demon’s protest. Emerald and Angelus continued their back and forth affair.

“Enough” Knightmare shouted

“We don’t know who he is”?

“Precisely, for all we know he aided Terror Man’s escape” Angelus barked

“That I didn’t” Emerald shot back

“Who are you”? Knightmare quizzed

“Well Knightmare, Angelus I am Emerald a stone keeper of Earth” Emerald replied

“Ha stone keeper, more like sorcerer” Angelus mocked

“He’s right he is a stone keeper” Knightmare replied

“How do you know”? Angelus quizzed

“I researched them just in case they were a threat to Heaven” Knightmare told

“Which I’m not before you ask, question is what do we do with him?” Emerald asked

“He goes to back to the depths of the charred prison after he’s answered our questions” Knightmare told

“What questions”? Emerald asked

“He was freed by someone who has the power to take down Angels” Knightmare said

“Only someone like Vulcan Man could have the power to do something like that” Emerald replied

“Vulcan Man”? Angelus questioned

“A Vulcan who came from Vulcania and stayed on Earth after chasing a criminal from his planet” Knightmare replied

“You think he had something to do with this”? Emerald questioned

“No but he might know what we are dealing with” Knightmare replied


Chapter Four

Knightmare prepared to question Terror Man, the others stood by silent.

“Who you working for?” Knightmare growled

Terror Man refused to answer.

Knightmare prepared to make the demon talk, a flash of light from behind temporally blinded all three, shots were fired. Knightmare turned his head towards Terror Man who dissolved right before him. Puzzled the trio darted out the way of the shots as the unknown attackers surged towards them.

“What the hell is going on?” Angelus quizzed

“I don’t know but we need some fire power quickly” Knightmare replied

Emerald soared up towards the sky shining his green light on the attackers.

“Their reptilians” Emerald called

Blinding the enemy tried to continue the attack but were powerless. Seeing an opportunity Knightmare and Angelus charged forwards. Emerald fired from above. Angelus and Knightmare gained the advantage but soon more and more reptilians came from seemingly nowhere.

“They keep coming” Emerald called

“Can you see where from?” Knightmare called

“No I’m going to try” Emerald called back

The army continued pushing forwards the group were being pushed and pushed back. The shots hit them like punches knocking them down. The three continued to fight back but the numbers were over whelming.

“We need to fall back” Knightmare called

“Agreed” Angelus called

The trio prepared to retreat they turned round hoping to evade the enemy in the opposite direction. The plan was quickly thwarted as the enemy piled into them like a large truck. Outnumbered the three kept fighting trying to avoid being over powered, surrender wasn’t an option. The plan was simple we either die or find a way out. After all being captured by the reptilians wasn’t something of luxury the immense torture followed by other obscenities wasn’t what anyone in the right mind wanted.

Aksana sat in the waiting room the warrior of Baltica a small country located between the three Baltican states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. For some time now the small country had been battling the giant otherwise known as Russia. The former soviet leader had already annexed Crimea and divided Ukraine. Now the lust for power clawed at Russia like a kitten pleading for attention. The Russians wanted to conquer the small country and make it their own. But warriors like Askana stood in its way. As well as the rest of the world.

Trying to prevent a war between the gladiators of Europe and the USA. Representing the Heavy Weights of Europe were the UK, the Baltic states, France, Germany and Russia, Ukraine and Crimea was now a separate country. The only over country which does not enter the category of either America or Europe was Oceania.

Oceania was a country which had sank beneath the sea due to the ever rising water levels. The people of Oceania managed to survive in their new found condition thus continuing the country to run. Lead by the Ocean King otherwise known as the Wave Master Oliver Bosworth. The Oceanians were dragged into this heated affair as Russian submarines kept wandering in and out of their land. A move which aroused suspicion from Bosworth who sought a diplomatic solution rather than war.

The representatives of each country made their way into the building all accept Bosworth who had not arrived yet. It was rare for the Oceanians to come above on to land. Cautiously Bosworth was taking his time flanked by his two most trusted allies Angler and Surgeon. The three had made it into Baltica.

Watching carefully each entrant come in to the building Aksana just hoped this meeting created a solution and implemented one unlike the others which just ended up being an international shouting match. Out of nowhere an explosion roared through the building, followed by the distress of screams and shouts. Rushing in Aksana went to see if anyone was hurt as well as to get people out.

Bosworth stopped he saw the explosion in the distance, worried fearing for his safety, thinking it could be a trap set by land dwellers. Wave Master prepared to leave.

“Let’s go” Wave Master called

The two followed. Aksana charged inside rescuing people who were hurt, sirens echoed in the background. Bosworth and the others were in touching distance of the sea. Surgeon paused stopping in his tracks. Bemused Bosworth and Angler stopped too. A quick blast to each of them the bodies fell into the sea. The deed was done Surgeon ran off into the night. The floating bodies were now anyone’s to claim.

Chapter Five

Alexi Volkov otherwise known as the Russian Revolver, a deadly super soldier created by the Russians, waited rather impatiently at the Baltican boarder. Checking his watch Volkov waited intently hoping the border patrol would see him soon. The traffic was backed up, the yells of impatience by other drivers could be heard from a distant.

Growing in patient Volkov barged his way to the front at the expense and annoyance of others. He approached the Border patrol, calming himself down. Any sort of anger at this point would not get Volkov anyway and he knew it. Knocking on the door the Russian waited disguising his anger with patience. The door opened slowly. Cautiously Revolver backed away. A few seconds passed the Russian carefully walked up to the door.

A gulf of flames almost took hold of Revolver who narrowly missed them. Stumbling back Revolver turned round shouts and screams broke the silence of the night. People running desperate for help ran anywhere they could. A quick glance to see if anyone was alive in the booth Revolver went towards the cries. They got louder and louder, a sinister feeling rippled through the Russian as he approached further. Roars followed by the combination of snarls and hisses sounded.

Perplexed Revolver ventured further he drew both pistols, people darted from the darkness from all directions, disorientating the Russian. Finally, the cause of the commotion was revealed. A portal was open pouring through were reptilian soldiers. Seeing this Revolver charged towards the serpent like creatures. Gunning those down who were in range the others however returned fire. Their automatic weapons proving to be more powerful.

Pinned back as a soldier under fire from the enemy. Revolver threw grenade, a quick blast took a few of the soldiers out. Returning fire once again Sergi ducked down behind a burnt out car as the bullets flew like missiles over him. The numbers grew and grew, Revolver pulled out his phone he knew it was time to get some help.

The Emergency services screeched to a halt, the fire brigade calmed the flames, the police secured the scene, whilst the ambulances treated the injured. Aksana stuck around making sure everywhere was safe. Sieving with anger and Aksana soared up to the sky. Heading towards Russia Aksana had only one thing on her mind revenge.

Chapter Six

Aksana landed on Russian soil with an almighty thud shaking the very foundations of the country. People were running from all directions, crying, screaming. Aksana headed towards the direction the Russians were running from almost knocking them over as she did. Revolver continued firing back at the reptilians, much to their annoyance. The land was there for the taking but this irritance prevented them from achieving their goal. Much like a fly buzzing around aimless near food, it needs to be squatted but anticipates the attack every time.

Revolver was doing this holding his ground well proving all the years in Russian Intelligence Services hadn’t gone to waste. Aksana kept charging forwards like a bull about to bulldoze its way through a gate to escape. Seconds passed and Aksana soon saw the cause of the attack. Knocking down the reptilians as if they were nothing but mere trees. One after the other Aksana made her way through.

