"The car"

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Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



I was driving down a dirt road one late night. It was about three in the morning I was coming back home from a party at my friends house. Now I was sober at the time,But you would think differently if I told you what I saw. I was driving down the road going a steady speed 22 mph on a 25 mph only road. Now keep in mind it was past 3:00 am I was tired. I saw head lights coming from about fifty feet ahead of me. Then I noticed the headlights Coming were on the very same lane I was in. The car was going to crash right into me! I flicked my bright lights a couple times at the car and honked the horn trying to get his attention. Nothing worked the car was about to hit me. It was too late for me to switch over to the other lane all I could do was slow down and watch the car hit me I felt like my life was up this was it I'm about to get killed. I closed my eyes and waited. When to my horror the car hit me head on and completely disappeared.  A few seconds later I opened my eyes. The car was gone and I was ok. "What the?" I asked myself checking my mirrors to see if the car was behind me but it wasn't there. I rushed home. The next day I told my friend what happened. I was expecting them to laugh at me and say I shouldn't be driving after drinking but I swear I wasn't. Instead the look on there face. "What?" I asked. About "twenty years ago....My friend begins a kid was driving a car and some drunk drives sped off his lane and into the other lane and hit the kids car head on they both Died instantly and yesterday was the twentieth anniversary of that death."

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