Helping Those

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Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



Helping those that need it

Everyone looks to you

Eyes of pure sadness

Begging, Pleading for help


Helping those wild in the world

Dwindling to extinction

Falling to their deaths

Due to man's need of wealth


Helping those children crying out

For a mother who won't come back

Abandoned and forgotten

Due to man's carelessness


Helping those animals in shelters

Awaiting their doom

Soon to be put down

Due to man's broken heart


Helping those sitting in a home

To weak to live alone

With no one their to guide them

Due to man's selfishness


Helping soldiers out at sea

With families waiting close

Life put in danger

Due to man's need of power


Helping those helping others

Leaving themselves in the dust

Caring for none others

Due to man's kindness


Helping those who don't know

The help they truly need

Looking out for family

Due to man's pure heart


Help those that need it

Help those who won't except it

Help those around you

And always help yourself

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