Revolver continued to shoot the enemy as best he could, but the lack of ammo started to creep in. Reloading once again he shot back taking out at least one of the soldiers. Tossing another grenade, the Russian looked disheartened, the last grenade was now thrown. Defeat seemed imminent. The Baltican Warrior charged at the unsuspecting soldiers, by passing the shots as she did. Revolver noticed something odd the soldiers were re grouping.

Curious the Russian Leapt over the burnt out car and entered the melee of battle, taking down those he could with what bullets he had. Turning his head left he saw a woman throwing the reptilians in all directions. Realising who the female figure was Revolver charged further into the chaos to help her.

On the far side General Trisaur saw Revolver going to help the super powered woman. Fearing it would ruin the plan Trisaur opted to take care of the man with two guns himself.

“I want every soldier on that woman” Trisaur roared

“Yes sir” a commanding soldier replied

Trisaur ran towards Revolver, who stopped he shot at the Dino like creature rushing towards him. The shots missed the creature kept coming. Like two opposite forces colliding the two entwined together. Revolver was winded the Dino creature pounced on him. Snarling and biting Alexi narrowly missing the Russian. Trisaur’s jaws widened as once again he went in for the kill. Rolling over the reptilian’s jaws crunched as he missed his prey. Aksana continued to battle the troops but the numbers started to overpower her.

Trisaur confidently walked up to where Alexi was lying, carefully watching his enemy. In one swift move the Russian rolled over facing the Dino creature, a knife flew from his hand. It was too late Trisaur could do nothing as the weapon embedded itself with in the creature’s shoulder. Howling in pain the reptilian general was powerless. Revolver charged with whatever energy he had left towards Aksana. Fatigue was gnawing away at the Russian who gave in and collapsed.

The screams of reptilian shoulders drowned out any other sounds as the backup had arrived. The Russian Super soldiers had arrived. Scooping their commander up the soldiers scurried back through the portal like mice evading capture from a cat.

Chapter Seven

An explosion caught Vulcan Man’s attention immediately flying towards the direction where the explosion came from. Vulcan Man stopped looked around, the fire grizzled like a bear. The area was dark and silent apart from the fire burning away. A sound from behind the former Vulcan Police Officer turned.

“Algar” Vulcan Man snarled

“Edrick” Algar smiled

Algar stared menacingly at his nemesis before charging towards him. The two engaged in a fierce battle. Back and forth the battle went, with neither Vulcan gaining any advantage. The two former friends continued brawling.

“It doesn’t have to be like this” Vulcan Man called

“Oh but it does” Algar smiled

The two resumed their fight a missile from the darkness hit Vulcan Man causing him to fall to the ground. Algar then consumed him in Vulcan magic stunning his former ally.

“It’s done Scourge” Algar grinned

Scourge the assassin appeared from his hiding place, satisfied his job was complete.

“Now what”? Scourge questioned

“That my friend is up to the person who orchestrated this plan” Algar smiled

Scourge opened the back doors of the blue van which could barely be seen in the darkness, Algar threw Vulcan Man’s limp body in the back. The vehicle sped off into the night. Speeding the van cruised through the city, out of nowhere the front wind screen smashed. The glass shattered, the van screeched to a halt. A figure appeared standing contently in the darkness.

“How the hell did he find me?” Scourge snapped

“Who?” Algar quizzed

“Captain Justice”! Scourge snarled

Ever since former soldier Karl Marker had taken on the name Scourge and the job title of Assassin, Captain Justice wasn’t far behind. Upholding the law Captain Justice was a former soldier himself going by the name of Matt Cahill. But returning to a City consumed in the depths of crime, spurred Cahill to become the costumed vigilante known as Captain Justice. For Scourge the story was different a man who had nowhere to go, homeless hungry he continued to do the skill he knew best killing people. Cahill offered to help Scourge many times only to be rebuffed. The scars of war had not healed on Scourge and it was unlikely they would.

“I’ll handle this” Scourge told

The assassin stepped out the van.

“Captain” Scourge acknowledged

“Scourge, I knew I’d find you” Captain Justice remarked

Scourge in one swift movement drew out his pistol, Captain Justice dived for cover evading the bullets like Scourge had been evading justice. Shielding himself Scourge continued to fire his weapon. Tired and bored Algar entered the fray a blast of Vulcan magic, knocked the Captain down as if he had been hit by a truck.

“I said I would handle this” Scourge hissed

“You didn’t look like you were handling it well” Algar grinned

The distraction gave Vulcan Man a chance to escape springing into action Vulcan Man burst out the van, and flew towards Algar, charging straight into him. The two Vulcans went back and forth fighting, whilst Scourge and Captain Justice continued their fight. Delivering one punch after enough Vulcan Man recounted how the two Vulcans became to hate each other.

It all started back on Vulcania their home planet both were law enforcers but Algar used the power of the law for his own gain. After being found out about his criminal activities Algar plotted to escape only to be thwarted by Edrick. The two crashed on Earth Algar disappeared. The crash caused a concern for Earth they had not yet come across Vulcania. The two planets arranged to meet, Edrick was on the envoy which was attacked. Everyone but Edrick was killed making both him and Earth a suspect. Finally, all was revealed as Algar proved to be the master manipulator behind the plan, a fight ensued and Edrick brought his former colleague to justice. Only for a few months after he was caught Algar escaped, he then became obsessed with Vulcan Magic and changed his name to Mirage after being able to create optical illusions.

A portal opened stopping both Vulcans in their tracks, the reptilian soldiers stormed out firing weapons as they touched the ground. Mirage grinned as the soldiers in their hordes charged towards Vulcan Man. Scourge backed off seeing the legion of soldiers approaching. Captain Justice prepared himself, firing at the soldiers from a distance. Another portal opened from behind Vulcan Man, Chaos emerged blasting the Vulcan from behind, falling forwards Edrick was weakened. Chaos loomed over preparing to deliver his enemy’s fate.

Chapter Eight

Turbo awoke dazed and confused crawling out the dumpster the New God of Speed was unfamiliar with his surroundings. Walking slowly Turbo looked out into the empty streets before the street lights shone brightly, the night life hustled and bustled getting from A to B.

On the other the side the White Witch was once again duelling with demons of the night. Being pursued be the relentless Witch Hunters, the good witch managed to hold her own against her foe.

For centuries Witches lived simply evolving as time went on but as they evolved so did the Witch Hunters. For many reasons these beings exist the exact reason is unknown. Perhaps they deem Witches a threat no one knows. But ever since Sonia learnt she was a witch these ruthless beings have pursued her. A blast of magic the Witch Hunter scrimmaged.

Continuing down the long streets at the side of busy traffic Turbo wandered he had no clue where he was. Sure it was Chaos’s doing he had to find a way out and quickly, his brother’s plan had to be stopped. Another blast of magic the creature howled enough to prick the ears of Turbo who was virtually minutes away. Instantly detecting the noise the God of Speed zoomed off in the direction of the noise.

The portal opened Titansaur and the other reptilian soldiers stepped out.

“We need to find him and quickly” Titansaur instructed

The legion of soldiers split up descending in all directions.

Turbo skidded to a sudden stop he saw the creature weakened, clutching it’s wound as it stumbled back, as if it was an unsuspecting person being shot. One final blow the creature screamed dissolving into thin black particles like ash off a fire caught in the wind. Surprised by what he had just seen Turbo stopped dead in his tracks. White Witch stared back, quickly though she flared up a blast of magic, Turbo side stepped it.

“Hey I’m not here to hurt you” Turbo called as he dodged the magic

“White Witch didn’t respond instead she continued to blast at Turbo who used his speed powers to avoid being struck. Speeding round behind the back of White Witch, Turbo sent her flying with the wind of speed.

“Look I’m not here to harm you I don’t know where I am” Turbo sighed

Realising Turbo wasn’t a threat White Witch lowered her guard but kept a watchful eye on the New God.

