I Knew a Dream

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A dream for you.

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



I knew a Dream

I found myself outside my house

with siblings by my side

we stared above our head to see

the sun that was so bright 

I knew that when we closed our eyes

we'd stair in something new

I didn't know by the time

it was the night that came so soon

I seem to be around some folks

who look where I had seen

to find out and wait

the son of a true King

a ring of fire appears to all

showing who comes through

a thin old man hiding

a certain scary truth

yet another being that's revealed

only from the right

we know it's Him that's true

He's filled with gleaming light 

 a leader leading us

to learn what we don't know

another despising us

to show who is the foe

at the end of a room

we are called all by note

although by this time

I had already awoke

I realize this moment I knew of my dream

had meaning beyond just anyone and everyone to me.






© Copyright 2018 Reyna Rosales. All rights reserved.

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