The Jackal Witch's Nether Realm from Hell

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Vaxx and Eli are lovers whom must stay hidden from the village of Mascon. Yet when they venture too far into the haunted woods they find themselves in a time paradox in the clutches of the Jackal's lair and the otherworldly underground beings from another realm.

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



  The Jackal Witch & The Netherworld Realm

Legends and tales tell of an evil elderly sorceress witch who was banished from the town of Mascon in the winter of 1584 and vanished into the great forests nearby.  Of what became of her no one knows yet residents of the village started noticing townsmen and women disappearing from the village and gruesome, wicked sounds echoing in the forests in the darkest of night.  One young woman said she saw a strange half-human half-animal beast with a breast as of a woman covered on the arms and legs with fur and head as of a great demon with high pointed ears.  Another, a red visage that went up the side of a tree and vanished.  An evil book wrote by an underground cult of the witch was burned by the judges of the town vowing never again to utter her name or go into the surrounding forests.

300 years later - 1884.  

In a snowy, dark woods shimmering with effervescence a young man twenty years of age named Vaxx carries a black torch leading another man aged eighteen years through a night-black forest and steps onto a limestone bridge near a gushing waterfall with sparkling foam at the base.  Vaxx's handsome and chiseled features show a youth of great strength whose work in a smithy has his torso and chest built with muscles with strong hands.  His eyes were of a fiery midnight blue flashing in the dark, piercing through the shadows of hell and dark black, shiny hair.  His fair complexion with tanned skin made him most desirable with all the young women.  Yet, where did his heart lie?  "Where are thee going, Vaxx?  We a'rt deep in thee forest, now?"  Vaxx glances longingly back at him and laughes coquettishly as he says, "Eli we're safe now with each other far from the village's persecutions and fires."  Vaxx pulls Eli closer to him and nudges his cheek upon his.  Eli had stark, spiky blonde hair and brown eyes with a beautiful complexion, surpassing even Vaxx's handsome and rugged features.  "Eli...." Vaxx mutters as he brings his lips upon the others.  "Vaxx...I..." Eli says and falters as Vaxx moans kissing him deeply and passionately.  Vaxx runs his hands through Eli's hair and caresses him as Eli moans softly in pleasurous delight.  His warm, sensual lips slowly kissing Vaxx all over, moving down onto his neck.  Running his hands over his chest, Eli tears Vaxx's cloth shirt open and views his chest.  Muscled, broad shoulders fronted tight nipples with muscular arms.  Vaxx stops and looks down as his testicles lengthen and he takes off his pantaloons.  Turning a crimson red hue in the face Eli caresses Vaxx again as he again kisses him deeply moving ever downward on Vaxx.  Lovingly, he fondles him and pleasures him playfully as Vaxx slowly caresses Eli's head, moaning in delight before his man fluid overflows, gushing onto Eli.  Eli moans as he pleasures himself while continuing to pleasure Vaxx.   Eli puts his warm mouth onto Vaxx's tip and licks it lovingly, fondling it softly with his fingers.  Sucking it deeply he caresses him with his other hand, lubricating the shaft with his pre-liquid spewing from the tip.  "Mmmm, Vaxx, it's so large.  So very good..." Eli moans as he continues sucking the shaft.  Vaxx's balls hang low and bounce, slapping ever so gently.  Moaning in pleasure, Vaxx slowly rubs Eli's hair as he rubs his nipples in ecstacy.  Backing away, Vaxx removes Eli's pantaloons and lays him on his back upon an outcrop of limestone.  Gently lifting his legs, Vaxx teases Eli's hot, open butthole with his tip, playfully flitting upon the hole's opening.  "Oooh, Vaxx yes.  Mmm yes, Vaxx." Eli moans as he rubs his large penis.  Vaxx smiles as he backs away and moves his head down towards Eli's hole.  Leaning in he places his wet, warm tongue deep into Eli's hot, open hole, licking around the opening slowly, letting his spit drip down.  Eli moans as he continues pumping himself, the balls gyrating up and down and suddenly a load of white spews from the tip, blowing upon Vaxx's face.  Vaxx lovingly licks the white smeared liquid off his lips and continues as he slaps his asscheeks in a horny fashion.  Eli was very hung and horny at this point and his tip overflowed a large amount of semen, gushing all over his chest.  Reaching up with his hand, Vaxx grabs a handful of white and with the same hand begins slowly caressing Eli's slightly gaping hole.  "Ohhh....mmmmmm, yes Vaxx.  Oh god... Oh yesss." Eli moans in stimulation as he penetrates deeper and harder, as cum falls in great quantities, spewing out of his gaping butthole, while Vaxx leans in with his tongue licking the remnants of the remaining liquid from the hole slowly, moving his tongue upwards, continuing to the testicles and licking all over.  Sweat rolls down Eli's body in perspiration as Vaxx pumps Eli, as he continues rubbing his large penis and balls.  "Mmmmm, Eli.  You're so good and your hole tastes so divine."  Vaxx leans over with a mouth full of white and kisses Eli deeply.  Eli smiles in pleasure as cum drips down the side his mouth while Vaxx moves down to Eli's large, overgrown cock, sucking it beautifully.  A great load of white blows into Vaxx's mouth as he finishes licking every last drop from Eli's tip, swallowing the great load. Vaxx caressingly turns Eli over supporting him on a rock and thrusts himself deep inside, his testicles slapping against Eli.  "Mmmm...yes Vaxx.  So very nice.  Mmmmm." Eli moans in delight as he fondles himself.  "Eli....I love you..." Vaxx responds as he bends over kissing him as he continues thrusting into Eli.  The pleasurous delight continued for long into the night.  Many hours later both were lying naked their bodies glistening in the foam of the waterfall.  "'re thee most beautiful and sensual person Ive ever met.  I...I love you." Eli says as he looks longingly into Vaxx's eyes of blue.  They hold each other and get up to put back on their clothes when Vaxx points out, "Our clothing!  Where hast it gone?"  Eli gasps as he searches frantically yet not finding a reminent of it.  "Ay Vaxx don't play games.  Where is't it?"  Vaxx, shocked in disbelief, says, "I swear I don't know!  It was here upon this glowing limestone rock near the pool.  Oh no what will we do, Eli?  We can't go back to the village naked!  Oh god what will the elders think of us?"  Eli begins to cry and Vaxx holds him wiping away his tears, saying, "Don't cry sweet Eli.  We'll find them."

