Guardians of Dawn

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Chapter 2 (v.2) - just the beginning

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



I tried to open my eyes but a bright white light that shined into my eyes persuaded them to stay shut, on top of that I couldn’t move my legs or arms, where am I? The last thing I remember is…wait That’s right! That big guy knocked me out and now I must be in an interrogation room! I tried opening my eyes again, I got them wider than last time but ultimately they stayed shut. A muffled voice was trying to talk to me but I couldn’t make out a single word. I opened my eyes again and guided my eyes towards the voice, I saw a blurry figure but I still couldn’t tell who it was, my hearing was starting to return to me so I asked the person in front of me “where am I? Who the hell are you…?” The figure answered and this time I heard the voice clear as day.

“I believe that’s the question I should be asking you” she looked at a file on the chrome table in front of us “What’s your name?” are you kidding me? You don’t know the name of the person you had restrained, knocked out and interrogated?

“you’re joking right? This is a joke?” I asked, knowing full well what the answer was. My vision came back to me, the voice came from a man in his early to mid forties. He had thin lensed glasses and wore a black suit, if he had a white collar he’d look like a priest. He looked at me with a cold stare.

“Do I look like I’m joking boy? Who and what are you?” whoa he said what that time, so what makes him think I’m different?

“Human obviously! I’m just like everyone else” he responded immediately without even a second of silence.

“Wrong, you my boy are not like everyone else. We’ve taken a blood sample to find out whether you’re a human, or a deviant of the night” he sighed and his expression grew a little warmer, his tone seemed to be calmer as well “tell me why you want to fight as a Guardian" my expression grew a little cold as I gave my response.

“That’s easy sir, you have my file so you know my name is Elias, and my mom was killed three years ago by a pack of feral vampires. I promised myself that I would get revenge, not just on vampires bit everything that threatens humanity sir.” He seemed satisfied with my answer but there was a hint of distrust on his face as well.

“If that is how you feel then I will allow you to know that you have, how shall I say, a gift. You see The leadership stat on your card is missing, we do that on purpose because it’s typically the last thing people check for and it’s really a pointless stat that decides who becomes leader if yours dies or is unable to perform their duties. In place of that you have MGK which in actuality measures your ability to use the same magic monsters use.” I froze, I can use magic? That makes no sense!

“But I’m human! I don’t have scales, fangs, feathers, or yellow beady eyes!” He laughed, the dead serious look he had on before completely disappeared.

“Of course not, we thought maybe you were some kind of incubus given you have a team of girls and just you! But we know what you are. A half breed! Isn’t that something!?” okay, this guy went from an intimidating interrogator to some kind of fan boy. Hold on…HALF WHAT!?

“C-could you repeat that last part for me…?”

“Oh, isn’t that something?!” my eye twitched, they put this guy…in charge…of interrogation?

“No! Before that!”

“Oh I see, about you being a half breed!” I’m quickly becoming very annoyed with this guy, what’s his deal? He spends the better part of five minutes with a grimace on his face and now he’s as excited as a four year old at a birthday party. “You’re wondering why I was so serious before, aren’t you?” can he really tell or is this guys bipolar disorder scripted to make me feel uncomfortable?

“yeah, I suppose so” I was giving short answers hoping he would just give up with this and kill me…anything is better than watching this guy change his mood with every minute.

“I’m wearing an earwig, I had been told to get as much out of you as possible but you didn’t know anything did you? When you told me about your thirst for revenge, I got confirmation that your half human. The other half was monster DNA, we haven’t figured out which monster you’re related to but it doesn’t really matter. You could help us in a great way so I’m going to sign some documents to have you trained to use your talents alongside people just like you.” Did he just say?

“There are others?” I was in shock, but if that’s true then… “If that’s the case why was I kicked out, restrained and interrogated like I just killed a group of people?!” he looked at me.

“My boy, even though we have advanced technology we cannot see the genetic makeup of a being with a simple scan, not entirely anyway. So if even a hint resides within you, we classify you as a monster until we get the lab results back.” Alright, maybe I can forgive this little misunderstanding, but how could I be related to a monster? My dad was a lazy drunken bum and my mom was always at work so I had a pretty mundane human family.

“So is that it? I’m free to go?” The man nodded to the one way mirror and the restraints unlocked and retracted.

“As a bird my boy, now go on shoo, I have important things to do” I got up and a door slid open I walked out of the bright white room, entering a hallway and the next thing I knew I was on the floor. Something was on top of me, or make that someone. I looked and saw Shade, she must have tackled me, she was hugging me and crying. Violet stood above me with a worried expression on her face and Bernice leaned against a wall staring down the corridor.

“Elias I was so scared! What did they do to you!? Oh my god your eye, are you hurt? I’m so sorry I should’ve tried harder!” she kept going on like this for a few minutes, I tried calming her down by reassuring her I was okay, geez I thought I was the one who needed comforting. I sat up and Violet knelt down looking at my eye.

“Well when we get to the barracks I’ll fix you up, but for now" she pulled out an ice pack “this should help with the swelling” she placed it on my eye and I flinched causing her to recoil “I know it hurts but please keep still she went in for another go and I tried my best not to move. The pack itself was no bigger than a baseball so she applied a bandage as well to keep it stuck to my face. She stood up looking quite pleased with her first fix up job. “There, now you won’t have to hold it there while we get unpacked.”

“Thanks violet, I appreciate the concern. Hey I almost forgot, did you pick you classes yet?” Shade and Violet looked at me with smiles tattooed on their faces.

“We have, I chose to be a tactician but my subclass is combat medic” Violet exclaimed shyly.

“I figured I’d go with a bow, so I chose archer” Shade whispered into my ear “Bernice picked vanguard, she’s basically a punching bag" I snickered and Bernice glanced over at me with a murderous look plastered to her face that was so intense it actually scared all the humor out of me. Just before she turned me to stone, a young woman approached us.

“I take it you’re Elias? You have yet to select a class so please, follow me.” She smiled at me and I managed to pry Shade off me before standing.

“Lead the way" she nodded at me and turned around, I just noticed but her uniform was different. It wasn’t skin tight armor with plating, it was just a black dress with the Guardian logo on the chest. The woman walked down the hallway taking a left, I kept close behind her along with my team. We entered a dark room that looked similar to the SPECMAC room. She walked up to a console and stood beside it.

“Go ahead and pick you class with this console, once you enter you information it will suggest the most suited classes for you based on your stats but you are free to pick whichever you like. Once you’ve decided just give your ID card to me and I’ll place it inside the configuration system, printing your class or classes you’ve chosen.”

“Alright, let’s do it” I walked up to the console and typed my name into the console. Immediately my picture and stats popped up along with a sidebar with text that said CLS so I assume these were my classes that I’d be best for. My MGK was my highest stat, and the word Lightbringer was at the top, right above assassin, I clicked both and handed my ID to the woman who gladly took the card from my hand and placed it into a slot near a monitor. A few seconds later she gave me the card.

“Congratulations, now that your classes are chosen, your leader will take you to your tent, it will house all four of you with showers and restroom.” I was about to ask a question but Shade and Violet already grabbed my hands and rushed out the door.

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