For S.

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Two strangers in a bar. What can happen?

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



“C’mon, S!” one of your friends shouts across the dance floor to you at the bar. You guzzle the rest of your drink and join your friends on the floor just in time for your favorite song to come on. You’re laughing with your friends as you all get down and enjoy your Saturday night fun when you see me out of the corner of your eye and we stare at one another for a brief second that seems like eternity. We’ve been catching each other’s gaze all night, careful to not be caught exchanging glances. Your friend notices you lost in space so she nudges you over in my direction and mouths “Go talk to him!” You fight with yourself for a minute over what you’re going to say but get interrupted when I make my way over to you. “I’m Dylan,” I introduce myself. “I’m S, nice to meet you,” you reply. “Dance with us!” your friends insist as they surround us, giving me no chance but to show off my smooth dance moves, forcing a laugh and a smile out of you. “I need a drink,” you say as you lean into my ear with a smirk on your face. I nod in agreement, taking your hand and leading you to the bar. “What’ll you have?” the bartender asks. “An iced tea for me, and whatever Miss S would like,” I tell her. You look at me with a curious look on your face. “I’d love an alcoholic drink, but what I’d love even more is to remember everything about you,” I share, leaving you intrigued. “Just a water for me then,” you tell her. She leaves and we just look at one another until she brings the drinks a moment later. We both guzzle our drinks to quench our thirst, and as we get up to go back to see your friends, the DJ plays a soft, slow melody song. “Dance with me?” I ask as your face brightens a beat red in a blushing excitement. I guide you by your hand to an empty space on the dance floor and allow our movement to synchronize instantly, following the beat of the song. We keep our eyes locked together as your hands move from around my neck to place my hands lower on your waist, then you get on your tip toes to lean into my face and plant your lips on mine. Realizing you’re on your tip toes, I put my hands on your waist and push you down to flat-foot, keeping the kiss intact.


Before we know it, the time is 3am and the bar is closing. Your friends decide they’ll cab home, but I tell them I’ll take you all home since I hadn’t drank. The 4 of you get in my car, and of course, your friends shove you in the front seat. We all sing and laugh the whole drive back to your friend’s house. The two others decide they’ll sleepover at her house, and when I turn to ask you where you’re going, you plant another kiss on my lips. “I’m going wherever you’re going,” you state between the minute-long kisses. Your friends say some explicit things that embarrass you, but as we drive off, you lay back and close your eyes and hold my hand and the only thing you can do is smile. We reach my apartment and you quickly jump out of the car and run around to me as I get out and jump into my arms, kissing me. I close the door with my foot and carry you as fast as I can upstairs, enjoying every kiss, but halfway up the stairs, you take one of my hands, forcing me to hold you against the wall. You take my hand and suck on my finger before putting it in your shirt, moaning as my finger touches your nipples, already so hard. I pick you back up and practically run inside and let you down so we can remove our shirts and pants. The impression of my cock in my boxers makes you wet your lips and jump on my bed. “Take me, I’m yours,” as I climb on top of you and kiss your neck, touching your waist and feeling how soft your skin is. I sit you up and you unclasp your bra from the back, allowing me to rip it off, revealing the most beautiful big breasts I’ve ever seen. Your button-like nipples and your areolas so big and a light brown made my cock begin to rise in my tight, white Calvin’s. You lay down and reach down to grab the outline of my shaft and let out a moan as I suck on your left breast and then your right, sending a sensation through your entire body – the sensation of need. I kiss slowly down from your breasts onto your stomach and onto your panties that are visibly soaked. I kiss your panties and my lips are greeted by the taste of your excitement. “These need to come off,” I insist before grasping the fabric in my teeth and pulling them away from your sweet, warm pussy. The fabric sticks but slowly I get them off your feet and you spread your legs so that your pussy is opened wide, ready to give itself to me. I touch my lips to your outer labia first, being gentle with my licks and feeling my way around, then I draw a circle around your inner labia with my tongue that catches your wetness as I lick. You’re dripping so much it’s dripping down to your ass and onto the sheets. I lick carefully over your clitoral hood and your body feels like heaven, forcing you to scream in pleasure. For the next 15 minutes, my tongue explores every inch of your vagina inside and out and you continue to soak the sheets. You’ve cum in my mouth every single time and now you’re craving the thick cock you felt earlier, so you get on your knees on the floor, your pussy still dripping, and wrap your jaw around my cock, stiff for you and your body. You take your time exploring my balls, the shaft and the head, but the entire time, you can only think about how good it would feel to sit on. You try to take it all the way but can’t. “Lay on the bed, your head hanging off the edge,” I insist. You do as I say like a good girl should. “Ready?” I ask and you nod in excitement as I put my cock to your lips and begin sliding it in slowly, until you’ve got my entire cock in your throat. Gently, I begin to slide it out and back in again. You thought you’d be in discomfort, but all you feel is pleasure knowing you’re able to take all of me. After a minute, I begin to thrust a bit harder and faster, until I’m fucking your throat. “Good slut,” I say, impressed. Your pussy begins to pulse and you cum once more as my cock goes down your throat. I pull it out of your throat and let you catch your breath. “I think I love being a slut for you,” you admit. “Alright then, how about you put on this blindfold and get on all fours?” I ask as I hand you a blindfold. You quickly follow orders. You feel me kneel beside you on the bed and you feel my palm gently caressing your ass, feeling how big and juicy it is. A moment of touching your ass and I stop, but a brief second later you hear the cracking sound of my palm against your ass while at the same time you feel the sensation shooting through your entire body. “Fuck!” you scream into the wall in pleasure. “Spank me harder!” you insist. I spank you much harder this time and with a wooden paddle. “I’m the one who demands around here, you have to ask for what you want. A good slut should know that,” I explain. “Yes, sir.”

Both your ass cheeks can’t take much more before beginning to purple so I stop and I remove the blindfold. I come around the bed and lean into your lips and kiss you for a couple moments and I’m able to feel the pleasure in the tremble of your kiss. “I want you to fuck me, please,” you beg. Without saying a word, I disappear for a moment, soon returning with a large strip of silk fabric. “Put your face in the pillow, your ass in the air and put your hands behind your back.” You do as I say in anticipation. A few seconds later I grab your hands and tie them together with the silk fabric. I get behind you and you feel my cock press against your thigh. I wet my cock with your pussy juice, put the tip to your hole and push slowly. You moan as you feel me go deeper, stretching your finger-wide pussy to the size of my cock. Every thrust I go fast and then slow and you cannot stop cumming on my cock. I pull out and untie the silk tie so your hands are free. I lay next to you and we continue making out as I get on top of you and guide my cock into your hole. We stop kissing and look in each other’s eyes as I penetrate you. You moan and breathe heavily as you feel our two bodies connected in a way you’ve never felt before. We make out for a few moments while you feel yourself getting ready to cum again. “Where do you want me to cum?” I whisper in your ear between breaths. “Inside me,” you reply. You edge yourself closer as I fuck you harder and faster, and you hear my breathing getting much more rapid, you edge yourself even closer, until you hear me scream and feel the hot spurts of cum shoot inside you when you let yourself scream and cum with me. Our bodies shake as we moan together and you feel more hot spurts as you squeeze around my neck tightly, forcing us together, orgasming as one.

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