Ghost of Mozart

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Sally Feld meets the ghost of Mozart and ask's series of question to know more about him

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



Sally Feld is a woman in her mid-thirties and an ardent fan of Mozart. She always thinks that she has a brilliant mind for music and wishes to become a violinist but many detours in her life make it impossible for her to perceive music as a serious profession. Being alone in her apartment she never felt any responsibility except taking care of her little poodle Gracy. At night she will play any cd of Mozart until daybreak. No one can be a better Mozart listener than her. In the morning she works as a receptionist in a firm. She caringly smiles at every visitor and patiently guides them. Her job includes picking hundred phone calls a day. She always felt peaceful and spiritual whenever she hears Mozart music.

Days turn into years, she decides it's time to take a long deserving vacation from work. She informs her boss and starts with a sob "I am working endlessly for years. I really need to take some good rest. A couple of weeks will do well for me." The boss is a kind handsome man with a sharp nose. He said "No problem Miss Sally. I can temporarily make an arrangement to take care of your job. Just go ahead with your plans. You really need some time to chill out." Sally thanks him again and again. When she comes out of the room, she lifts both her hand in the air and makes a gentle ballet kind of move and said: "Hurray!! Finally, I got time for myself."

Sally immediately books a ticket from Los Angeles to Salzburg. She hands her little poodle to the neighbor's kid Johnny and said "Please take care of her. I will be back soon." She looks at Gracy and said, "Now you be a good dog." The poodle rolled on the floor and yaps at her. Johnny lifts the little dog and said: "Hi Gracy lets go to my room and play with toys." Soon Sally' was on the flight to Salzburg. It's her dream to feel and taste the air of Salzburg the homeland of Mozart. It took 12 hours to reach with one stop for resting at Frankfurt. When she finally reaches her destination by 10: 30 pm, she picks her two bags and waits impatiently for the slow moving crowd to get out of the plane.

She whistles at a taxi and said: "Take me to the best and cheapest lodge here." The taxi guy scratches his head hard. Later after taking several turns inside the narrow streets of Salzburg, the taxi guy said: "Madame this is the best place for you." She thanks him and checks further into the hotel. She finds a room in the second floor. She studies the room from all corners. The building seems to be built at least more than a century ago. The bed and furniture in the room were also very old fashioned. The wall contains a large cupboard with door. A cloth hanger and an ancient looking longcase clock with a large pendulum attached to it. It made loud ticking which keeps her mind occupied. She wears her spectacle and studies the tour catalog regarding all the possible places to visit in Salzburg.

Next morning she wears her favorite dress and paints her pretty lips with bright red lipstick. The first place to visit is Mozart's humble home in Getreidegasse. Once inside she said to herself "My God I am seeing the home of my idol." Many visitors are present too. A lot of things were on display inside the house exactly the way it was when Mozart was alive. Soon she found herself looking at a portrait of Mozart by Christian Vogel painted in 1789. She admires the painting and imagines how Mozart will look like in real life. After investigating every antique present inside the house, suddenly she feels slightly dizzy. This happens to her sometimes during her long hours of sitting at the receptionist desk back at Los Angeles. One of the people in the museum asks her "Madam are you okay. You don't look so good." Sally replies " I am fine. Can I have a glass of water? I need to take a pill." Quickly the security guard gets her some water to drink. Soon she feels better.

After leaving Mozart house she stops at a bookstore called "The Grand Book House" where she searches for books regarding Mozart life. She is very picky and wants to get the best book about Mozart. After scanning with her hawk eyes and flipping rapidly the pages of the book called "The Complete Life History of Mozart." Finally, with great satisfaction, she approves the book. She goes to the counter to pay the cash. The cashier in the counter is an old woman with wrinkles. She said "The book is worth every bit of your money. Good luck my child." Sally smiles at the old woman warmly and replies: "Thank you." When she gets back to her room she again takes a pill. After studying few pages of the book she falls into a light sleep. It was almost evening when she wakes up. She felt fresh and relieved from stress. She takes some light snacks for dinner, then she goes back to her room and continues reading the book.

