an alien who visits earth for a day.

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an alien gets into weird and wacky adventures while visiting earth.

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



Hi, my name is Gloopi and I’m an alien who visited earth from the planet RODSPERKS 17.  My species arrived on different planets daily, studying the universe and figuring out how we are all different and what or who made us all different. Our leader King Spolx had outlined every detail of our explorations for each planet  with four rules. One: Do not start a war. Two: Do not eat the species. Three: Do not wipe out all life on the planet and Four: Do not eat Ripple Raspberry Yoghurt. It could cause our bodies to explode. I visited a small primitive planet called Earth. My space ship landed on a farm in a place called Ne—ew Ham-p-s-hire. These aliens have a weird way of spelling. I always thought they were primitive not crazy. What’s a Hampshire? Does it kill you or is it a sort of animal? I walked into the barn and came across a humanoid. I zapped him with my body modifier 3000. This helped me clone a skin suit from a species so I can blend in. The one problem being that it is  less evolved beings can sometimes vomit if not asleep and that’s exactly what happened. His juices covered my glaxius minimus and my speradclua. Disgusting creatures. So I hid the body in a nice pat under a cow. It smelled horrible but it felt warm so he should feel comfortable.

The next morning I noticed something very weird. A woman put her hand out and was about to attack me. I smacked her across the face and zapped her with demeculisor. She melted into a million pieces. I saw another creature do the same and it was just a friendly gesture. Oh! Hopefully Anne from Carl’s Mart wasn’t important or else I’m dead. So I ran as quickly as I could towards a magnificent site. A head resting unit (this is what us RODSPERKIANS use to sleep) it even has separate stalls for men and women. Great show Earth I truly believed these people could do no harm but I was wrong. I looked into the portal chamber and I noticed that it was all dirty and filled with a yellow substance. I just assumed this is how things were done in this quadrant of the galaxy so I stuffed my head down the dirty circle. It felt disgusting and then I realised what these humans did in this area. It was the most horrifying thing I have come accross in my existence. I started to hate this planet. Once I got out of that black hole chamber of filth, I was met with hostility as an old woman told the security officers on this planet that I demeculerised a person into a million pieces. They slammed me up against a window and hosed me down with some sort of eel that spits water.

I was then placed in a dirty vehicle with a man who smelled of smoke. He seemed very calm for somebody who probably met the same hostility I did on this wretched marble they called home.  He was also very interested in the circular pastry the security officer was stuffing down his disgusting swarm of muscle and bone they call a mouth. We arrived at a building filled with very angry people. I was told to go to cell C. I didn’t want to go in but they pushed me inside this box and locked the door. The prisoners stared at me. One of them shouted “Fresh meat”. I looked for an animal but couldn’t see one. Then they tackled me to the ground. One of the prisoners stole my demeculisor and fired it at the wall. This was bad. They escaped and kept on firing at the officers in charge of this place; one by one they all dissolved into a million pieces.

I heard sirens in the distance and I could see the destruction that my weapon had caused. I had just broken one of the rules.Luckily I still had my ‘phone to call home if there was an emergency. The King heard what had happened and was furious with me.  Eventually he calmed down and we came up with a plan. We had to destroy the planet in order to save it from discovering alien life forms exist which could result in an Intergalactic war. What a day. I arrived at my space ship and removed my skin suit. Just as I arrived at Mars the planet Earth was destroyed.


I decided to get an office job after that mainly because King Splox fired me for causing “The end of a species”.  Honestly, did we really need humans in our galaxy? Everyone feared that they might start a war with us so I’m glad it blew up. 

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