My eyes are always on you

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Drama, Love and school, trajedy and so many easter eggs!

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



Tim was in elementery school. He was grade 3. He was sitting near a pretty girl with a blonde hair and cute face. Tim liked Emilly since first they met and it was first day of grade 3. She was his neighbour that year and they were walking to school everyday with each other.

Tim was really shy and he never could tell Emilly how he feels about her and tim was more than a normal friend for Emilly but tim didn't know that. It was finall art exam and the time was running out. All students shoulded draw a colory picture. Tim was thinking about Emilly too much and he didn't recognized that he should hurry up. He drew a wheat field. He was done drawing and he just needed to color it. He was looking at Emilly drawing. He noticed she is looking for something. She forgot the yellow color pencil at home. When he saw her other color pencils he remembered he should paint his picture too. But when he saw the clock, it was 5 minute remaining. He got shocked and was so confused because it was so less time remaining. He found his yellow color pencil and when he was gonna color his picture he looked at Emilly. She was so depressed. When he saw Emilly like that he got sad. 1 minute passed and Tim was not doing anything and he was just thinking what to do. He gave his yellow color pencil to her with a small smile. Emilly was looking at him then he took the pencil from him. She smiled. Tim just felt this smile is so much pretty than other smiles. She began paiting. Tim was not moving. Its like something pushed his heart. He was just thinking about her smile. Emilly was happy while paiting but she didn't saw Tims picture and she thought Tim is already done painting.

Teacher shouted times up! Tim came out of his thinking and saw he has a black and white farm. He was so depressed and worry. He just sitted and put his face on the desk. Emilly saw his picture and noticed what happened. She felt bad. Teacher was walking around and taking students pictures. Tim was last person that teacher took his picture. When teacher saw tims picture, she shouted : Hey Tim wake up!! What were you doing, why you have a white and black picture!? It seems you forgot your yellow color pencil too! Sorry tim but i can't accept this picture. I thought you are a good boy. Tim was going to cry but then the bell ringed and students were leaving the class. Tim was last person going out. When he was closing the door, teacher said : Tim! you must do this exam later and if you fail again, i can't accept any excuses. Tim left school and saw Emilly waiting for him to go home together. Tim cleaned his sad face with his sleeve and tried to stay happy. Then he harly smiled. They walked to home without a single word talking. Then when Emilly was going to her home, she gave the color pencil to Tim, and said, thank you for the pencil. Her face was down when she was saying that. She kissed Tims cheek and ran to her house with a normal face.

Tim felt better but he wanted to see her happy too. Tomorrow was the final exam but Tim was too sad for studying. He remembered Emillys smile. He thought about that cute face for about 10 minute then he became a bit happy. Then he started studying. Next day Tim woke up and went to Emillys house. He waited for her but she was not coming. He waited 15 minute but she didn't came. It was so late so Tim got worried and nocked Emillys house door. Her mom opened and saw Tim. She said : oh Tim why are you still here you are gonna be late! -Is Emilly here? -Oh she went to school early this morning. -Oh ok thank you, good bye. Tim was so suprised and sad at same time that Emilly went alone to school. Because she couldn't pass the streets alone. Tim started running. He saw a blonde boy when he was on his way ( he was a 3 or 4 years older than Tim). He knew that its first time that he was seeing this boy. He kept running. He reached school. He was so tired. Teacher saw Tim outside the door. She walked to door and opened the door then shouted: Hey Tim!! What's wrong with you these days!? Its the last exam and last day of school, so you can come in. Tim went to his seat and saw Emilly smiling to him. Tim smiled too and sat.

School finished. Everyone was leaving. The Teacher called him when he was left only. Tim went to her. she said: Tim, about your art exam.. -oh, sorry for the exa... -you have passed. -wait wha..? -Emilly told me everything. You are a hero. -wait but does she have passed too? -wait but does she have passed too? -you are still thinking about her? Yes, she has passed too, don't worry. -thanks! -you are amazing Tim. Sorry for yesterday. Good bye Tim and Good luck in future! -Good bye teacher!

