What's Yours is Mine

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Very short piece of fiction depicting a husband with depression. It is meant to be a small example of an experiment where I try to blend my poetry with my fiction (i.e. attempting to find my "voice").

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



He smokes. Drags. Inhales. His thoughts waver, evaporate, turn to dust. Pain drifts off, waiting like a caged animal, restless. He sits on the couch and stares into nothing as though he were observing a painting. Some significance strikes him then. He gets up. Paces. Laps around the living room and circles on his feet. A twist and turn.
Somewhere he gets lost in himself and hours drift along. He notes choices, laments, cries. Sad songs play and he struggles. Once high now low and the bottom's rocks are sharp and jagged. Pierces his soul.
She knocks on the door but he's gone deaf. Knocking. Knocking.
"You okay? C'mon, let me in."
He squeezes the last of his tears and lets them drop before he wipes away their trails. Sniffles. Grabs the door with a gentle hand and cracks it open.
"Christ, Adam. What's wrong?"
He mutters. She leans in, squinting.
"Say again?"
He looks her in the eye and her face softens. She says nothing, but holds him tight. He sobs. Shakes almost convulsively.
"I don't know why," he says. "I don't know why, Marie."
Somehow, she knows. She let his head cradle in the crook of her arm as he leans against her, like an injured man who cannot stand on his own. She leads him to the bedroom and lays him down, covering him with blankets. For a long while she stands over him as if she were a guardian angel, whispers: "What's yours is mine, darling."

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