“Who are you?” White Witch asked

“My name is Turbo God of Speed I am from the Eternia, my brother Chaos the New God of war sent me through a portal after I discovered his plot to conquer Earth and use the forces he had enslaved against the rest of the New Gods” Turbo explained

White Witch still not convinced took a moment to digest all the information just given to her. As she did so a loud roar from the darkness took hold of her attention followed by gun blasts. Caught by a stray blast White Witch was knocked back. Turbo rushed to her aid speeding through the cohort of reptilians. Another roar in the other direction Titansaur stood barking orders at his troops as they charged towards the two of them.

White Witch blasted magic in all directions but the number proved to be an advantage. Her shots killed a few, but more came. Titansaur saw Turbo he raced towards him, breaking the ground as he did so causing the God of Speed to be knocked down. Dazed, confused Turbo tried to get up, Titansaur loomed over him his gun pointed directly at the Speedster.

Chapter Nine

Oliver Bosworth bobbed up and down like a float, awaking from the attack Wavemaster confused and weakened headed to the shore. Slowly getting himself to his feet Bosworth looked around, the area was unfamiliar. The sounds of people screaming could be heard in the distant. Looking around Wave Master noticed a glimmer not far away.

Realising what was Bosworth with what strength he could muster sprinted towards the glimmering object. Getting close the shape made sense, it was Angler his sliver Ocean armour was the cause of the glimmer. Rushing to his friend’s aid Bosworth knelt down beside him.

“Are you alright?” Bosworth asked concerned

“I’ve been better” Angler laughed

“Where are we”?

“That I don’t know, we are in a strange land” Bosworth replied

“We need to get home”

“I know” Angler replied

“But I can’t move”

The screams continued to echo far away. Concerned Bosworth suddenly became torn he knew there was people who needed help, but at the same time his friend needed him.

“I will get help my friend” Bosworth told

Reluctantly Wave Master got up from his friend’s side, he charged towards the eerie sounds of people in distress, treading on the soft sand as he did so.

The dysfunctional team of Aksana and Russian Revolver tried to repel the onslaught of reptilian soldiers but it was no use. The Russian was on the receiving end on a beating by Trisaur, whilst the Baltic Warrior continued to try and supress the very growing number of soldiers.

Wave Master drew closer as the screams were nearer, soon the cause of commotion was revealed. Flames roared like lions, people charged by, oblivious of Wave Master’s presence. Missiles were soaring like planes in the sky. The snarling, hissing of the reptilian soldiers could also be heard, along with the heavy gunfire. Seeing the terrified look on those who past him Wave Master ventured into the war zone further. What was the boarder of Russia was now a blackened dark war zone. Bodies lay in heaps and blood trickled like a streams.

The injured cowered hoping not to be caught. Emergency services tried to enter the conflict but were heavily denied by the fire power possessed by the reptilians. Seeing the crisis Wave Master charged forward. He sprinted towards a woman who was being hound by the snake creatures of hell. One by one were pulled of the woman who turned out to be no ordinary woman, taken back for a split moment, Wave Master continued slaying the oncoming army.

Trisaur noticed his soldiers being overcome by something which was unclear to the general. A quick roll over, Revolver grabbed his pistol seizing the moment, BANG! the bullet pierced through the scaly skin of the reptilian leader, he let out a blood curdling howl of pain, BANG! Another bullet sank further into his skin, the impact sending the reptile like soldier stumbling backwards. Concerned for their leader the reptilian soldiers paused.

Distracted Aksana and Wave Master capitalised on the opportunity slaying all what they could in their path, BANG! the final bullet this time in the stomach, falling backwards Trisaur roared shaking the ground. Racing towards their leader the reptilians opted for a hasty retreat. Like trees Aksana and Wave Master cut them down as they fled. The portal opened right on que. Disappearing through the portal all what was left was Aksana , Wave Master and Russian Revolver along with a bleeding Trisaur. All what could be seen was the utter destruction of pre-emptied invasion.

Revolver got himself to his feet pointing the gun towards Trisaur, waiting to see if he was willing to make any sudden moves. Aksana and Wave Master stared at each other for a few seconds, before each broke the silence of awkwardness and uncertainty.

“Who are you?” Aksana quizzed

“My name is Oliver Bosworth and I am the Wave Master of the sea, who are you”? Bosworth replied

“Aksana warrior of Baltica” Aksana informed

Making their acquaintance the two of them walked up to where Russian Revolver was stood over the fallen enemy.

“Who are you”? Revolver quizzed

“Ha as if I am going to tell you Earth man” Trisaur smirked

“You either tell me or the next bullet will be planted in your head” Revolver warned

“You’d be doing me a favour I have already disgraced my kind by losing this invasion so go ahead” Trisaur grinned

“I’m tired of this” Aksana interjected

“Tell us who you are, or I will cut off limb by limb making your death slow and painful”

The smile soon faded as Trisaur grimaced at the thought of dying a slow and painful death.

“my name is Trisaur I am reptilian General, our leader Tyrannosaur was approached by Chaos a being from another realm, he said that we should invade this planet, enslave it and take it for our own” Trisaur told

“Why”? Revolver quizzed

“Keep going soldier and I promise I will make your death quick”

“I’ve told you all I know, please end my misery” Trisaur replied

Convinced Revolver shot his enemy for the final time.

“So what do we do” Wave Master asked

“We stop Chaos” Aksana replied

“Agreed” Revolver said

“I need your help before we do, my friend is injured we were attacked, by someone who we thought was our friend, he’s on a beach not far from here” Wave Master told

The three of them headed towards the beach, it wasn’t long before they reached it. Wave Master walked ahead of the others, Angler still lay their Wave Master once again knelt beside him.

“I’ve brought some help” Bosworth told

“I’m afraid it’s too late for that” Angler smiled

“No it’s not come on my friend” Bosworth urged

“It is doing one favour though tell my family I died gloriously and not like this” Angler grinned

Bosworth said nothing his heart wrenched as his friend lay their dying. A few seconds passed a smile emerged on Angler’s pale face, his eyes widened, slowly they closed. Tears streamed down Wave Master’s face. Carrying the body to the sea Oliver said his final good byes as he watched his friend slowly sink towards the bottom of the ocean.

Chapter Ten

Chaos drew his blade he lifted it up slowly enjoying his moment. Mirage watched as if in disbelief. The New God lifted the blade. Scourge and Captain Justice continued their battle, reptilian soldiers rallied round the assassin providing back up. Knocked back Captain Justice continued to fight taking out all he could.

“Face it’s over Captain” Scourge laughed

The troops surrounded Captain Justice guns pointed at their target, Scourge moved between two soldiers joining his enemy in the middle. Loading up his pistol the assassin couldn’t help but enjoy his moment. Taking his time, the gun was loaded, positioning himself the villain adjusted his aim and clocked the trigger.

The blade came swinging down.

“I want to be the one who kills him” Mirage shouted

Chaos stopped in his tracks bemused angered that someone as inferior as a villain from Earth had taken away his opportunity to destroy Vulcan Man.

“Fine” Chaos snarled

Stepping back the New God of war allowed his ally to take the opportunity to extinguish a common foe. Algar smiled he took one look at his fallen foe. BLAST!! Mirage went hurtling backwards.

“Nobody takes away my glory” Chaos smiled

Vulcan Man sprang up from the ground like a newly grown plant. Punch after punch Chaos was knocked back. Wiping the blood from his mouth Chaos seethed with anger as he charged towards Vulcan Man. Like two opposing forces the two clashed ripping pieces off each other as they did so. As the almighty onslaught took place Scourge paused for a moment. The soldiers looked at him thinking had the so-called assassin had second thoughts? But it wasn’t that as soon the soldiers realised what the distraction was as bright green light was hurtling towards them seemingly out of control. The light orbited downwards like a plane about to crash. A loud thud shook the ground the light blinded those around it.