It's getting very late. The clock keeps ticking. She feels a chill coming from the window. She moves toward the window and tries to shut it down. Just then the ancient clock strikes 12:00 am and makes a loud noise. She closes her ears to stop the penetrating sound from reaching her eardrums. Suddenly she hears a faint voice greeting "Guten Abend". She turns quickly to see who can it be at this witching hour. She froze like an ice to see pale looking Mozart standing in front of her. She quickly recognizes him from the portrait painted by Christian Vogel. She stammered, "How come you are here." He answers "I am allowed to visit your world once in a century and meet anyone who cares for me." Mozart looks at the book about him lying on the table and tells her, "I see you want to hear a lot about me." Quickly Sally fear turns into excitement. She jumps and keeps shouting "Oh boy this can't be true. Either my pills are making me delusional or something else going on."

Mozart yawns a little and patiently waits for her to settle down. Then she sits on a chair and opens the book about Mozart life and said "I have a lot of questions to ask you but I need this book to know about your life. Mozart replies, "I see people still keep some kind of record about my life." She takes a deep breath and looks at Mozart with a bright face and starts her conversation.

Sally Feld: Where do you live?

Mozart: I live in heaven permanently

Sally Feld: What do you do in heaven?

Mozart: Love is always around in heaven. Women are the one who makes my life go ahead. Now I am peaceful.

Sally Feld: Do you remember every name of your composition you created?

Mozart: No, it is impossible to remember. First, we cannot play music in heaven. a long time has gone since I last touched a musical instrument.

Sally Feld: What is your definition of love?

Mozart: Love is all about being a human with truth in your heart.

Sally Feld: I read in the book that you create music rapidly within a short time. How are you able to achieve it?

Mozart: I can hear the whole song without missing a note while translating them into folios.

Sally Feld: Do you wish to be left alone while creating music?

Mozart: Absolutely. I feel the music when I am alone. Then I instruct my troops to create the sound the way I want.

Sally Feld: Do you still create new music?

Mozart: Yes, New music happens inside my head. For me every movement is music.

Sally Feld: You make women sing songs?

Mozart: Yes. How do you know?

Sally Feld: I guessed it, for you always love making operas.

Mozart: I make the woman with the best voice to sing operas in heaven.

Sally Feld: Do you think of music all the time?

Mozart: No, sometimes I do nothing. I am a human too.

Sally Feld: How your father treated you and your sister?

Mozart: He treated us like adults when we are too small and innocent. He was highly impatient and didn't want to wait for us to grow slowly as a professional musician.

Sally Feld: Now can you tell me something about your childhood?

Mozart: Well I have vague memories of my childhood but I can tell certain events which are still fresh in my mind.

Soon he narrates his story.

Mozart: It all began one day when it was a bright early morning at Getreidegasse in Salzburg. My seven-year-old sister Marianne Mozart woke up from bed very early. She removed her bed sheet. Still wearing nightgown ran to the window. It was very misty so she wiped the glass to see clearly what’s going on the street from the third floor of the building. The street was empty since many were still in bed heavy with sleep. Two empty horse-drawn carts entered the street. Four people got out from their carts and started rolling the heavy barrels laid on the pavement to the ground and lifted one by one into the carts. One of them shouted, “be careful, you might spill the wines.”

Then I woke up too.I tugged her gown. She looked down at me. I was just three-year-old at that time and staring at her with wide-eyes. She bent down and said to me “Do you want to see what’s happening in the street, my baby brother?“ She lifted me up so that my little eyes can see the street. By now the horse carts were filled with barrels and moved out with horses neighing.

My mother Anna Maria joined us and said: “What makes you two young birds busy at this hour?” And she smiled. My sister said “The early morning birds woke me up. I just felt excited and watched the street." My mother said, “Well you too get ready and tell your father to go to the market to buy some vegetables while I go to the kitchen and fix some breakfast.” “Mother will you prepare some ham for breakfast,” I asked, her "I will for you, my dear but get your father out of his bed first.” said my mother.

Soon my father Leopold went to the market along with me while Marianne my sister sat on a stool and recited some music lessons taught by my father by playing it on the harpsichord. When I returned I was knocking the door hard, again and again, shouting “let me in, let me in.” My mother called Marianne to go and open the door or I will disturb the entire neighborhood. Finally, we settled on the table for breakfast.