Tim was so happy. He left school and saw Emilly again. They strated walking to home. Tim was gonna talk about that how she got to school today alone. -Hey Emil... -Hey Tim, we must talk. -Umm, ok. -I have a bad news. -I hate bad news! -But i must say this. I-I-m m-moving from here. Tim looked at Emilly. She was crying. Tim was shocked. He was so confused. He just told Emilly to stop crying. He didn't even ask about anything else. Tim got closer to her and cleaned her face. Emilly jumped to him. Tim hugged her and started crying. He couldn't stop himslef. They kept moving. They almost reached their home and they could see their houses from there. -WHAT THE .... YOU ARE ALREADY MOVING! -she started crying again and said : Tim i must go now my dad is calling me over there. G-Goodbye Tim. And she ran to her dad. It was first time that Tim seeing Emilly that sad. Tim couldn't move of the shock. He didn't say goodbye. He still doesn't know whats going on. Emillys dad!? It was first time that Tim saw his dad. He doesn't believe whats happening. Emilly just left so suddenly.

Tim just ran to his house he didn't answer "hello" to his mother and went to her room. He closed his room door so hard and jumped on his bed and strated crying. He cried until he fell sleep. Her mother came to his room after he woke up. -Tim, it seems that Emillys moving was so hard for you. Tim couldn't hear anything he was just remembering Emillys crying in his mind. -Mom! Why did she left!? Did she hate me!? -No, her mother told me yesterday that they are moving. It was so suddenly. It seems that Emillys mom and father got together again and her father wanted to take Emilly and her mother with him. Emillys mother didn't even tell me where they are going. Tim was so mad and cursed his dad. Then he felt bad. he was so dizzy and still not believing what happened. That summer was the darkest summer for Tim. Tim couldn't remember her smile anymore, that goodbye was so hard for him that he could just remember her crying. This just made Tim feel worst. Tim felt so lonely.

Years past and he didn't have his eyes on anyone else. He never smiled again. It was the time for Tim to go to a highschool. Tim just choosed the most near highschool to his home. He didn't care much. He was a silent and sad boy for everyone. Tim didn't have any friends in the highschool, he was always sitting in the last chair in the last row of the class. Months pasted. In one day, Tim entered the class as usual and sat on his desk. The teacher came in class. -Hi. I want to introduce you to a new student of this highschool. She moved here yesterday because of her dads job. Emilly please come in! When Tim heared "Emilly" he just jumped up!

Its like that someone just dropped a bucket of cold water on him. Tim said in his mind : Can it be her! Can it!!?? She came in. -Hi. Im Emi... -EMILLY! ITS YOU! -Tim!?! Is that really you!!? Then teacher shouted : hey Tim sitdown! Its very unliked that you cut a lady talking! Everyone looked at Tim. It was the first time Tim shouting or smiling of happiness. Tim is so suprised and shocked that he saw Emilly again. But more suprisefully is that she clearly remembers him! Can this get any better!? Emilly introduced herself and sat in a empty desk that it was in the second row. Tim couldn't believe this and he couldn't wait until the break. He just said to the student near him : hey, can you please change your seat with Emilly ? I will do anything for you. -Do you know her? She just arrived yeste... -will you!?!? -ok then. It was 15 minute remaining until the class ends. Tim was trying to call Emilly. Tim said when he was whispering : psssst, hey, Emilly.. Emilly looked back and when he saw Tim she smiled.Tim face went red, he was just looking at her but couldn't say anything. he was so happy at that moment. -Emilly! Look at the board! Teacher said that. -Teacher, can i please go to toilet!? -Tim you are not a kid anymore... -Please, teacher?... -ok then but remember that i will not let you go outside the class anymore.

Tim ran to toilet and he was slapping himself in the way of toilet. He washed his faced and was still slapping himslef. He couldn't believe he is not dreaming! When Tim came back to class, teacher said suprisely : what the ....!! What were you doing Tim? Why your face is so injured! Were you fighting someone!? -oh, um, i think i have an allergic to the soup. -its the same soap from beggining of the year!! -I used the school soap for the first time! All the class giggled even the teacher! Tim was just looking at Emilly.

After 5 minute the break began and Tim just ran to Emilly. Tim was going to start talking but he realized that everyone is looking at them! Even the teacher was looking at them from back of the door window! Tims and Emillys face went red. Tim took Emillys hand and went to the school yard.

-Oh my gosh! I can't believe its you! -i thought you believed after the allergic ( said with closed eye and a smile ( xD)) -Its so much too talk about but i really can't say anything! Just tell me that you are not going to leave me alone again!!! -really Tim? ( xD ) don't worry i will be here for a long time. my dad got a permanent job in here! -So how is your family? Who do you live with? -they are fine, thank you! I live with my mom and my da... The bell ringed and they shoulded get back to the class. They went to class together and all students were looking at them. They were all smiling. Tim said : what are you looking at ( :D )?! -we just didn't know you are this kind of person! ( one of the classmates said ) -hey, i thought you saidi you will change your seat with Emilly!( :D ) - oh yea, sorry ( xD) Everyone were laughing.

