Why I like Trump

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Quick essay of why I support and like Donald trump

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



He's finally here, President trump. For almost 2 years, I have been waiting him to reshape our great nation. It's easy to say “I like trump” and it's one thing to back up what he does, and says. I'll admit, it hasn't been the best time to be a trump supporter. I began supporting him in 2015. Before he announced his candidacy I liked Mr. Jeb Bush. I realized how he was not my candidate. I also liked Marco Rubio, and my second favorite candidate, Ted Cruz. If he or trump won the election, I'd be happy. I'd be happy if either one wanted to save Connecticut from our liberal leaders who have put our jobs at risk. But I'm not here to talk about why I dislike Dan Malloy, or why I like ted Cruz, I'm here to talk about knowing that Mr. Trump would be number 45. 

It was a difficult road. The thing I will take to the grave with me is the memories of the hate towards us trump supporters. I remember teachers and students going at me and other trump supporters. This was mainly in 8th grade. When you said you were a trump supporter, everyone looked at you funny and started yelling at you. Why? They couldn't handle an opinion different from their own, they were impatient people, or hated the idea of change for the better. It wasn't just me who was getting the heat. There were less than 10 distinct trump supporting students, if I recall correctly because we had formed a group called the republican society. We promoted our ideas amongst each other and had every right to do so. This wasn't unnoticed. Very day we sat together at lunch, we would get viciously attacked. It sickened me. Why? Is this what it means to think different in the US? I am guaranteed my right to the freedom of expression, and they did too. But, in terms or morality and common sense, you should listen to both arguments. Not just see who can yell louder; less than 10 proud  trump supporters or a quarter of the whole grade including certain teachers. There was one teacher on the republican society; my homeroom and math teacher. I respect her because she stood up against the majority of all teachers who are indeed very liberal. 

I and my friends caught the attention of many teachers and students. Just talking about trump got hate. We stood together proudly. We watched as candidates dropped like flies, and clinton's pools rise. In horror, I realized that trumps weren't moving. I knew that this was because that the news site I got this off of was very liberal. We pushed on and one day, we made Pickett signs. We took them and walked around with them. They were anti Clinton, anti sanders, and pro trump. We did this just to see how far we could be proud and tough. And to rebel in some sense. We got pushed, hit and our signs torn up to pieces. That was probably the only time we were assaulted, and i can't remember if there were any times where I was after that. I do remember seeing a young lady on the news get hit and egged as she wore a trump short and hat. My Heart dropped every time i saw trump supporters get beat up, kicked and hit. I hated to see protesters destroy cop cars and create carnage. My uncle is a lieutenant in the police, and is now a SWAT sniper. He was previously a marine. I think cop lives matter which is why I mention the cop cars getting destroyed. 

You also here about protests and police getting violent. Not all cops are good, not all are bad. We are all people. Like Donald trump said in his inauguration speech, “...whether we are black, brown, or white we all bleed the blood of patriots.” 

Moving on, getting closer to the republican national convention in the summer, we went to D.C. For school. I took a picture of the White House and labeled it saying “trumps future house” and I know I was right. The pro trump me continued up until November 8 2016 where I stopped. I waited because I was anxious for trump to be elected. Adrenaline pumped all day and night. I prayed to God before the first electoral came on in, and I prayed when I woke up that morning and saw “The 45th president of the US is Donald J. Trump” it was like Christmas morning. 

Why exactly do I like trump? I like him for many reasons. From building a wall, to repealing and replacing the failure we call Obamacare. From starting to win again in the Middle East to bringing jobs back. I could bullet them but that would be time consuming. However, I am relatively liberal when it comes to environmental concerns. I am not 100% sure global warming is real, and I believe that if we continue to pollute at the rate we are, our future generations will pay the price. Why am I so involved with this election? This is the first election that will affect me as a young adult. It's as simple as that. 

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