Vaxx, carrying his toolbox, takes out another box of matches a lights again the torch leading Eli forward through the forest.  Further in they begin to see crude, vile wooden figures hanging from the trees.  "My God what is this?"  Vaxx says as he brings his torch closer to one of the figures.  "Witchcraft!  I told you this forest was haunted by a witch."  Eli says to Vaxx.  "A witch?  That was only legend, Eli." Vaxx says and both stare at the vicious looking figurines of wood hanging from the overgrown tree branches.  Both young men began feeling a great sense of dread and fear as well as being lost.  "Vaxx, Im frightened of this haunted forest.  I told thee before'and of this place.  The elders forbid entering here.  They... they say once thee enters the witch's forest you never find your way out.  It's cursed ground says the legends!"  Vaxx stares at Eli and shakes his head as they continue treading forward.  They begin hearing strange and evil sounding noises far away in the distance.  After two hours of walking in darkness almost absolute Eli catches a glimpse of a strange figure disappearing near a pyrimidal structure deep in the limestone that is located behind a great, foaming waterfall.  "Vaxx...", Eli whispers in terrifying fright, "I saw a shadowy figure disappear behind the waterfall."  "The witch?" Vaxx responds as he gazes around the area of the waterfall.  The area was almost completely dark with no light as Vaxx moved his torch around examining their surroundings.  They were situated in an area almost in a cave yet with one side of the rock still showing the snowy, shadowy glistening boughs of the great pine trees poking into the entrance of the cavern.  "Come hither Eli.  Its a structure in the rock wall." Vaxx whispers as he nears the pyrimidal structure and both stop in their tracks with a deep sense of fear yet curiousity as well.  Eli whispers, "You remember the story of the cult of the Jackal from when we were little from the elders?"  Vaxx nods slowly looking straight at Eli with the torch lighting up both their faces in a ghostly fashion.  "I think this witch that resides in this forest is related to the cult.  I wish we'd never come here, Vaxx."  Vaxx gazes around at the stalagmites in the rock ceiling dripping water slowly downwards into pools below.