Girls were around Emilly and they didn't let her pass! They just wanted to know about the relation between Tim and Emilly! But boys just guessed whats going on. Teacher came in and everyone sat in their places and Emilly sad near Tim. Teacher looked at Tim and Emilly. -uhh. Umm. Tim, we are all happy that something happened that made us to know the real of you. But, please promise me that you will look at the board in the class! -I will try sir! ( :D ) The students started giggling. The last class finished then Tim asked Emilly for a data. Emilly said : Tim i just arrived here yesterday, i know how suprised you are but i will do somethings first then we can hang out together!

After a week Tim was ready to ask her. After the school, Tim saw Emilly and said goodbye. After 20 seconds Tim remembered that he forgot to ask her out, when he turned back, he saw that Emilly got on a car. She sat in the front seat. It was the first time that Tim saw Emilly getting on that car. He just watched her going then he went home. Tim said in his mind : probably her father has came to take her to home.

In sunset, Tim went to her mother work place to pick some heavy things to their house to help her mother. They almost reached their house then he saw Emilly with a blonde haired boy near him! They were both in front of his house. Tim was ahead of his mother so he just waited his mother to come and was looking at Emilly and that boy. He was so confused!

-Who is that guy!? Is he his boyfriend? She is a pretty girl so its fair that she may got someone after all this time but why she was gonna date with me too!? Tim said to himself. Emilly and the boy left the street then Tims mother came. -what happened Tim? Why you are not moving? -nothing mom i was just waiting for you. Oh by the way i must go some where. -Its late but ok don't be late i will take these to home from here. -thank you mom, bye.

Tim followed Emilly and the boy from far. They were walking and talking and laughing. Tim siad to himself : its probably his boyfriend, but, do i just look like as a brother for her? Tim wanted to know more about the boy. So, after Emilly and the boy seperated in a street square, he followed to boy. The boy just met other girl! Tim said : This guy is a perverted boy! He is tricking Emilly! I must do something! The boy went to a cafe with that girl and they were talking in there. The boy looked so happy. Tim was so angry because the boy just dated another girl 10 minute after she seperated from Emilly.

He couldn't watch anymore, he went to the cafe and slammed their table! The boys coffee fell on his pants and shouted : WHAT ARE U DOING! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!? -Shame on you! You are dating 2 girls at the same time!! Everyone was looking at them. -Who are you i don't even know you! Security please take him away! -but i know you, you are the boy that tricks girls and im not gonna let you to trick Emilly! -wait what!? Do you know Emilly!?

-what do you know about Emil... hey leave me go! Security : hi sir. we got him. we will throw him away from cafe now. -no, please wait a second. -Emilly deserves a boy that he truely loves her! -oh lol! Looks like my sister has a good boyfriend! So you must be Tim then! -WAIT WHAT! U KNOW ME!?ARE YOU HER BROTHER!? -yes, and this girl is my girlfriend. My name is Eric nice too meet you tim! -oaaoah... IM SORRY! -its ok Tim! -but your pants! And i messed up the cafe! -don't worry Tim, I own this cafe, So its alright.

Tim was suprised a lot and shy. Tim brang some t-shue and helped to clean Erics pants. Then he went out of cafe and waited for Eric. When Eric came out of cafe, he said goodbye to his girl friend, Then he saw Tim. -oh hello again Ti.. -im truely sorry for the misunderst... -Tim i told you its ok man. No need to apologize. I could do same if someone do this to my girlfriend too ( :D )! -but how do you know me!? We never met before! -Emilly is always talking about you. She loves you! Tims face went red. Eric continued : today we were remembering memories and we just went to our old house and your house too. -but i never saw you with Emilly before! -i came to Emillys house with my dad. Before my dad and mom get together again, Emilly was living with her mom in that house and i was living with my dad in other place. That morning i walked with her to the school. Tim didn't say anything for 1 minute then he shouted : -Oh!! Then you are that boy that i saw it in the school way in last school day! I totally remember it now! Why you didn't say anything to me then? -in the way of school Emilly said about last day and the art exam, thank you ! -ooah bu... -anyway she told me that i will see you in the way back to home, he will be in hurry so don't talk to him. She was always thinking about you! Her love to you is amazing! -i never thought she loved my like that! Thank you Eric! -don't thank me, u did all by urself ( :) ) come on lets go home with my car, your house is in my way. -thanks!