After finishing the breakfast me and my sister ran into a nearby garden and played blindfold. We started talking in our own secret language. My sister said ”In a land Far away from us once lived a Queen with beautiful blond hair. She was wearing a golden crown and a red dress. A wicked witch called Mara was so jealous of her beauty that she wanted to kill and drink her blood. The Queen had a brave soldier who protected her from the witch.” I added, “I will kiss the Queen and marry her.” My sister laughed and started chasing me. I ran shouting “Mom help me, sister, gone crazy again. “

My father supported our family by teaching Violin lesson to his students almost every day. Late in the evening, he will focus his attention on my sister to learn music in the candle lights. One day my father while teaching regularly said: “Okay Marianne let’s start your music lesson ." She practiced her lessons carefully with my father giving further instructions. I sat down and shook my hands in a wavy motion. My father looked at me and said “You are too young to learn music, my child. Enjoy your innocent days.” Then my father seriously turned to my sister and engaged in guiding her to play the keys.

One night while my family still on the bed started hearing music played on the harpsichord. All went to investigate the music room and found me playing harpsichord exactly the way my father trained Marianne without missing a key. My father praised the God and said: “This is a miracle to see my son perform music with such perfection.” He lifted me up in the air with joy and said: “We don’t need to wait for you to learn music anymore my son for music has already chosen you.” Then holding my mother's hands, he danced merrily in the candle light. While my sister laughed in amazement.

And for the next two years, my father was very strict with me and Marianne. He wanted us to learn music as soon as possible. He also wanted us to be a perfectionist. I and Marianne felt that our father treated us in a hard manner by compelling us to practice music all the time without letting us play. I and Marianne missed our childhood a lot and felt completely stressed. At night I dreamt of being free from my father, playing in a garden filled with flowers with my sister.

My father never cared or understood that we are still little children. I and Marianne never had the opportunity to attend school to be with other children since we are completely trained under our father. I felt very jealous to see other children go to school have a normal life. We both were afraid of our father for he was very stern. Finally, one day he felt satisfied that he had given enough training to make us perform in public. He took a lengthy leave of absence from his duty as a music leader. He wanted to take us all over Europe to perform music in front of many prominent royalties.

Sally Feld: who was reading the book meticulously asked Mozart, how did you feel when your father told you he will be taking you all over Europe to perform?

Mozart: I was not happy at all but I obeyed my father out of fear for him. Soon we started the tour. I was just seven and my sister was twelve at that time. We have to play the music composed by our father. All the instruments were moved using horse cart. We all traveled great distance it made all of us very sick and sometimes we even starved without food. At one point I had a high fever that I needed a doctor to look after me for a week.

Sally Feld: It's written in the book that you did enjoy the tour?

Mozart: Yes. I enjoyed like a fool.(Laughs)

Sally Feld: Turning pages of the book. How did you feel about your first performance?

I and Marianne for the first time performed before Maximilian III Joseph, Prince Elector of Bavaria at Munich. I was very scared that if I do any mistakes while performing, my father will give severe scolding, but the performance went smoothly and everyone in the hall applauded while I was sweating profusely and trembled a little bit in the knee. Later my father said, "Well, done my son but this is just the beginning of your performances."

Sally Feld: Did your father play any instrument?

Mozart: No, he didn't. He was just watching us do the show.

Sally Feld: So how was your tour around Europe?

Mozart: The travel list included visiting many parts of Germany and Paris. The tour was a great success. I and my sister were widely appreciated and my father made lots of money. Sometimes I felt homesick and just wanted to get away from music. My mother’s presence made me feel comfortable for she was very kind and loving towards us. Whenever there was a break during the tour I will use the time to compose music. I will start working on a composition in one country and finish it in another country.

Sally Feld: You even traveled to London. So what happened over there?

Mozart: After performing inside most of the Europe it was time for us to reach London. We traveled by ship it took twenty-four days to reach London. Soon we performed in front of King George III and his queen, Charlotte Sophia. I felt special when I performed in front of Kings and Queens. I and my sister were heavily promoted as child prodigies while doing series of successful concerts in London. At one point my Father Leopold became ill and was very worried about the progress of his upcoming concerts. I met the musician, Johann Christian Bach, with whom I spent a month trying to learn about creating various compositions. During this time I got the opportunity to create some composition on my own. Sorry I am not able to remember the names.

Sally Feld: I can understand.

Sally Feld: What did Johann Christian Bach say?

Mozart: He looked at me and said “You are very clever for your age. I see you are having a great time performing in London. Believe in what you do no matter what others say. You don’t need to be under your father's shadow you can make a name for yourself. It is very rare to find a child with such intelligence. You are welcome to meet me anytime for I will give all my support to you my child. I can see innocence in your eyes and a bright future too. You are the best no one can make you look down.” After hearing these words I realized that my father kept me as his prisoner for a long time and I need to break his chain of control soon.