Suddenly, both men notice a strange red glow coming from near the pyramidal structure.  An evil looking tree gnarled and drooping low near the overhang of of rock exudes a strange substance similar in hue and feel to blood as Vaxx runs his hand along the substance recoiling in disgust.  Eli gasps, turning white, "My God, Vaxx.  I want to leave now."  Vaxx bears his torch and leans in closer to the tree illuminating what appears to be runic, paganistic symbols carved into the tree's bark.  Vaxx whispers, "Eli, look upon these symbols.  You took a history class once that explained strange symbols such as these.  What do they mean?"  Eli moves forward into the light and examines them closely, running his hand over one of them.  "I don't know." Eli replies.  "I've never seen anything like it in my life.  My God what evil realm have we entered upon?"  Both men begin feeling an evil, ominous sense in the misty air.  The cursed tree upon which they have stumbled is called in the common tongue "Baxar" or otherwise known as a demonic portal.  An otherwordly buzzing and ringing began to be felt and heard by both young men as Eli covered his ears.  An odd, soft pink substance was adhering to the limestone near the waterfall.  They follow the patch nearing the structure and run under the roar of the waterfall.  The pyrimidal structure was here upon built into an ancient recess of the rock.  Only the fronting of the structure was visible built into the rock wall.  A red glowing orb set upon a pole of crystal lies directly in front of the structure.  "Vaxx, look...", Eli says as he points to the glowing orb casting a faint red illumination on the cavern's grotto.  Both men notice the structure has no windows, only a crude reminent of a door with bloody symbols etched on the front.  Directly above the structure, carved into the limestone, is another very disturbing, gruesome symbol etched with a glowing blue substance.  The darkness of the cavern grotto was deep and ominous at this point with the roar of the waterfall in the darkness behind them being all that they hear.  Vaxx slowly nears the structure and examines the crude door by torchlight.  Vaxx places his ear upon the door, listening intently as Eli stands aloof, wide-eyed and alert, gazing around him in terrifying fright every few seconds.  "Well, do thee hear anything?" Eli whispers as Vaxx shakes his head.  "Nothing Eli.  What do you suppose this is?"  Eli shakes his head in fright and hangs onto Vaxx's arm.  With one hand bearing the torch, he reaches down and notices blooded and blown blossoms adorning the limestone outside the door.

Vaxx gazes back at the door in terror and notices the door is locked and unopenable by a spell of symbols etched into the door.  It was a portal.  A portal leading to an unknown realm or place.  The witch's domain.  One would know it by the strange scent in the air.  The darkness was pervading the men's minds.  A most strange, unknown odor was in the air at this point and both men walk up the path of the dark, glistening limestone behind the glowing red orb and into a hidden grotto area beyond.  Here stood a dark cavern with a strange, thick, pink substance glistening on the stalagmites and stalactites.  Eli screams, "Oh God!  What is that?!  What is that?!"  Vaxx instinctively shines his torch forth in Eli's direction.  Here lie grotesque and misshapen red bones mixed with bloody, hacked body pieces lying in the grotto's pools.  Eli begins to cry as Vaxx finds a long, misshapen tongue ripped out mingled with mother of pearls splashing in the foaming pools of water.  "Good god, Eli!  What sort of realm of desecration have we entered?" Vaxx whispers in awe.  Throughout the grotto there are evil symbols painted with a red substance on the cavern's limestone walls.  Remnants of an ancient Mandragoran symbol are visible here and a strange basin filled with blood resides in the one corner of the grotto, hidden by a smaller flowing waterfall.  Frightening, terrifying noises begin to be heard as a splash of foam from the water causes Vaxx to fall into a grotto pool.  As he gets up his body is covered in blood and the glistening, pink substance.  Vaxx cries in anguish as he tries to wipe it off.  "Eli, we've got to get out of here.  This is a place of death and a great horror resides here.  Eli?"  Vaxx turns around and shines his torchlight in all directions, shouting frantically, "Eli!  Oh my god, Eli!  Eli!  Where are you?  Oh dear God please don't leave me here alone!" he screams in terror.  Eli was gone.  Now there came a most vicious and horrific to hear faint cackling far in the distance.  The noise was the most gruesome and terrifying thing ever heard.  Vaxx froze in fear and began trembling in the darkness of the grotto.  The roaring of the waterfall began to be deafening to his ears.  He held one ear with his open hand and the other bore the torch.