Tim got on Erics car and they reached Tims home. Tim got off the car: -sorry again for the cafe Eric, Good bye. -Good bye Tim! Tim headed home, when he opened the door, the house was too quiet and dark, he went to his room and when he turned on the lights, he saw her mom angry sitting on his bed. -WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN TIM! ITS TOO LATE! - i..i can explain mom! -Why you don't think about your mom! -sorry mom but, Emilly is back ... -Really!!? Why you didn't tell me!? -I was just so suprised and she has arrived a week ago. -but whos car was that!? -mom let me explain what happened, when i was taking your packs to home, i saw Emilly with ........ -so you came back to home by Emillys brother car, and he owns a cafe! That car was so expensive Tim. Tim i know that you love Emilly, but have you ever meet her father? They may be a rich family, do you think they will accept you as their son in law? -don't worry mom, we got this!

Next day at school, Tim was happier than usual. He sat on his seat, Emilly was there too. -Hi Tim! So you met my brother! You dropped a coffee on his pants! ( xD ) -oh hi Emilly! Sorry! Emilly..., was that true? -what was true? -t..that you were always thinking about me..? Emilly jumped and kissed Tim! Everyone looked at them immediatly! Emilly noticed that everyone are looking! she went back to her seat and he turned her red face down. -its ok guys! don't worry, we knew this will happen! ( :D ) One of the students shouted that! All students are laughing! Tim was so happy, he didn't laugh loudly, he just smiled and looked at Emilly. One of the students saw the class window and shouted : guys, teacher is coming ...! -hi everyone, i have some work for you, you should do these things in groups of 2. I will choose these groups randomly. But, Emilly and Tim are in a same group. -Teacher you are amzaing! -shut up Tim ( :D ), don't shout in the class ( :D ). Everyone laughed. The break started and Tim took Emilly to yard. -Tim, our class laugh too much..! -I know right! By the way, why you never told me about Eric? -oh right! I was gonna tell you in the first day I came here but i forgot after that. Tim, we should be so thankfull for Eric. -yes he is so amaz...

-he did everything for us. When he saw me sad and im thinking about you always, he searched a way to get us together. At his 18th year old birthday, our dad said that his birthday gift is that he can choose a place that he likes, and my dad will pay the full prize. He choosed a small and cheap cafe near our last house, so he may have time to search for you. While he was searching for you, he found a job for our dad too, so we can move back here again! -THATS AMAZING WHY HE DIDN'T TELL ME THAT!? -he is just not that kind of person to say his good deeds ( :D ) however, when my dad saw me happy, he just bought a car for Eric, he tought that Eric choosed cafe because i love cafe. my dad is a bussiness man, oh by the way you can find my new house in the main way. -wait do you live in that apartment? -my dad owns that apartment. -ooaoaoaoh.......

The bell ringed and they got back too class. After school, they said goodbye and when they were going back to home, Eric came with his car and horning a lot. He shouted so loud : TIM COME HERE! Tim ran with Erics car and Eric stopped in front of Emilly. -both, get inside! -ERIC YOU ARE AMAZI.... -No time for this Tim, get in fast. They both got in the car. -guys i have a bad news for you, dad choosed a son in law for Emilly.... -WHAT! -Emilly why you never told dad that you have someone!? - just 16 i thought i didn't need to tell this... -WHATS GOING ON!!!? -there is no time, dad told me to bring Emilly to his office to talk to her. -Eric, its obvious that i will decline anyone he chooses for me. -it seems that dad really want you to marry that boy, so, we need more force. So i brang Tim to show dad how much you love him. -oh Eric you are awesome. -thanks Tim, you deserve it. They reached Emilly and Eric dads building, they were going in. Security said : -wait, who is this guy? -he is with me. -ok sir.