Sally Feld: You also met Carl Friedrich Abel what did he say?

Mozart: He said “I am too old yet music within me still intact. While I was at your age I was still learning to play music. I am very jealous of you, to be honest. I am being very kind to you child. God will bestow the best upon you. I am happy to meet you before I die my son." I didn’t think much about him since his words were not so inspiring. I think Abel was more worried about his own reputation because of my talent.

Sally Feld: Can you tell me about Antonio Salieri?

Mozart: Yes. He was an irritating person. He wanted to see me fail in what I do. I don't know why he was behaving like that. I forgive him.

Sally Feld: In spite of constant sickness, you and your family endured, still managed to perform the concert at many places in Europe. You stopped at Calais, Ghent, Antwerp, Hague, Amsterdam, Harlem and Utrecht.

Mozart: That's correct.

Sally Feld: Tell me about your experience in Hague.

Mozart: At Hague I with a little bit of help from my father composed music for the Prince Willem V of Orange since the nation was celebrating the birthday of the Prince who will also be turning 18. The Prince spoke to me and said: “I am still too young for this celebration but I am happy to see you join for this occasion.” I felt sad to hear these words since everyone treated the prince like a grown up.

Sally Feld: It is said that you can play harpsichord with blindfolded eyes. is it true?

Mozart: Yes, I can play the keys with my eyes completely blind. It surprised everyone but quite normal for me. It actually started as a prank by my father. He wanted to see how perfectly I can play without seeing anything. But to his astonishment, I played perfectly. I repeated this trick almost in every concert I performed.

Sally Feld: Since you are able to play music blindfolded was it necessary to have formal training in music?

Mozart: I can still play music without much training. It was my father's wish to get me trained under formal education.

Sally Feld: You returned to Paris again?

Mozart: My Family later returned to Paris and stayed there for a couple of months. We took a long rest from performing concerts. During this time I took the opportunity to perform my own symphonies. The public absolutely enjoyed my performance and everyone greeted me warmly. Finally, after many performances, we decided to go home. We have to stop at many places while heading way back home. Finally, we reached Salzburg to our home at Getreidegasse. I ran over the steps impatiently. After the door was open I fell on the bed and slept like an angel. I felt like I was in heaven for the first time in my life. My sister Marianne too was at peace.

Sally Feld: Why was your talented sister not allowed to practice music anymore?

Mozart: I thought of Marianne plight has unfair, since after performing at many tours many people as well as my own father, no more encouraged her to go any further musically in spite of the talent she possessed. She cried a lot and I watched her helplessly.

Sally Feld: Again turning to the pages of the books and running her finger around certain texts in the book. Why did your father take you to Italy was it necessary?

Mozart: Yes, it was important for me I was turning 13 and Italy had many prominent musicians who can teach me many advanced subjects regarding music. My talent was widely recognized and received lots of appreciation from many musical societies.

Sally Feld: How you felt about the performance of Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi?

Mozart: During our stay in Milan I and my father happen to visit the concert conducted by Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi. I found the entire performance horrible to my ears and started disliking Guglielmi’s work.

Sally Feld: What about Niccolo Piccinni’s concert?

Mozart: I found his music pleasing and good to hear.

Sally Feld: From Milan you reached Naples and you met Giovanni Battista Martini what did he say?

Mozart: He said to me that “You can do much better than what you are practicing now.” He gave some musical education on singing operas. I and my father happened to meet Czech composer Josef Myslive?ek. I found his operas very outstanding and inspiring. He said to me “Listen to my music and make your own composition out of it.”

I had series of encounter with many musicians and learnt a lot from them. Violinist Pietro Nardini said to me “Let’s do a performance together. I will be deeply honored to join you.” Eventually, we both worked together for a concert. I had a deep relationship with English violinist Thomas Linley who was the same age as I am. We both shared our musical knowledge with each other and also played music together

Sally Feld: Do you know Thomas Linley died in a boating accident in the year 1778 at the age twenty-two?

Mozart: I never came to know about the loss of my best friend.

Sally Feld: How was your experience while visiting Sistine Chapel?

Mozart: I thought it was amazing to see the works of Michelangelo. It was so painstaking and time-consuming.

Sally Feld: Tell me about Josef Myslivecek?