A bizarre, swirling mist was visible in the air of the cavern as Vaxx swam in the waters towards a mound of the pink substance in the corner of the grotto.  Visible here were more pools of bones and blood.  Vaxx wiped away his tears as he thought frantically for Eli yet could do nothing to find him.  Without his torch he knew he was as good as dead.  Further in the distance he views a strange orange and pink hued light barely visible behind a gently flowing waterfall that foamed into the grotto's pool of bloodied death.  He now thought he saw for a faint second a pink fin splash the foam gently and disappear behind the falls.  A slight tinkling sound was heard as of a faerie's bell sounding alarm to a regent.  As he swims nearer to the hidden waterfall he glimpses above and sees glowing crystals of unknown hues glowing above the entrance of the falls.  In the corner lay a great basin overflowing with hacked body pieces and blood.  Vaxx gasped and cried in alarm as his torch fell into the water and died in a fume of black smoke.  Screaming in panic and terror he claws his way to the waterfall and climbs through it only to see a faint illumination in the distance, glowing from a bright orange crystal in the rock.  He glances back behind him in terror and flees toward the crystal.  Written above the crystal on a most strange wooden sign were the words, "To Conflate" etched in blood.  'What is Conflate?' thought Vaxx to himself as swam below the crystal, stooping his head low through a passage.  

Coming out of the passage, he came upon a smaller cave with treasure chests shining forth brilliantly in the dark with glowing, overgrown mushrooms illuminating the corners.  He swam to the corner near the chests and threw each open.  Many had glowing jewels and gold heaped in piles.  He gazed in awe until he came upon the last chest of which there lay a great sword inside.  He took this and gazed around his surroundings.  It was quite calm and peaceful here after the last horrific area he was in.  He gazed down at his mesmerizing naked body.  His chest was chiseled nicely with a good amount of muscle and his legs were muscular as well.  He put his hands on his self and noticed he was attracted to his physique.  His testicles lengthened and he grabbed himself, relieving himself pleasurably on a limestone rock.  "Eli..." he moaned as he stroked himself pleasurably.  Finishing, he grabbed the great sword and noticed in the corner a great red lamp hanging from a peg.  Retrieving this he turned his gaze upon the passage that ran further into the grotto.  He followed this along a strange path with low hanging stalagmites and waterfalls covering each side of the rock wall, foaming into the waters below.  The path followed along this same route for some hours until finally he came to a vertical room with an aperture leading into a smaller path that led into the dark.  He flashed his red lamp forward and followed slowly until he began to notice a widening of the passage in the dark.  He began to hear a hum as of many unknown voices and a tramp of as of many feet.  Finally, coming upon a ledge that opened like a funnel in the rock, he saw plainly before him a leveled road of red brick with strange lights leading into the distance of a great cavern.  He gazed to the right down the ledge and saw a pathway that he could follow leading down.  'What kind of place is this?' he thought to himself.  'Why would there be a road with lamps set therein in an underground cavern such as this?  Is this a realm of fiends that I have come upon?'  He remembered legends of fiends or unknown creatures living deep underground and he shuttered in fear.