Shielding their eyes Scourge and the reptilians looked on nervously, both noticed the disappearance of Captain Justice. Angered Scourge fired into the light, a beam struck back sending the assassin flying backwards. Slowly the light faded like a candle going out and behind it stood Captain Justice, Knightmare, Emerald and Angelus. Leaping on to the reptilian soldiers who were taken by surprise. The fight ensued.

One after the other the Reptilian Soldiers struggled to fight off their enemy. Back and forth Chaos and Vulcan Man fought. The reptile like beings were being pushed back this angered the war God who once again thrust him towards the Vulcan. BLAST!! Chaos stumbled, distracted Vulcan Man delivered an upper cut sending the New God crashing to the floor. Mirage stepped forward engulfing the God in Vulcan magic.

The reptilian soldiers were being beaten back by the group of super humans further and further. Chaos broke free of the invisible chains, opening a portal the war God retreated along with the rest of soldiers.

Mirage and Vulcan Man stared at each other the others soon joined them breaking the awkwardness between the two.

“Start talking Algar” Vulcan Man ordered

“Hahaha if I talk I wouldn’t be doing it for you, I’m doing it because I want to get even with Chaos” Algar sneered

“Either way start talking” Vulcan Man replied

“Chaos summoned us, us I mean Scourge and myself the idea was take out super powered beings on Earth so the reptilians could take it, with Earth enslaved Chaos would lead the conquered forces of Earth and the reptilians to Eternia in the hope of getting even with the New Gods” Algar told

“How do we find Chaos” Captain Justice piped up

“I can lead you there, my magic can manipulate portals easily” Algar replied

“How do we know we can trust him” Emerald replied

“That’s funny how do we know can we trust him, look at yourselves you don’t know each other so how can you trust each other” Algar grinned

“He’s got a point” Angelus said

“We don’t know each other” Emerald told

“That’s true but in some way Chaos has attacked us you all saw what we just did together we are stronger and we beat him, if he is a god we will need all the power we can get to defeat him” Knightmare informed

“Knightmare’s right we need to stop him and together we can do this” Vulcan Man told

In unison the group agreed.

“Let’s go then” Algar smiled

The portal opened the group entered as quickly as it opened the portal shut. Scourge watched as he lay their weakened and embittered by his defeat, cursing the sirens soon came to take the assassin away.

Chapter Eleven

The group were in the cosmic flow of the portal, bending seemingly winding around corners. Opening the group left the portal their surroundings were unfamiliar, a beach of some sort. The white sand was soft the waves were creeping in to the shore. Darkness conquered the sky, the stars shone brightly as well as glistening.

Looking around the group were unsure, preparing for the inevitable they readied themselves for combat. Silence teamed up with uncertainty but was quickly dashed as one member of the unlikely team spoke up.

“Where the hell are we?” Angelus piped up

“You’re at the place where Chaos is” Algar smiled

“So where is he”? Emerald questioned

“You will see him soon enough” Algar grinned

The feeling of uncertainty continued to slither amongst the group as if it were an unsuspecting viper about to attack from the shadows.

“Point us in the direction of the War God” Ordered Vulcan Man

“Very well Edrick” Algar grinned

BLAST !!! a bolt of magic struck the sky, slamming on to the ground, with a THUD! the group were forced back. BLAST !! the group were thrust up and down before hitting the ground with a CRASH!

Parading around like someone who had just intercepted victory Mirage chuckled to himself.

“Oh Edrick trust was always your downfall wasn’t it? As if I was going to take you directly to Chaos, sometimes you’re so predictable, it takes away the fun from this you know have fun with your new friends” Mirage mocked

Opening another portal Mirage took one last look at his fallen enemies smiling to himself as he entered the cosmic force. The group lay there weakened, injured by the attack.

The strange lights in the sky immediately caught the attention of the trio Wave Master, Aksana and Russian Revolver. They charged towards the peculiar pneumonia in the hope of answers.

Forcing themselves up on their feet the group were both disheartened and embittered by the actions that had just happened before them. Once again looking around all that proceeded before were the slow moving sea and the shining stars.

A click of a gun from the darkness grasped the groups attention turning in all directions they waited. Showered from water from the shadows the group went straight into attack mode, hoping to repel the attack. Soaking wet the group got back up and poised themselves for the next assault.

Aksana thrust herself upwards, hurtling herself downwards she thundered as she hit the ground, causing the beach to shake and the unknown beings to fall. Russian Revolver approached from the cover of blackness created by the night sky, both pistols drawn, staring blankly at those before him.

A blast of power side wards from Knightmare sent Revolver flying backwards, Emerald shielded Captain Justice as the onslaught of water was thrown at them. Angelus took to the sky to greet the woman. The two of them went back and forth, Vulcan Man aided him making the bout an uneven affair. Knightmare marched towards Revolver who fired shots at the demon bounty hunter.

Knightmare watched with intent as the bullets flew through him, causing him minimal discomfort. Surprised Revolver threw a grenade the blast hit the enemy directly. As if nothing had happened Knightmare continued coming towards the Russian. Doubling up Vulcan Man and Angelus sent the warrior woman crashing down to the ground. Emerald repelled the attacks of water, Captain Justice slipped through the shield delivering an upper cut to unsuspecting Wavemaster who fell back. Disarming his foe with two quick blasts Knightmare drew his sword, Revolver surrendered instantly knowing he couldn’t beat the enemy before him.

Blasting the water like being with his stone power, Emerald threw Wavemaster back who hit the ground with an almighty thud! Captain Justice ran towards the fallen foe and apprehended him. Likewise, Angelus and Vulcan Man surrounded the warrior woman. Defeated the trio awaited their fate.

Chapter Twelve

Turbo and White Witch continued to be surrounded by reptilian troops. The New God of Speed was grounded Titansaur leering over him closing in for the kill. Turning her head slightly she saw her new found ally in trouble. The soldiers snarling, hissing, drooling over the prospect of capturing a witch, crept forward further.

A pack of wolves they were the only difference was they had guns. Thrusting her hands towards the sky the witch began to chant. From the ground a force field surrounded her obliterating any soldier who touched it. Titansaur saw the commotion, taken off guard Turbo struck. Roaring in pain the muscle bound creature stumbled. The New God of speed ran circles around him like a talented football play passing defender after defender before scoring.

Dizzy and Dazed the large lizard stumbled, punch after punch the General was wobbling. Struggling to get his balance Turbo delivered a final blow knocking the reptile off his feet. White Witch continued with her spell, lightning crackled in the sky as if the heavens were opening. Thrusting her magic towards the soldiers, they watched in horror as their colleagues fell to pieces in front of them. Many opted for retreat, thinking it to be a wise choice Titan Saur did the same. The portal opened sending the feeling soldiers back.

Soon the reptilians were gone all what was left was the destruction they had left behind. Before Turbo and White Witch could react another portal opened, trying to resist the force of the portal proved to be futile. Both were gulped up into the cosmic force.

Sturgeon prowled the reptilian court, bored awaiting his next order he had done his part of the deal and now sought to be rewarded. Tyrannosaur watched after legion after legion of troops came back battered beaten by a force unknown to him. Angered by the war god’s frequent disappearance. The reptilian leader called for the New God.

“What the hell is going on?” Tyrannosaur roared

“I encountered a few problems” Chaos smirked

“What problems”? Tyrannosaur quizzed

“It seems we under estimated Earth to be an easy take over, it’s protected by these Super Humans” Chaos replied

“Then let us attack those Super Humans and destroy them” Tyrannosaur

“Your men can’t beat them, look at them coming back defeated” Chaos replied

Tyrannosaur stayed silent Chaos took a moment to think.

