Was it a Burden or Gift?

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It's time to reset the clocks, it's been 892 years since the 'Great War.' Humanity before was almost obliterated in the year 2023, a balancing act given by the gods, only named as the Achim was the reason for this carnage. He wasn't seen by anyone in the beginning hours of the new year of 2008, but everyone could feel him. He sent shock waves of fear and regret of being alive at the time. Someone rose up during the 'Great War', the time when Achim first took physical form of a dragon, they used an ancient method of sealing to contain the beast.
The Founding Fathers and Mothers built a new world with the left over energy that could not be contained during the sealing. Humans evolved along side their newly found partners; dragons. This story follows the second possessor of the Achim, Amanda. Her life has been been nothing less than terrible, the first possessor left her with the Achim with a dying wish, he may have said it was a gift... but now it seems to be a burden.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 8

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