Mozart: He visited us. He was very friendly with me and said: “Music has brought us together in this life of ours.“

Sally Feld: Do you Know Empress Maria Theresa replied to Archduke Ferdinand and described Mozart's as "Useless people" and "Such people go around the world like beggars."

Mozart: Yes I know.

Sally Feld: What was the reason to talk about you like that?

Mozart: This harsh reaction was due to the fact that we failed to do a concert when she requested us to perform for her. In reality, at that time I was already committed to perform for other occasion and the date simply clashed. 

Sally Feld: Again for the third time, your father decided to revisit Milan how you felt?

Mozart: I was sick of traveling.

Sally Feld: Your family shifted to a new home did you miss your old house?

Mozart: Yes my family shifted from the old small house in Getreidegasse to a new house in Tanzmeisterhaus. I felt sad and missed my old house very much.

Sally Feld: In August 1777 you left your position as the court musician in Salzburg. Why?

Mozart: The reason for me to quit was I never felt my talent was used wisely and they treated me like any other person.

Sally Feld: Why the famous orchestra in Mannheim didn't select you?

Mozart: They were pleased with my performance but not able to hire me since they were not able to afford for one more people in their orchestra.

Sally Feld: You fell in love with Aloysia Weber. What did you think of her?

Mozart: I thought Aloysia was very beautiful and sang like a bird.

Sally Feld: Were you serious about marrying her?

Mozart: Yes, I was very much serious about marrying her.

Sally Feld: Did she love you?

Mozart: No. Aloysia was looking for a person who can do better than me.

Sally Feld: How did your mother die?

Mozart: My mother suffered from severe case of typhoid and died. I lost my happiness forever. My father and sister were shattered by the loss.

Sally Feld: You met Aloysia again in Munich what did she say?

Mozart: She smiled at me and said “Good luck to you “and ran away. I felt sad that she didn’t stop to talk to me.

Sally Feld: Your Father secured you a job in Salzburg with help of some nobles how you felt?

Mozart: I was completely heartbroken to repeat my dull life in Salzburg.

Sally Feld: You were working under Archbishop Colloredo then how did you impress Joseph II to secure a position?

Mozart: I played some music composed by me in front of the Emperor and he got delighted after hearing it.

Sally Feld: Was your father happy to hear this news?

Mozart: No, since he wanted me to live in Salzburg.

Sally Feld: Where you happy performing for the Emperor?

Mozart: I was a happy man performing inside the magnificent palace.

Sally Feld: What inspired you to create the composition "The Marriage of Figaro"?

Mozart: I was commissioned to compose this music for a wedding. I didn't get any sleep at night I was thinking about this piece until I completed it.

Sally Feld: What you thought of Constanze Weber when you fell in love?

Mozart: I thought she was younger and more beautiful than Aloysia.

Sally Feld: What did you do when your love was not approved?

Mozart: We kept meeting each other in a garden.

Sally Feld: So Constanze really moved with you before marriage?

Mozart: Yes she moved with me. We immediately made love (Laughs)

Sally Feld: You got married secretly but where?

Mozart: In the graveyard (Laughs)

Sally Feld: Why your father didn't approve your sister's love with a man named Franz d'Ippold?

Mozart: The man she loved was engaged to another woman

Sally Feld: Was your relationship with your sister strained?

Mozart: Never

Sally Feld: when you asked your father if he could take care of your two children, he flatly refused. How did you feel?

Mozart: I felt sad and heartbroken to see my father's angry attitude towards me.

Sally Feld: When your father died did you attend his funeral?

Mozart: No, I didn't attend his funeral. Firstly the message of my father's death came very late to me since I was working in Vienna.I was also busy with work that's the real reason.

Sally Feld: Do you hate your father?

Mozart: No, I love my father very much. I am only angry at him for the way he treated us when I and my sister were very young.

Sally Feld: Do you always do music commissioned for someone?

Mozart: No. I also wrote music for myself. I feel happy when I compose music without being commissioned. I go through a lot of stress when I am forced to do music for others.

Sally Feld: How you came to create this beautiful masterpiece Symphony No. 40 In G Minor?

Mozart: It is full of hard work. I worked for three months just to get an outline of this music. Constanze interrupted me a lot while working on this piece. I have to be a good husband to her at the same time I have to finish this piece. It was composed for a Prince. He cried when I played this music for him. This is a sad song. It expresses about losing someone you love.