Coldheart grew bored of her partners seemingly tireless efforts at playing Commander. Wandering down the corridor, she paused stopping dead in her tracks as whispers suddenly flourished from the shadows. Turning round sharply a figure emerged a blast of power, taken completely by surprise the Ice Nymph fell to the ground.

Mirage emerged from the darkness.

“Now it’s time to execute my plan” he smirked

Scooping up the limp body Mirage headed down the corridor.

“We need to give your troops an upgrade” Chaos smiled

Tyrannosaur stood there not knowing what to say as he continued to doubt the war god.

Chapter Thirteen

The three warriors awaited their fate, Vulcan Man stepped forward and began the interrogation.

“Who are you?” Vulcan Man boomed

“As if we are going to tell you” Aksana sneered

“How do you know we aren’t on the same side”? Emerald quizzed

“Not everyone wants to attack us and harm us Aksana” Russian Revolver told

“He’s right we are the good guys” Emerald smiled

“How do we know that”? Wavemaster replied

Knightmare stepped forward his eyes stuck firmly towards each of them.

“You’re Alexi Volkov aka Russian Revolver, you’re Oliver Bosworth King of Oceania Wave Master, and you are Aksana the Baltican Warrior” Knightmare told

“How did you know”? Aksana hissed

“I am Heaven and Hell’s Bounty Hunter it is my job to know who is who Good or Evil, now we can debate all day or we can unite and put a stop to those who wish to siege our planet” Knightmare stated

“He has a point” Revolver agreed

“We need to find Chaos and quickly” Vulcan Man informed

“We have to find a portal” Captain Justice told

“Anyone any could and creating one?” Emerald asked

“I guess that means no”

“What about if we wait for him to come to us, we have all defeated his legions surely he we wait he will come and attack us and try and avenge his losses” Revolver replied

“And if he doesn’t then the majority of Earth will be conquered” Knightmare told

Chaos paraded around like a model on a catwalk feeling proud almost victorious, although no victory had been achieved.

“Get ready to take your new upgraded soldiers to Earth and destroy those meddlers” Chaos ordered Tyrannosaur

Manically laughing Mirage emerged from the shadows.

“No one is going anywhere” Mirage grinned

“And how are you going to stop us?” Chaos laughed

“Ah the one thing I do know is that everyone has their weakness” Mirage smiled

Chaos paused

Mirage cast a spell the image which projected was of Cold heart the ice nymph, quivering in fear she tried desperately to wriggle the chains off, crying like an innocent child, blind folded, gagged and no clue where she was the partner of Chaos sobbed and sobbed.

“What do you want”? Chaos seethed

“I want to kill Vulcan Man” Mirage smiled

“Why are so desperate to kill him” Tyrannosaur asked

“Because he ruined my life lizard lips, so I want to be the one to seek my vengeance” Mirage grinned

“Nothing else” Chaos asked

“No” Mirage grinned

“Prepare the troops” Chaos ordered

Chapter Fourteen

The warriors waited still discussing their plan but their conversation was soon interrupted as missiles blitzed towards the ground portals opened from all directions.

“You ready” Vulcan cried

Like a General the Vulcan lead the group into battle. Firing their guns the reptilians charged the warriors dodged the shots. Emerald and Angelus took to the air as did Aksana and Vulcan Man. Captain Justice, Knightmare and Wave Master along with Revolver remained on the ground.

The aerial group swooped down on the soldiers the ground group shot at them and engaged in furious combat, both teams slayed as many as they could. Tyrannosaur stepped on to the war torn ground. Roaring the reptilian leader had signalled something as emerging from the portals were armoured clad soldiers.

Perhaps a different version of reptilian whatever they were they charged and intercepted the warriors. The group took the fight to the armour clad troops, but something was different about these particular group of soldiers.

Shot after shot punch after punch and the soldiers like punch bags just stood there, taking the punishment. Bewildered, astonished Angelus was the first to fall a shot from behind sent the angel thrusting towards the ground. Skidding along the sandy surface Angelus scrambled to his feet. The soldier walked slowly but with purpose, Angelus sprang upright and charged towards him, as if swatting a fly the armoured warrior made quick work of the Angel who once again was skidding along the sandy surface. Grounded the angel lay there both dazed and confused.

Next was Captain Justice the former soldier who had seen many wars fought with the armoured clad warrior, a punch to the stomach the Cahill was winded. Picking him up by the scruff of the neck the soldier threw the former soldier who went hurtling through the air before hitting the ground with a loud painful thud!

Protecting himself Emerald raised his force field against the soldier who proceeded to fire. The armoured warrior kept coming the stone keeper stood his ground but to no avail, like glass the force field shattered into tiny pieces, practically unarmed Emerald with one quick blow was knocked out.

Revolver fired shot after shot he leapt onto the metal villain who quickly threw him off, with a force of speed the soldier knocked down the gun tooting Russian who struggled to get back up after. Wave Master showered his enemy with water but they kept coming and coming. Astonished the lord of the ocean dropped his guard and was sent hurtling through the air until he crashed landed.

Both Aksana and Vulcan Man knocked the armour clad warriors back slightly but they weren’t phased. A shot of power sent Aksana falling to the ground Vulcan Man went to save her but met the same fate.

Tyrannosaur roared the troops round each of the super humans up as if they were cattle. A portal opened. Knightmare watched helplessly as his allies were taken through the portal.


Chapter Fifteen

A group of reptilian soldiers waited for re- emergence of the black one otherwise known as Knightmare. Tyrannosaur had hoped the demon like being had seen sense and had abandoned his colleagues. But in case he chose not to the troops would wait and either kill him or take him alive neither mattered to Tyrannosaur.

Knightmare like a predator stalked the shadows, creeping around he spooked the soldiers who drew closer together, like nervous sheep in the mountains. The wind whistled almost politely the stars shone brightly looking down below.

A noise from the darkness the soldiers became more spooked.

“garn acka muna nahg vow nieh vow”

“Go and see what was that noise was” The lead reptilian soldier ordered

A shriek from the blackness the troops opened fire into the darkness. Knightmare pounced on them from behind, disarming one by one. The troops continued to fight but were slayed by the bounty hunter of hell. Two remained from the dozen, a dagger thrust into one the creature hissed before falling back and dying. Now the odds were even a one on one affair. Quickly Knightmare got the better of the reptile. Drawing his sword, the Bounty Hunter spoke.

“If you show me where the others have been taken I will spare you” Knightmare vowed

“nayah agga noay” the reptilian shouted

“English or I cut your throat now” Knightmare warned

“Ok I will show you” the reptilian replied

“Any tricks and this sword will be thrust into you” Knightmare told

The reptile like soldier pulled something from his armour a device. Knightmare watched closely as the sliver computer like gadget opened a portal. Cautiously Hell’s Bounty Hunter followed into the unknown.

The Super humans were thrown in front of Chaos who occupied the reptilian throne as if it was his. Lauding like a playful jester the New God of war embraced his moment.

“Now that we have these meddlers Earth is ours for the taking” Chaos cheered

The cheer was met with cries and roars from the troops. Mirage emerged.

“Don’t forget our deal” he whispered

Wavemaster glanced up when he noticed the cowardly traitor Sturgeon.

“Sturgeon you treacherous dog I will have you for this” Wavemaster shouted

“That is no way to talk to the new Wavemaster” Chaos taunted

“Now that you lot are out of the way my plan can now be executed, Sturgeon will be the new Wave Master so I will have allies of the ocean the reptilians are already allies then I conquer Earth and then Eternia” Chaos smiled

“My people will never serve the likes of you Sturgeon” Wavemaster shouted

“They will or they die” Chaos sneered

“You evil ……” Wavemaster didn’t finish off his sentence instead he lunged towards Chaos, but was quickly rebuffed by the armed reptilian soldiers.

