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A head canon AU based off of friisans TrainerTale.

TrainerTale belongs to @friisans
Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
Pokémon belongs to Nintendo and Game Freak

Currently unfinished and will be on hiatus until further notice.

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



Long ago, there were two races that ruled over earth: Humans, and Monsters...

One day, war broke out between the two races...

After a long battle, the humans were victorious...

They took claim of all the land, took pity on the monsters, and gave them a single region...

There, they sealed the entrance and exits with magic, and created the Barrier...

There, humans could enter, but monsters could not leave...

Many, many, years have passed...

After those years, animals have evolved, and became known as “Pocket Monsters” or “Pokemon” for short. 

This was very confusing to differentiate, but monsters learned to live with these “Pokemon”.
And so the greatest trainers were created.

They say that trainers who enter the Ebott region, never return the same…


Chapter 1: An Old Man, and the Ebott Region

Step… Step… Step… an old man by the cave entrance stopped whatever he was doing, to look at the child who was there. “Hello, my child. What brings you here?” He examined the child closer. The child had mousy brown hair, and nearly shut eyes, like it was sleeping. It had an adorable cute face, that made it hard to figure out what gender the child actually was. “No response, eh? Well, at least tell me your name.”
In a cutesy but slightly childish voice, that makes it near impossible to tell their gender, as the old man figured out, they said, “My name is Frisk!” 
“Anything else?” Frisk smiled and shook their head.
“Are you going to say anything?” Frisk continued shaking their head.
“Well, seeming as it's useless to get you to speak, I'll introduce myself. My name is Professor Oak of the Kanto region as you probably have heard of me.” Frisk was shocked at this, and was quite excited to this development. They were nodding their head so hard, the Professor was starting to get worried for Frisk, as they looked like they were going to nod their head off! “Calm down child. I know it's rare to find an old man like me, especially as well known as me, but I want to inquire in one last thing before I die” Frisk started to get worried, “No, no child. It's not like that. I'll probably still be alive by the time you accomplish your own goals.” Frisk gave a sigh of relief. “My goal originally was to complete the ultimate Pokedex! But that has been completed, and passed on, as more and more regions appear. My dream has really come true. But there was one issue I had. I had a very dear friend here, who I had lost contact with a long time ago. The last words he said was this:" Professor Oak started a recording:

"Hello Professor Oak! I am in quite the dire situation right now, but seeing as I have to say some things before my possible disappearance, I'll start telling you some things. The basis of research was to none other than use human souls, and the mysterious power of Pokémon to open the barrier. Without either, it's not possible. The research is in my lab, which Alphys will take over, once I am done. That is why I am in a predicament, since it is due to this research. I do not have time to explain, my friend, and so, complete your own dream. Complete the ultimate Pokémon encyclopedia. Once you are finished, please send a human, down, to save us all! This is going to be my last entry before I most likely will be sent to the void. Anyway, goodbye my friend, I will see you when both my dream, and your dream is complete. My name is Dr. $&@#%&, and..." A loud boom came through the recording, before the recording ended. Frisk looked very worried by the end of it.

"I can't seem to remember his name, or him in general. But I know he is my friend, and that something must have happened to him. Please, help my friend! I have seen six other trainers go through and never come back. They were all young children like you. I fear they have met their death. I was also here examining the cave entrance, and concluded that the pokemon there are much tougher than in any other region. An old man like me wouldn't survive a day in there. I have an arrangement of Pokemon that I've gotten from all over the world. They are all the starters from each region. I wouldn't suggest the Johto starters. They have a disadvantage in this situation. So what will it be? The situation calls for the right decision, for that friend is important to me, but has disappeared many years ago.” Oak had all the starters inside a bag filled with pokemon. Frisk quickly debated between each and every starter until she pointed at one at random. Oak was surprised at this decision. “You sure you want that one?” Once Frisk saw what was inside the ball, they nodded a firm yes. Oak sighed, “Alright, if that's what you want. I can't go against your wishes. I'll promptly return the other starters back.” Oak started packing up, storing equipment in boxes. “Alright then, my child. I wish good luck and great urgency. Godspeed my child. Oh, and by the way, what do you see pokemon as?” Frisk then grinned, and shouted out, “As friends!” There, they entered the cave which connected the Kanto region with the Ebott region. Oak gives a worried look. “I hope that child is going to be alright.” It was then, Oak realized something important. “Child, I have forgotten an imperative thing!” He chased after the child into the cave. Reaching the child, Frisk gave him an inquiring look. “I’m so sorry child, I forgot to give you a Pokedex! This will enable to check your Pokémon's stats, level, health, and keep track of all the Pokémon you've encountered. After all, I am curious as to the natural Pokémon in this region, and as to what happened to my friend. And remember, there is a time and place for everything! Good luck! And farewell!"

