A Journey's End

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Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



Silvery flakes drifted downward, glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon. The blackbird soared. It soared through the cold night on a draft of frigid air. It’s black form just one in a thousand.

As the blackbird soared, it encountered many interesting sights that caught it’s hazel eyes. For instance far below slept a forest older then man itself, a world of mystical creatures and beings. As the bird circled about on a cyclone of warmer air it watched the creatures below sleeping, resting, prowling through the night or wandering just as the blackbird.

As the night grew ever colder the blackbird left the great forest behind, deep in thought as it turned southward for warmer climates. Twisting its head left and right it gazed upon the world below, watching as the forest turned into the plains and then into farmland.

As it neared the farmland it saw giant wooden structures that felt warm and inviting. Gliding down from high above, it flapped it’s wings to slow its decent for a softer landing inside the wooden barn. But as it passed through the window it tripped on the edge sending it careening into the hay far below with a fumph. Poking it’s head out of the hay and looking about with it’s large hazel eyes, it decided that maybe this will be it’s home. Ruffling the many feathers on it’s back the blackbird hopped over to the hay stacked high and fluttered up onto the top where it lowered it’s tired body onto the cozy straw for a well deserved rest.

As the blackbird drifted off finally warm and at home, it smiled. A smile of content, of happiness, of relief. That it’s long journey had finally come to an end, that maybe for once it would be able to stay without worry of cats or bigger birds. That just maybe it had found serenity.


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