“Take them down to the cells” Chaos smiled

The soldiers marched the group down to the cells, Mirage watched eager with anticipation.

“Leave Vulcan Man here, he and Mirage have unfinished business” Chaos called

“There you go you have Vulcan Man” Chaos told

“Indeed I do” Mirage smiled

“Now release Cold Heart to me” Chaos ordered

“As you wish” Mirage grinned

A blast of Vulcan magic sent Chaos hurtling backwards, the reptilians intercepted the Vulcan but were dispatched easily. The armoured clad soldiers moved in Mirage fired magic shot after magic shot. But the soldiers simply absorbed it, perplexed the Vulcan dropped his guard and Chaos struck. A blast from behind sent the Vulcan falling forwards.

“I knew you couldn’t be trusted Vulcan, but no one is a match for my war steel soldiers crafted by my own hands” Chaos smiled

“Take him down with the others” Chaos ordered

Cursing Mirage seethed with rage as he was taken down to the cells.

Chapter Sixteen

Knightmare and the reptilian journeyed through the cosmic force. A sudden shake the portal shook.

“What was that”? Knightmare quizzed

“We’ve hit another portal” the reptilian told

“And what does that mean”? Knightmare asked

“It means we are about to crash and end up somewhere else” the reptilian replied

“If this is a trick I will plunge my sword into you” Knightmare warned

“I can assure you it’s not” the reptilian answered

“What’s your name”? Knightmare quizzed

“Snakus” the reptilian told

“why are you interested either way you will kill me” Snakus replied

“Not if you take me to Chaos then I will spare you” Knightmare told

The portal crashed once again a hard thundering like sound caused the two to be swirled around and around. Dizzy and dazed the two were thrown out the portal landing with a bump on the group they lay there for a brief moment.

White Witch and Turbo noticed the portal open cautiously both them wandered towards the area of cosmic energy. Knightmare and Snakus lay their slowly each of them got to their feet. A surge of power descended above them, they both turned. White Witch threw more magic, Knightmare brought up his shield. Returning a shot of his own power. Snakus unsure what to do hide behind his enemy/ current protector.

Turbo sped up White Witch followed closely behind, Knightmare lifted up his shield only to be knocked down by the sheer force of speed. Snakus stood their practically motionless, instantly he was captured. Knightmare got back up Turbo sped up to him once more this time the Bounty hunter of hell countered the speed, sending his foe falling backwards. White Witch fired more magic a shot connected with Knightmare knocking him back off his feet.

Snakus pounced on the woman but was easily thrown off the distraction worked as Knightmare fired upon her sending her flying. Turbo got back, the speedster charged towards his enemy, circling around the foe, proved useless. Knightmare disappeared confusing Turbo a tap on the shoulder followed by a punch sent the speedster tumbling to the ground. Drawing his sword, the Hell warrior became fed up.

“Who are you?” Knightmare quizzed

“Question is demon who are you?” White Witch answered

White witch attacked the sword with her magic but her attempts were rebuffed as the weapon stayed with its master. Surprised the witch backed off.

“I am Knightmare this is Snakus” Knightmare replied

“You side with them, those who seek to eradicate us” White witch replied

“Quite the opposite I seek to free my allies and stop the one they call Chaos” Knightmare told

Turbo stopped dead in his tracks after hearing the name of his brother.

“What do you do of Chaos”? Turbo called

“That he wants to conquer Earth, he took my allies by giving the reptilians unbreakable armour” Knightmare replied

“War Steel” Turbo muttered

“What”? Knightmare quizzed

“War steel armour he must of stole it from Eternia Chaos is my brother I am Turbo the New God of Speed, Chaos is the New God of War he aims to rule our land Eternia I followed him through the portal, but I was attacked and sent back through another” Turbo recalled

“How do we stop him”? Knightmare quizzed

“First we need a portal which will take us to him” Turbo called

Chapter Seventeen

Snakus sent the message saying he was close to being captured by the enemy on Earth. Immediately a squad of reptilian soldiers were sent to their colleague’s destination. Travelling through the portal the reptilians had landed. The crack team of reptile creatures wandered around searching for their compatriot.

“Over here” Snakus called

They ran like obedient dogs to him.

“agha ohan anythaks”

“Are you alright?” The senior reptilian soldier asked

Snakus didn’t reply the sudden ambush took the troops by surprise shots were fired up into the sky mistakenly. Knightmare killed two whilst Turbo and White Witch killed the others. The team of six were dead, snatching the device like a prized possession Snakus decipher the programme. Instantly a portal opened the group went in.

Mirage still bitter about his defeat was in a cell opposite the group.

“If you didn’t betray us you might have helped us finish this” Emerald mocked

“You will pay for that remark stone keeper” Mirage hissed

“It won’t be long before we are enslaved by reptilian soldiers” Angelus sounded

“All we need is a plan then we are out of here we have to be quick otherwise all is lost” Vulcan Man replied

The portal turned and turned and finally dispatched the group who were now present at the reptilian kingdom.

“We need to shut off all the power so they can’t get out and attack Earth” Snakus told

Sneaking like thieves Snakus ushered the group into a side entrance, taking out the guards they continued down the corridor. A faint sobbing in the distance captured Turbo’s ear.

“What is that”? Turbo asked

“Sounds like faint sobbing” White Witch replied

“What’s up there” Turbo quizzed

“He used to be the king’s room years ago but since the queen died he has no room for it” Snakus replied

Carefully the group followed the sound of sobbing, going up the stairs which curved. They were met with a door. Turbo opened it the others cautiously followed him. In the corner of the room Cold Heart was bound and gagged and clearly sobbing for her freedom. Quickly the New God of speed untied her. Relieved Cold Heart got up.

Stepping back Turbo waited to see if the partner of his brother would strike.

“Turbo” Cold Heart uttered still catching her breath

“Where is Chaos?” Cold Heart asked

“That’s who were are looking for, hopefully we can find him and stop him” Turbo told

“Stop him from doing what” Cold Heart asked

“Enslaving Earth” Turbo replied

“Why would you do that”? Cold heart smirked

“I don’t know why you still side with him he didn’t come looking for you did he, he didn’t find you?” Turbo shouted

“He loves me though” Cold Heart replied

“He loves your power” Turbo told

A horn sounded in the back ground almost shaking the building.

“We have to go that horn means the troops are assembling” Snakus called

Turning to go the group headed towards the stairs, angered by Turbo’s comments Cold Heart shot a sheet of ice. Freezing the others fell to the ground. Stepping over them the Ice Nymph smirked as she stepped over them and went to find her lover.

Chapter Eighteen

Knightmare and Snakus got back up straight away before immune to ice, helping the other two they watched as Cold Heart skipped from their view. But she wasn’t the priority now stopping the reptile demons from taking Earth for their own was. Going back the way they came the group took out the guards they encountered.

“How far to the power room”? Knightmare quizzed

“We are almost there” Snakus called back

And they were a dark black door with a yellow sign with reptilian language scrawled all over it was before them. Turbo was fist speeding throw the door, panicked workers who preserved the power source fled for cover. Knightmare took out the guards as did White Witch, Snakus ran to the mainframe and began typing.

ACESS DENIED ACESS DENIED repeated over and over again, an alarm blared out the red right shining. Cursing Snakus realised his mistake and carried on, soldiers burst through the far entrance but were instantly subdued by the group. Shots were fired workers continued to duck and dive for cover praying not be caught in the crossfire.