Nearing the bottom ledge he hopped off into a pool of water and hearing a slight trembling noise looked behind him.  A great wyvern spouting fire from its mouth flapped above him crying in a most disgusting and hideous manner.  Vaxx screamed and slashed his great sword at the creature as it flew near him.  The creature spewed more fire as Vaxx dodged this again and once more Vaxx swung the sword at the creature's heart, slashing him open.  The creature faltered only once then fell headlong into a deep pool of dark water as black smoke hung in the air.  The death was ominous and Vaxx gazed around him in horror as he fled from the great creature.  However, nearby lay a most vile, disdainful creature with three hideous, long tails and a torso as of a woman with long pointed ears and a great mouth which when Vaxx shown his light upon all manner of impish familiars crawled back into the mouth of the demonic beast.  Her lower body was covered in a strange matted fur as her eyes flashed in a gorish splendour and her hair crawled with demonic snakes as it floated above her head.  A strange noise was heard as of reverberating echo and the creature backed away slowly, thumping her grotesque tail as she slowly disappeared into the darkness behind her.  He screamed in horror and ran away as fast as he was able.  Further along the passage he came upon the red brick road with the globeless lamps.  He examined them with his red lamp and found the same sort of symbols etched into these as in the cavern grotto before.  The majestic sights of the cavern enthralled him.  There were great speleothems in all shapes exuding all manner of strange hues and glowing in lustrous enchantment.  Strange statues of grotesque shape and macabre stature were constructed here and many looked ancient in form and nature.  He put forth the light of this red lamp upon one and saw a terrifying face with red, glowing eyes.  He back away in fear and continued on.  Great waterfalls fell here in dark holes and after traveling for hours he came upon a strange doorway in the rock with a oddly constructed window nearby.  Above this entrance was a wooden sign that read, "To Jackal's Tower".  He shuddered in fear at the name of the Jackal.  Otherwise known as the witch.  Bearing his great sword he passed into the doorway and beyond.

Glimmering essences of water sparkled in the radiance of the cavern as he noticed a minecart overturned here and upon a great mound of rock in one corner lay a magnanimous tree that resembled the one he had saw earlier in the haunted forest.  There was a sign hung upon the tree of which read, "The Jackal's Lair".  He looked to each side of the tree yet saw no opening or doorway to any lair that he could see.  Careful inspection of the cavern showed he had indeed come to a dead end.  Turning his attention back towards the tree he brought his red lamp close to examine it.  Ruthless symbols covered the tree and he walked behind it and there he saw a dark opening in the back with blood oozing in evil drops that fell onto the rock below.  He gazed in with his lamp and saw crude reminants of wood littered on the mud floor.  He got down on all fours and crawled into the passage.  He continued some ways further in this manner until suddenly the floor gave way and he cried in terror as he found himself falling down a deep shaft.  He clawed in stark fright at the walls to try to come upon anything to hold onto yet none was to be found.  Finally, he landed in a great pool of shimmering dark water at the bottom of the fall.  He swam to the surface and sputtered, choking in agony on water as he tried desperately to find his sword and lamp.  The sword he still had yet the lamp had disappeared.  Swimming further he glimpsed in the distance a low hall with faint lamps shining from above.  The walls of the hall were all crooked angles with littered chests, books and tables all overturned with symbols covering the walls.  Blood ran down the walls cruelly as great mounds of dead, hacked bodies lay littered along the walls, some laying in great pools of black blood.  It seemed as though no matter how far he walked along this hall he came no closer to the red door that lay at the end of it.  However, after much running and screaming he finally came upon the red door.  It was the singularly most frightening door he had ever seen and with his great sword held in front of him he trembled as he opened the door.