They reached their dads office. Their dad was talking with a gentle boy. Their dad : ah, here you are Emilly! I want you to intro... -dad, whatever you are doing, i will decline it. -what? -dad i told them everything. -who is this guy!? -hi. Im Tim. Im your daughters boy friend. -boy friend!? She never told me tha... -dad! I love Tim! Please let me and him be together! -im so suprised! But, i just accepted their request. Eric got mad and shouted : DAD ITS PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY WILL WORK WITH US IF THIS BOY MARRY EMILLY, ITS A BUSSINESS THING AM I RIGHT!? -well, yes. Emilly is my daughter so i decide for her future. Now please get out of here. Security please take them out except Emilly. -yes sir. -hey leave us alone! -ok Emilly its just me and you and Fredrick. -hi Emilly, you can call me Fred, nice to mee... -dad there is no way im gonna be in a forced marriage. -its not up to you Emilly, you should listen to you father. I want better for you. Emilly shouted while crying : -NO DAD ITS JUST BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS...

she ran away in the corridor and went to the balcony. She was watching the city and just thinking that how rude her dad can be. After 3 minutes the balcony door opened and someone came in. When Emilly turned back, he saw Fredrick. -what do you want from me?! -please listen to me... -i hate you, go away! -its just a misunderstanding! I didn't know that you love someone else! you really love him! Emilly, im sorry. I will go away and i will tell my dad that i declined. -REALLY!? THANK YOU FREDRICK! -its ok! Call me Fred by the way ( :D )....

After a few days Emilly dad found out that there is no relation between Fredrick and Emilly, so he called Eric : What You Have Done To Fredrick!!? Why He Is No More With Emilly!!? -dad he just broke up with Emilly, we didn't do anything. -i know its you 3. So if you gonna mess up with my business, So im not let Emilly marry Tim. -oh my gosh dad you are so rude ... -shut up Eric, you know that all you have is from me, so don't talk to me like that. His dad ended the call and called Fredricks dad : -Hi mr.... -didn't we just declined!? -No sir it was a misunderstanding ... -its done for me. By the way i changed my mind too so we are cancled. -let me talk to Fredrick please. -Hi.. -Hi Fredrick, please tell your dad about your misunderstanding... -there is no misunderstanding. I just declined about this business, im not a savage beast to mess up a true love relationship, so, good bye.

The call ended. Emillys dad was so confused and was thinking. -am I a savage beast then? Eric told Emilly and Tim About his call with his dad, they went so angry. Eric said : lets do nothing.. -Eric I just can't wait and watch! -Its ok Tim, we will wait for a few days only. Few days passed but there was no talking about this forced marriage between Emilly and Eric and their father. It was dinner with the family. It was too qiuet. Eric couldn't wait anymore, he said : Dad! What gonna happen about that! -about what!? -you know it, so just don't pretend that you don't know! -ok then. Emilly, you are free to be with who you want. And i will support you too.....Im not a savage beast. Emilly jumped to his dad and hugged him. Eric and her mother were so happy too!

But Tim was so upset and he has got a fever. He was in his bed that his phone ringed. His phone was on a desk near his bed. He couldn't move. His phone ringed 3 times and he was trying to answer it. He pushed himself so hard that he fainted! At the 4th call her mother came to Tims rooms and when she saw Tim, she thought that he is sleep. She answered Tims phone. -Finally Tim, im trying to call you for a so long time. -hello -umm? Who are you? -im Tims mom, Tim has got a fever and he is sleeping now. -oh my gosh! Is he ok! How is he now!? Can we please come to meet him? -thats kind of you. -thank you, oh sorry im Eric, im Emillys brother. -oh then you are Eric!? Tim said about you to me! thank you for everything that you have done for them! -thank you ...

Emilly and Eric came to Tims house, they entered the house and Tims room. Emilly whispered : hey Tim.. wake up... Tim was not moving. After 2 minute Eric went worry, he sat on his bed and slapped Tim so softly at a fast hit rate. -hey Tim wake up. Tim? TIM!?!? HE DOESN'T FEEL OK! I THINK HE IS FAINTED!! Emilly shocked and fell down. She didn't feel her legs. Tims mother came to the room and saw what happened. She was so scared. -omg! i will call ambulance right now! -no time for ambulance miss, i will take him to hospital!! Eric took Tim on his back and went to the car. Emilly just was on Tims room, not moving and just crying. Eric was driving so fast and carelessly, he passed 2 red lights and finally he reached to the hospital in 5 minute. Eric jumped out of his car and shouted : EMERGENCY! PLEASE HELP HIM!...

Now Tim is in the hospital and resting on a bed, and Eric is sitting near him and looking after Tim. Tim hasn't opened his eyes yet. After few minutes, Emilly and Tims mother came to Tims room asking Eric : How is he!? Is he ok!? What did doctors say!? -doctors said that he will get better soon. But he hasn't opened his eyes yet. -Tims mom : oh dear Eric, thank you a lot! Oh..., Eric,police was taking your car!! -never mind the car! Tim is way more important! -Emilly, you have an amazing brother. They were all waiting for Tim to open his eyes.

