Floral Tribute

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A poem reflecting on the floral tributes that appear around the roads, where people have lost their lives.

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



Bereft of Hope


It lies forlorn, bereft of hope,

A testament to broken hearts,

Silently sleeping on grassy slope.

Dew brushed and wind blown.


A fulfilment of the greatest fears,

A bouquet of sadness, wrapped,

In a tissue of tears.

Rain sodden and sun bleached.


What once was, but is no more,

Alone beneath the giant oak,

Cut down in bloom and heartsore.

Frost dusted and leaf strewn.


As days and weeks and months pass by,

A sideways glance from passing pilgrims,

And raindrops on cheeks begin to dry.

Snow covered and frozen stiff.


In another place on another day,

At foot of wall or wooden post,

Someone who happened to pass this way,

Personified in floral repose.


A poem about those floral tributes we see beside roadsides. Marking the site of a loved one who never made it back home. Through the seasons they lie there, reminding us of just how tenuous life is.

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