"im alright"

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this is a story of a boy named shin who has a difficulty in life that was before when he met an orphan boy named kou

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



This is a story of a boy

Ever since he was kid he was thought a lot of things by his mom but one thing stick to him the most "always tell your self I'm alright" the boys mother said it was to repel himself from a bad omen so he took it like an obedient child would therefore whenever he faces obstacles all he have to do is tell himself "im alright" and just like that problems seems to fade into oblivion. But... recently he realized that whenever he tells him self "I'm alright" there's this ugly feeling stinging inside him and sometimes no matter how many time he reassured him self the feeling just don't go away and his chest would hurt a lot but he is able to ignore that feeling and focused on much more important stuff like school and his work. His work is helping children settle down on an orphanage his friends family miyako owns and most of the children there know and acknowledge him as one of there own and just seeing them smile at him makes the stinging feeling go away. But......theres this new boy named kou he was new to miyakos family orphanage and as miyako explains his situation "that's kou over there he never really talks to anyone so I'm hoping you might help him. And my family says he was bullied in his old school" and when miyako talks about kou's situation the boys chest tightens and the feeling went back but he knew he couldn't tell miyako or anyone else so instead to ignore the feeling he went to talk to kou and said "hi! My my name...is shin and I'm here to help you!! I'll listen to everything you say and solve all your problems together alright??" But little kou just stared at shin and only stared at him as he talked as if observing his every his every movement and the meanings that lies behind it. And.....suddenly kou stretched his arms out and said "it's ok no need to pretend your alright you can cry if you want there's no need to be a ashamed" and as kou said those words kou patted shin's head and at that moment shins eyes began to feels with tears and horrible memories began flowing back into his mind and then......tears that he held so long finally rolled down his cheeks and the feeling that he held so long finally disappeared as so did the hole in his heart us now filled with what has been gone for so long and. Just then miyako looked at the two in a curious way and asked "whoa what happened to you shin is sometime Wrong?" And that's when shin truly felt "I'm alright!!!!"

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