-i will be right back. -ok Eric. In midnight Tim opened his eyes. All were so happy and were so glad! Tim saw Eric and her mom in his right side of the bed and then he looked at the left side and saw Emilly holding his hand. She was crying of happines. -E..Emilly, please don't cry. -Thank goodness! You are fine Tim! -Emilly, if you go, please know that i will always love you. -Tim its over! We can be together! Everything went fine! -but your dad... -don't worry Tim, he said he will support us to the End. Tim smiled and closed his eyes again. Eric called the nurse immediatly, nurse came, checked up Tim and said : he is fine now, he is just sleeping. Let him rest. You can take him back to home and let him rest there after he wakes up. Everyone took a deep breath. After 15 minute Tims mother thanked Eric and Emilly a lot. -I will be here from now, you can go home and take a rest. They didn't accept but Tims mother insisted a lot. Emilly : thank you, we will go then but please call us if he got better. -you can come and see him tomorrow. -sure!

After a while Tim woke up. Tim and his mother were leaving. Tims mother went to the cashier, and asked that how much is the cost. -let me check, Tim..., its paid. -paid!? But who!? When? -a guy just paid 4 hours ago. He even paid more. Do you want to take the change? -oh, No thanks keep it. It was raining. When Tim and his mother left the hospital, they saw a taxi there. Taxi driver shouted : Are you Tim! -Yes but why you ask!?!? -Please get in!

They got on the taxi. Driver just headed to their home without asking the adress. After 2 minute driver started talking : a guy paid me a lot and told me to wait for a guy named Tim and a woman and take them to this adress. I was waiting since 3 hours. By the way this money is really too much, do you want to take the change? -No, please keep it.

After 13 minute they reached their house. Taxi driver helped Tims mother to take Tim to his bed. Tims mother said : thank you a lot sir, please be here for a cup of tea. -Thank you, but i must leave, its too late. -ok goodbye and thanks again. -goodbye. Next day Eric and Emilly came with a taxi, they nocked the door. Tims mother opened the door. After greeting, they came in. Then Emilly saw Tim that is hardly coming down from stairs. She couldn't stop herself, she ran and kissed Tim. After a while Tim felt so much better. Then Eric said that we must celebrate! Eric and Emilly and Tim went to cinema and some other fun places. Then they went back to Tims house and ate dinner together. Emilly and Eric left. Tim went to sleep. After 1 hour his mother came to his room, and saw he is still up. -Tim, why you are still awake? -mom, i feel so bad, i want to do something for Eric, anything, he did a lot for me.

Months passed and Tim spent all his time with Emilly, they went school together and studied together. After 2 years, they have married. Now every morning that Tim wakes up, he can see Emillys smile.

My eyes are always on you

By Dj Ehsan


In one day Eric invited Tim and Emilly to his cafe. Emilly and Tim walked to the cafe together and when they were going in, they saw Erics girl friend came out with an angry face and went without saying anything. They went inside cafe and saw Eric. Eric said : Hi! Thanks for coming! Please sit! -Eric, what happened? ( Emilly said) -oh its nothing. -ERIC!? -Oh, well, my girl friend just broke up with me... -BUT WHY!? -she said that i don't spend enough time with her. Well, atleast you guys got together so thats worth it for me. Emilly sadly sat near Eric. Tim was just standing there and was so angry and sad. He ran and left cafe. After few seconds he reached Erics girlfriend and took her hand so hard. -what are you doing!? leave me go!! -No, i will not let you go. -leave me!!! -you are making a big mistake, you should not broke up with him. He is a hero. -what? He didn't even go out with me once except to his cafe! -he was always with me, he helped me and Emilly to get together. He is a hero. -proove it. -he take this cafe for his birthday gift to find me, he helped me and Emilly when his dad choosed other guy for his son in law, he .......( and so on ) She went shy and sad. -why he never told me that? -because, he is not that kind of person. Tim and Erics girlfriend went back to cafe. She slowely walked to Eric, then she kissed him! Emilly: Tim ( :D )? Did you do something?! -meh, it was atleast thing i could do for him. After 2 months it was Erics wedding feast,

They all had fun. It was time to dance. Tim took Emillys hand and went to dance. Then Emilly saw Fredrick dancing with a girl too. -how wonderfull... Tim and Emilly started dancing and they were looking at each others eyes.

© Copyright 2018 Dj Ehsan. All rights reserved.

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