Skin Peeling

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Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



To have your identity, it seems like, stripped away from you is a very sad thing.

The loitering presence of the white waiting for any opportunity to change your natural look is sad.


How important is that if you lose yourself in the white man's uniform?

How sad?

To not be appreciated for anything but your fake white privilege is sad.

Is the natural curl pattern not good enough to fulfill the "Public" standards?

Hints, you can not disrupt their policies or you may be held liable for treating them unfairly or falsely accusing them of following their "right" white rights.

It is fucking sad to stand on the other side of the white picket fence.

Oh how great is will be when I move on and out.

All of you will be talked about in the fullest extent of detail, and you will wonder how I know so much about you.

Your sly mouth and arrhythmic walk is slightly conspicuous.

This company?

Employee owned?

Which color has the right away?

How sad for you to live in a world seeing nothing but black and white.

No color, just wrong and right.

I am sure you all can figure out who has the "wrong" skin.

Be clear, the excessive tans and big asses will never make you like us.

Your "ghetto" attitudes and slang talk will never give you "our" strength.

Fire versus fire?

That would make me just like you.

Good intentions along with heavenly prayers to protect everything that is mines that you all so desperately wish were yours. 

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