Snakus became increasingly frustrated, more and more soldiers were trying to get through. An idea entered the mind of Snakus.

“When I say blast, the mainframe” Snakus shouted

The others acknowledged, Snakus made a dash for survival, pinned back the others couldn’t even get their aim steady enough to blow the main computer. Throwing a grenade Snakus took out some of the soldiers, the smoke cleared more came. Another door swung open and again more soldiers stood at it.

“White Witch obliterate this place cast a spell we will cover you” Turbo yelled

Sonia acknowledged breaking away from the group, Snakus dived to the floor as the bullets rained down upon him, trapped he could not move. Shielding herself Sonia devised a force field which repelled the bullets. Thrusting her hands into the air she began chanting and swirling her body, a shot of magic in one swift motion blew up the mainframe with a loud blast. The flames sizzled and Snakus crawled his way to the others. The soldiers still fired.

Ferociously the flames consumed those around them one by one the doors slammed shut and the reptilian soldiers chose to retreat. White witch used her magic to bring Snakus to them. Quickly they escaped, a loud bang signalled the demise of the main frame.

The portals which were opened simply shrank into nothing cursing Chaos demanded answers.

“What’s going on”? Chaos demanded

“Our power source has been destroyed we are under attack” Tyrannosaur roared

“ahhhhhhhhhhh” Chaos cursed

“Find them and quickly”!! Chaos shouted

The soldiers marched to find the would be attackers. Chaos sat occupying the throne seething with anger, how could this have happened? The backup power system was on but it didn’t have enough power to generate portals which angered the war god further.

Cold Heart continued to skip soldiers brushed past her as she hid amongst the walls. Hoping to reconvene with her lover, she searched everywhere for him. The lights blinked like eyes it captured the attention of imprisoned group. The guards glanced up looking slightly concerned. A thrust of magic took hold of the guards viciously Mirage planned his escape choking the oxygen from his would be captors.

“Looks like this is good bye” Mirage smirked

Vulcan Man said nothing the others watched as the rogue Vulcan stepped over the carcasses of the dead. Turning back Mirage walked towards the group.

“I nearly forgot this is for you” Mirage grinned

Blast Vulcan magic at the others who darted out the way he took hold of Vulcan Man.

“This is the end” Mirage told

Vulcan Man gasped for breath, Emerald used his stone and the cell opened, Edrick broke the magic, the group charged towards Mirage who dropped his guard after being surprised at the stone keeper’s cunning. A punch from the mighty Vulcan sent Mirage crashing into another cell.

“If you work with us Algar I will give you a pardon” Vulcan Man told

“Of course you will” Mirage smirked

The sound of footsteps hurriedly approaching caught their attention, a shot of magic shot Vulcan Man sending him crashing backwards. Mirage vanished the soldiers fired, the group charged towards them.

Knightmare and the others continued to flee the soldiers who were in hot pursuit, dodging the shots, they veered right down another corridor, White Witch turned vanquishing one group who simply burst like balloons. But the others like wild dogs continued to pursue. Again veering down a winding corridor. Astonished the group encountered more soldiers. From behind Snakus emerged.

“You didn’t think you could trust a reptilian did you” Snakus laughed

Betrayed the soldiers swarmed round them, trapped the three of them could not fight anymore.

Chapter Nineteen

Chained in shackles the trio were forcedly moved along as if they were slaves. Snakus beamed in his joy at outsmarting his enemies, the soldiers continued to usher them along. Stone doors opened, Chaos smiled as he saw the would be attackers brought forward.

“Ah the attackers” Chaos smiled

“Tyrannosaur will make these deaths quick and then we will invade Earth”

“Well done Snakus you have done well”

“Assemble the troops” Chaos ordered

“You killed my kind and expected me to help you fools” Snakus spat.

The soldiers assembled and prepared themselves for war. Vulcan Man and the others continued to fight, what seemed like ages the soldiers had been subdued.

“Tell me where the King’s court is and I will make your death quick” Revolver told to a dying soldier

“Follow the corridor on to the first floor it’s there” the reptilian told


The group charged up the corridor taking out the guards along the way. They burst through the bold brown doors.

Chaos and the reptilians stopped in their tracks as they saw the group charge towards them. Quickly the guards intercepted them surrounding the group at all angles.

“Step a moment further and your friends die” Chaos smiled jumping off the throne

The Super Humans stopped in their tracks as they saw Knightmare along with two unfamiliar faces shackled in front of them.

“This is nice isn’t it a reunion” Chaos smiled

“Shame it can’t lost long, kill them all Tyrannosaur”

“Now” a cry came from nowhere, a loud explosion shook the court the throne eaten by flames Chaos dived for cover, water poured through the walls breaking them down. Tyrannosaur assembled his troops into formation Snakus sought to escape. Titansaur managed his legions also. Sturgeon the would be traitor showed his true allegiance by shooting at the reptilians.

The plan worked perfectly Wave Master motioned the others to join him in combat. The looks of surprise faded. Sturgeon had played a blinder usurping the plot of the reptilian kingdom and Chaos. A few weeks prior to this battle cosmic activity had been seen in the depths of Oceania. Concerned the soldiers of the ocean engaged the attack thwarting the reptilian effort. The reptiles escaped but Bosworth and his allies knew they would be back.

Going off to a supposed meeting was a ploy Angler, Bosworth and Sturgeon had planned to intercept the threat, the way to do it was if one of them joined the reptilian side. Staging a betrayal Bosworth and Angler wandered the ocean while Sturgeon brokered a deal the New God of War, pledging his allegiance. The plan worked perfectly Angler staged his death. Distrusting of the others Wavemaster continued to keep the plan to himself. Lord Angler swam back to Oceania to protect the Kingdom.

Sturgeon had planted bombs under the throne and planned to detonate them when ordered to do so. The Oceanians embraced as they joined the others in the field of battle.

Chapter Twenty

Chaos called for the war steel soldiers who obediently rushed to his side.

“Destroy them”!! Chaos shouted

The eight armour clad warriors marched towards the others.

“Turbo how do we defeat them” Knightmare quizzed

“Aim under the chest plate there is a gap in the armour there” Turbo called back

Chaos charged towards his brother, Turbo saw the war god coming towards him and sped to greet him. The two clashed like titans.

“You just couldn’t leave me to it” Chaos seethed

The armour clad soldiers engaged with the group. Hearing the battle Cold Heart ran towards her lover a blast of Ice weakened Turbo was knocked down.

“My love” Cold Heart rejoiced

“Now isn’t the time” Chaos brushed her off and turned his attention to his brother. Mirage emerged from the shadows a blast of Vulcan Magic sent the war god flying into the flames.

“Remember me” Mirage sneered

Cold Heart sent a sheet of Ice towards the Vulcan who dodged it.

“hahaha” Mirage mocked

Cold Heart charged towards him but Mirage was too powerful.

“It makes no difference who I kill first” Mirage sneered

Choking the nymph with his magic.

The eight elite guards fought with their targets, Titansaur intercepted Sturgeon knocking him back the Oceanian looked to retaliate. Captain Justice was knocked back by the armoured reptilian. Tyrannosaur joined the fray preying on the mortal. Snakus searched frantically for an escape route, Knightmare pounced.

Drawing their sword Snakus and Knightmare kept watchful eyes on one another. Snakus struck first the swords clashed like raging waves on the rocks. Meanwhile first to take down the armour clad warriors was Aksana slamming the soldier with her mace, a blood curdling scream shook the building as the creature descended into a shadow of darkness.