Entering the room he felt a great rumbling of the ground and a glass lamp that was set in the wall fell, crashing upon the ground, illuminating all in a fiery hell of phantasmic fury.  A very horrific and terrifying looking door all fashioned with bones and body parts stood in one corner as a hissing sounds began to be heard.  Smoke and vile black mist began circling in the room as a pair of most terrifying sounds were heard far off in the distance as of hellish intent.  The room turned completely dark as a great terror was felt by Vaxx and a red light began to emerge through the cracks of the stone.  Out of the darkness he saw a black shadowed figure emerge that was scraping a most devilish, crude knife upon a bloody hook hanging from the other hand.  Trailing it were blackened and bloodied bones of angels, blood flowing along the walls as dead gorish bodies trail the creature.  Four other black and bent creatures emerged from portals in the rock wall and Vaxx backed away, wide-eyed with fear and terror, crying aloud in panic.  "" he cried in terror as he tried to flee the room however all was black and his body was paralyzed by an unknown force being sent from the creatures before him.  Bloody chains of devious horror swung most viciously in the darkness behind the creatures, in a black space behind that is neither of this world nor theirs.  Explorers from further regions of netherbane, these creatures were excursionists from dark dimensions.  Perverse sexual acts were occurring in the smoky darkness behind the chains as beings were being torn apart in blackened pools of hellish gore.  Black smoke and a most bizarre smell was in the air as the first creature that had emerged moved forward.  Now, Vaxx could see a strange face, most terrifying to behold, which was neither male nor female, that was not unpleasant yet showing wisdom, terror, beauty and viscious entropy all mixed with a phantasm, glare and glitter shining upon the brow.  Long, vile pointed ears of the creature were etched in black markings and the head was devoid of any hair.  The skin was of a light blue, glowing in nightmarish fashion.  Great sunken in cheeks were splintered with long, demonic talons that protruded out crudely as the throat of the creature was torn open viciously.  The upper torso had great naked breasts which oozed a bloody semen that washed upon the bosom as the mouth foamed with blood and death while it gnawed greedily on the bloodied bones of a netherworld being.  The lower extremities showed black, mattened fur clotted with bloodied remains as three vile, disgusting tails of horror swung from behind, carrying terrifying demons.  The elder being opened its mouth as a great amount of blood, feces and gore fell out into a black pool and subconsciously Vaxx heard in his head, 'You have summoned us.  We are here to give you pleasure and pain, and take you with us.  We must hear it from your own lips.  You must beckon to our demands.'  The voice was neither male nor female yet sounded most horrifying with a whispery, catlike wailing foreign in tone.  Vaxx screamed in horror and tried to move but couldn't, his eyes gaping forward at the hellish being before him.  'Do not cheat us.  You will never leave us.'  Vaxx was beyond all comprehension of fear or terror as he began hyperventilating.  Vaxx began feeling a great sense of dread and strange noises came upon him that made him fall to the ground.  Bloody pools splashed as dead pieces of bodies floated in the gore.  Strange blood ran along the walls and bundles of sticks wrapped in human remains littered the hellish ground.  Vaxx screamed in terror, "Oh God!  Eli! Eli!  Ahhhhh.  God!  Eli!"  The last he felt was a burning sensation from above him before he felt a hairy feeling near him with an unknown psycho-force directing him forward.  In a dark corner lay Eli as Vaxx neared ever forward.  "Thee must finish thy work, if thou dos't you will be renowned." an evil voice played in Vaxx's head as he neared ever forward.  Taking his great sword he plunged its tip deep into Eli's breast, ripping him open with his entrails spilling upon the demonic ground.  Vaxx screamed in a phantasmal horror, as he covered his eyes and was knocked abruptly to the ground.  Evil, hellish symbols were etched on his brow and his insides were torn out crudely before his body was torn apart.  Nothing was ever found.  Was it the Jackal or an unknown spectre?  One will never know.  The bodies of the men were never found and when the authorities from the village set out upon the entrance to the haunted forest to find the young men all met the same fate.  All disappeared without a trace.  The woods near Mascon were forever forbidden and one knew well to stay away from them.  The Jackal must not be tempted lest you lose your life.

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