Chapter 2: Determination, and a Talking Flower

Frisk was in the cave, holding their new companion in their hand. They gave a quick look around the cave, before throwing the pokeball on the ground, which then released a bolt of light, which also landed on the ground. The light then transformed into a Pokémon. More specifically a Cyndaquil. Frisk crouched down to pet the Cyndaquil. After giving some thought, she whispered quietly to the Cyndaquil, “I think I'll name you… Determination!” Frisk stood up, and started walking towards the exit, with Determination following closely behind her. As they leave the short cave passage, they come out to a very open cave area, in which seemed to be what used to be an underground settlement. At the front, there seemed to be a sign that said “Hometown” before being crossed out, and replaced with “Ruins Town”. The odder thing was that there was an odd yellow flower in the middle of the road. Frisk walked up to the odd flower, when the started talking! Frisk, at the shock of this, tripped, and fell backwards, landing on their butt. “Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey the Flower! Hmmmmm… You're the new to the Ebott region, aren’tcha? Golly, you must be so confused! Someone ought to teach you how things work around here… I guess little old me will have to do! Ready? Here we go!” Flowey then shot down back down into the ground, only to come back up, with a pokeball in his leaves. His heaves, and chucks the ball out, revealing a Sunflora. “Seeing as you’ve got your Pokémon out already, here are some rules that need explaining. When trainers meet eyes, that signifies that they want to battle, unless otherwise. Once in battle, you cannot run away, for it breaks the pride of the trainer you are fighting. It also breaks your own pride. Battling is different from capturing a Pokémon, as you obviously cannot capture the opponent’s Pokémon.” Flowey sticks his tongue out. “Anyhow Pokémon gain levels, which increase the Pokémon’s level, and its potential to evolve. How do they gain levels? Why, by experience points, or exp. How are those gained? Why by these friendliness pellets.” Frisk gives Flowey a confused face. When Frisk sees Flowey’s face, they saw that he was holding a pokeball, and was smiling gruesomely. He threw the ball and shouted “Sunflora, use LEECH SEED!” When Frisk and Determination saw the pods, they just dodged by moving their heads. Flowey’s face returned to normal. “Hey buddy, you missed them… Let’s try this again, okay? Sunflora, use razor leaf again.” Frisk, once again dodged the attack along with Determination. “You know what’s going on, don't you? You just wanted to see me suffer.” Flowey then snaps his petals, causing Frisk and Determination to be surrounded by little green and white pods. Just then, a fireball came out of nowhere, which Flowey ducked. When he saw who it was, he had a terrified look on his face. He immediately called back Sunflora, and retracted into the ground. Behind where Flowey just ran, someone was walking towards Frisk. What Frisk saw was a sort of goat woman, wearing purple robes that had a strange rune symbol on them. “What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth.” She seemed to be speaking to Frisk. Frisk was somewhat nervous after their encounter and the goat woman seemed to notice this.  "Ah, do not be afraid my child. I am Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins." Frisk gives a questioning look towards Toriel. "Why am I here, you ask? I pass through this place every day, to see if anyone has come through. You are the first human to come through in a long time. Come! I shall guide you through Ruins."

Chapter 3: The Ruins

"Welcome to your new home, innocent one" Toriel said, with a very curious Frisk following behind her, "Allow me to educate you in the operation of the ruins." She walked up to a big red building with a red Pokéball symbol on the front. "This is the PokéCenter. The ruins are all empty, save for me, and the managers of the PokéCenter and the PokéMart. The PokéCenter is where you go to heal your Pokémon, free of charge. Nurse Temmie in there will heal them, as well as battle you, if you so wish." Toriel and Frisk then walked towards a smaller blue building with a blue Pokéball sign on it. "Here is the PokéMart. The PokéMart contains supplies, which are used in combat, which I will explain... later. These supplies can also heal, and capture Pokémon, which I will explain now. Come with me." Toriel then walked to the outskirts of town, where there were patches of grass that almost went up to Frisk's waist. "Here, there are wild Pokémon, which you capture with these Pokéballs." She held out a red and white ball for Frisk to see. Frisk took the ball in her hands examining it, quite cutely, in which Toriel chuckled at. “Now, there are many types of Pokéballs, in which are based off of the basic Pokéball, which you are holding now. The Temmies would sell more Pokéballs, but there has been a lack of stock lately.” Toriel pulled out another Pokéball from a pouch on her waist. A wild rattata appeared out of the grass. Toriel took this moment and yelled, “Go! Growlithe!” while throwing another Pokéball that was attached to her belt. The Growlithe then shot out of the ball in a flash of light, coming out prepared to fight. Frisk took out the Pokédex to scan the Pokémon. The Pokédex then showed an entry, “A level 15 Growlithe. Growlithes are very protective of their territory, and their trainers once under ownership. Aggravating one may result in a bite.” The Rattata then used quick attack on the Growlithe. Stat bars showed up on the Pokédex, showing the current health stats of both Pokémon. “Growlithe, use ember!” Toriel then turned to Frisk. “Child, watch and learn. First you must weaken the Pokémon you are fighting.” Toriel then noticed the red rectangle that Frisk held. “Is that a Pokédex my child? It is very rare to see a child holding one, especially since usually only gym leaders, and very advanced trainers usually hold one. Tell me, who gave you that Pokédex? No matter. Here's a tip, for your future Pokédex use. See those health bars? They change color when the Pokémon’s health is low. Ideally, you want to get the bar to go red, before capturing. At least, that is what I think, though I am not sure of the technology these days. I am also sure that I can call you through the Pokédex. Anyway, my Growlithe has gotten the Rattata to low health, and so I then throw the ball to capture it.” Toriel threw the ball, which hit the Rattata, and in a flash of light, the Rattata was launched into the ball. The Ball then shook three times, before stars came out of the ball. 


To to be continued...

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