Fire crackling on one side water being quite content on the other battle raged on. Revolver flicked out his dagger and plunged it in to the armoured warrior. Emerald had two of them charge towards him at once like two bulls baying for an escape route from a field. Throwing the dagger over Emerald caught it from Revolver, stabbing one of the soldiers who tumbled to the floor. The other proceeded to lung like a seething dog, turning quickly Emerald stabbed the other soldier.

White Witch used her powers composing a spell the armour dripped like sweat off the soldier, screaming in anguish the pain was too much and death consumed him. Angelus drew out his sword flying into the air he thrust it towards the unsuspecting soldier, who fell to the ground shortly afterwards. Vulcan Man used brute voice after stripping the armour off the reptilian. The soldier fled Edrick turned his attention to Mirage and soared towards him.

Chaos got up and charged towards Mirage, Vulcan Man crash landed in to him breaking his hold of Cold Heart, Turbo got to his feet. Wave Master drowned the last soldier before seeing his compatriot Sturgeon in peril. The Oceanian was out matched Titan Saur knocked Sturgeon’s weapon out of his hand. Wavemaster charged forward to intercept the reptilian lord.

Snakus and Knightmare continued to duel it out. Blasting Wavemaster Titansaur dropped his guard Sturgeon made a grab for his weapon. The reptilian blew fire and cut him off the flames eating the weapon. Sturgeon charged towards the beast, Titansaur knocked the Oceanian down, Sturgeon got back up but was met with a blade to the stomach. Pushing it in further Titansaur roared with laughter as his enemy fell back.

Wavemaster saw his friend fall back and became enraged rushing to his side.

“You will be honoured for what you have done” Bosworth promised reluctantly letting go of his now dead friend.

Chapter Twenty-One

Turbo helped Cold Heart up she begrudgingly accepted getting to her fight.

“He doesn’t care about you” Turbo told

Chaos blasted his brother sending him flying backwards.

“Stop interfering brother this matter doesn’t concern you” Chaos grinned

Cold Heart watched as the two brothers fought. Snakus kicked Knightmare who stumbled backwards.

“As if I was going to let you kill me” Snakus taunted

“Your ignorance has clearly deceived you I would have spared you but you chose to betray me” Knightmare replied

Puzzled Snakus shook his head and continued to attack. Mirage threw Vulcan Man off him Tyrannosaur closed in on a fallen Captain Justice who was preoccupied with an armoured warrior the last one. A dagger killed the soldier instantly it was thrown from the chaos of battle. Tyrannosaur wacked the Captain with his tail knocking him forwards. Tumbling down the steps Justice got to his feet and charged towards the reptilian.

Wavemaster blasted Titansaur with water knocking the reptile back, spluttering the move proved to be futile as Titan Saur continued to fight back. Kicking Turbo Chaos taunted his brother.

“Any last words” Chaos smirked

Mirage and Vulcan Man were locked in battle.

“You ruin everything Edrick!” Mirage screamed

Once again the berserk Vulcan charged towards his compatriot. Shots from behind Tyrannosaur stumbled Revolver moved in slowly closer. Aksana grabbed the reptilian thrusting him in the air, Angelus delivered a punch sending the reptile lord crashing to the ground. White Witch began to cast a spell. The commotion caught the attention of Titansaur who turned his head, his eyes widened as he saw his commander being beaten.

Wavemaster moved in thrusting his trident into the beast who let out an almighty roar, Titan saur thrust the weapon from him before falling to his death. Tyrannosaur opted for a quick retreat, the remaining soldiers were vanquished by White Witch’s spell.

Mirage cast a Vulcan magic spell Edrick did his best to with stand it but failed as the power took hold, choking the life from his former friend. The blade thrust into Mirage who turned to see his attacker.

“you” he screamed

Cold Heart pulled the ice blade from him, Mirage charged towards her delivering a back hand to the nymph she fell to the floor. Chaos saw what Mirage did and changed his focus immediately blasting Mirage who was sent hurtling backwards. Vulcan Man got to his feet and soared towards the war god.

Chaos struck him down, the distraction allowed Turbo to get back speeding round and round the war god grew dizzy Vulcan Man also. The whirlwind kept going for a while as Turbo embraced the force of speed. Blasting his brother with speed force Chaos soared through the air before crashing to the ground.

Snakus disarmed Knightmare, but the bounty of hell had another idea lifting the sword from the reptilian. Surprised the reptile dropped his eye off the ball as his own blade became embedded with in him. The building began to fall to pieces. Scooping him up Aksana headed with the others towards the outside.

Turbo carried Cold Heart and Vulcan Man carried Chaos the building like snow continued to fall, they made it just in time as the once mighty reptilian empire had been reduced to nothing but a fiery soaked rumble.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Travelling through the portal the unlikely band of allies were back on Earth after Turbo used his god like powers. Mirage sprang from the war torn ground vowing revenge before disappearing into an unknown direction.

“What happens now I quite enjoyed working in a team” Emerald smiled

“So did I” Aksana replied

“Well what’s stopping us from remaining allies” Vulcan Man laughed

The others agreed dubbing themselves the Legion of Heroes the group promised to defend Earth from all threats. Turbo departed for Eternia. The portal opened. Shackled Chaos was thrust in front of his father Zayo King of the New Gods.

“You treacherous demon” Zayo remarked

“All the destruction you have caused for what nothing, Turbo you will be rewarded for this as for you, you so called God of War you are banished to the dungeons for the rest of your days” Zayo told

“Please father don’t do this please” Chaos pleaded

The guards came and took the screaming war god down to the depths of the dungeons. Wave Master broke the news of the death of Sturgeon and told how he had died as a gallant knight in armour who did Oceania a true justice, his funeral was scheduled for the week after. The witch hunters continued to pursue White Witch but with new found allies they were repelled easily enough. Aksana and Russian Revolver headed back to their home countries continuously working on a better relationship between the two quarrelling sides.

Captain Justice went to Pen march prison this time as civilian form, he went to see Karl Marker a former soldier better known as Scourge. Soldier to soldier Cahill tried to reach out to his troubled enemy at first Marker rejected the Captain’s help but slowly he came round to the idea and was placed in a rehabilitation programme.

Emerald controlled to patrol the Earth along with the other stone keepers. Vulcan Man returned to metro city once again taking the mantle of its protector. Soon after word of Cold Heart escaping from the fort caught Vulcan Man’s attention. The fort was a high security prison specifically designed for criminals with special abilities.

Knightmare continued to hunt demons and was this time confronted with the real Terror Man who wasn’t a fake decoy. The two battled but once again the bounty hunter out matched him and marched him to the hell lords.

Angelus wandered the Earth the sights were unfamiliar a fierce white light descended to the ground, gripping his sword the angel charged towards it. The light faded angels emerged.

Leo the angel of Justice stepped forward along with Eae and Oberon.

“Leo” Angelus greeted each of them

“It’s bad news I’m afraid” Leo told

“What is it”? Angelus quizzed

“We are taking you in for suspected war crimes” Eae replied

“What war crimes”? Angelus exclaimed

“On your latest adventure” Oberon smirked

Angelus had always despised Oberon and vice a versa bitter enemies for many reasons but forced to be allies. A blow to the back Angelus lunged forward one to the back of the head, the archangel was unconscious.

“Did you really have to do that” Eae snapped

“Of course I did” Oberon smirked

“Touch him again and I’ll slay you” Leo warned

Picking up their friend the angels vanished from Earth.

Vulcan Man meanwhile pursued Cold Heart to the lands of the artic. Finally, he spotted her swooping down he got ready to apprehend the fugitive. A shot from behind Mirage emerged from the shadows another shot Edrick was grounded. Mirage dragged his enemy to the artic lake.

“This time you will die” Mirage smiled

Vulcan Man’s limp body slide into the lake slowly sinking, Mirage watched enjoying the moment before causally walking away.


The End 

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