Sally Feld: Did you really meet Beethoven?

Mozart: Yes he was a child and I don't remember much.

Sally Feld: Please tell me about this song "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". For me, this was the first music that introduced me to your world.

Mozart: This song is purely inspired by nature and nothing to do with the human world. When I played this piece for the first time to the audience everyone got excited. They said you took us all by surprise. I was not married when I created this composition.

Sally Feld: How did you entertain your wife Constanze?

Mozart: Life with my wife was beautiful in the beginning. We both went to France and spent some months together.

Sally Feld: What kind of father you were towards your kids?

Mozart: I tried to be a good father.

Sally Feld: You let them go to school?

Mozart: Yes, I let them go to school.

Sally Feld: Did you teach music to your children?

Mozart: I tried to teach music to my kids but they struggled.(Laughs)

Sally Feld: Did you love your children?

Mozart: I loved my children very much.

Sally Feld: Why Constanze got angry with you and what did you do when she gets angry?

Mozart: I always loved her but she didn’t understand my inner feelings.Whenever Constanze got angry I will appear with flowers to please her.

Sally Feld: 1788 was a troublesome time for musician due to Austro-Turkish war; many prominent members failed to support or entertain musicians is it true?

Mozart: Yes

Sally Feld: What is this song Turkish March is about?

Mozart: I composed this song to make everyone feel cheerful in spite of the war hurting everyone.

Sally Feld: At some point, you were depressed why?

Mozart: I was depressed for many reasons particularly my wife who was not happy with me for not showing enough care for my sons. I am a musician by heart and wanted to totally relieve myself from this responsibility.

Sally Feld: What was the problem with Constanze?

Mozart: Constanze didn't like my musical life. She wanted me to be like everyone.

Sally Feld: Did you fall in love with Anna Gottlieb?

Mozart: Yes. I loved her like a child. She was a lot younger than me.

Sally Feld: You stopped doing public concerts since you were increasingly getting tired of performing and became poor again?

Mozart: Yes I was poor. As soon as I began to feel better I resumed back to work.

Sally Feld: You died just four years after your father.

Mozart: Yes, Good for everyone.

Sally Feld: (Emotional with tears) Did your wife take care of you day and night?

Mozart: No her younger sister, Sophie took care of me.Constanze never took care of me during my illness since she was very angry with me and stayed with her mother.

Sally Feld: How did you die?

Mozart: I was suffering from brain fever.

Sally Feld: Did you think you will recover and live long?

Mozart: Yes I thought I will soon recover from my illness and live for some more years.

Sally Feld: Did you really dictate a requiem to your student Franz Xaver Süssmayr?

Mozart: Yes, I did.

Sally Feld: When you are dying did Constanze came to see you?

Mozart: Constanze ran from her house to see me. It was snowing heavily outside and I was almost blind with sickness.

Sally Feld: What were your last words?

Mozart: "Don't worry I am still strong" those were my last words.

Sally Feld: She looks at the picture of Mozart's death mask in the book and says "you look handsome."

Mozart: Thank you.

Sally Feld: Oh Mozart you are so pure and kind.You are an inspiring person.You put all your earthly life in music.

Mozart: Looks naturally at her and smiles.

Sally Feld: Will you remember me forever?

Mozart: Yes for telling my true story to the world.

Sally Feld: Am I your friend?

Mozart: Yes.

Sally Feld: Thank you

Mozart: You are welcome.

Again the clock makes a loud noise. Sally who became drowsy by now turns and looks at the ancient clock. It is almost becoming early morning. Mozart cries " I have to hurry back to my world. I will definitely remember you. Thank you."He starts disappearing into the thin air. Finally, Sally gets tiresome and falls into a deep sleep.

When she wakes up Mozart is nowhere to be found. She says a little prayer for him. She spends rest of the week visiting many places in Salzburg and starts her journey back to Los Angeles. When she reaches home she picks her cute poodle back and thanks the family for being so kind to take care of Gracy. She presents a surprise gift for the Johnny and leaves him to guess what's inside the box. Johnny opens the box and to his joy, he finds the box containing 10 cute baby parakeets. Sally later calls her mom and expresses how happy she is after her visit to Salzburg and said: "You will never know mom, what surprises life holds for you!!" Sally mom replies back "Yes child life is full of surprises. Sometimes you get what you deserve."

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