A life in a dormitory

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This is my short story on two sisters living in a dorm.

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



We quickly rushed to the hospital with our thick text books in our hands with my little sister Sofia. We lived in Dallas on the busiest wet day I nearly slipped and caught my foot on a chip packet on the ground. We got the phone call about our parents and feared very much for them but by the time we arrived at the hospital our parents were… gone. It was decided that we had to live in a dormitory in Texas Christian University from now on with my little sister. They packed their belongings in their bags and were taken to the closest dorm; it was a 45 minute drive. The girls don’t say a word because they are still shocked about their parents and wait to see what the next disaster is going to be. They both hug each other and cry silently along the way.

They both feel scared, lost, and sad. It was a very highly difficult trauma for both of them losing their parent’s and then having to live in a dorm without knowing anybody there, taken away from their school and friends words could not describe the way they felt. They just wished it was a bad dream and hoped when they woke up they would find themselves tucked in their beds at their house. But it was real. They finally had arrived in the dorm we get out of the car and make our way to the entrance.  

As we walk inside the dorm Stella notices the horned frog fountain outside it looked magnificent she had never seen one like this before. At night time the lights would turn to a bright violet purple colour. It was fabulous. The man that took care of us chats and discusses to the front desk about us, we wait behind him ‘’okay girls take care this lovely lady will show you your room bye’’ ‘’hello girls my name is Jennifer. I am the assistant of Texas Christian University. This is a private coeducational university. It was first established in 1873, it has 16 residence halls at TCU: four are strictly for first-year students, two are for all students, and ten are reserved for upper division students. Despite some differences in common areas, the halls are very similar to one another. Most rooms are doubles, although there are some triples throughout campus.

Will you both follow me to your room please’’ our room was on the first floor as we walk there was a massive long corridor where there was rooms on the left and right hand side, the walls were painted in beige yellow this building’s year was old but it looked polished and brand new ‘’every morning lunch and dinner I will come and get you both and walk you to the dining room until you both know your way’’. We walk and walk and walk. ‘’Here we are room number 201’’ she unlocks the door, our room was on the left hand side ‘’come in girls’’ it was a plain white small room with 2 beds. ‘’so do you both like your room why don’t you both get some rest and I’ll come later tomorrow okay you both must be tired. ‘’here’’ she gives Stella the keys and leaves. I close the door we walk in our room all we did was sit on the bed and cry silently for the next couple of hours that passed so slowly until the next morning…

It was a Monday morning the air was fresh and silent the birds were gently singing outside from Sofia’s window she was right next to it and Stella was about a metre next to her, the room was silent there was no noise but the sound of birds and some cars passing by. We had both fallen asleep towards the morning and then had woken up at 8 in the morning. ‘’Knock knock’’ Stella hears the door knock, she knows that it’s Jennifer ‘’good morning I’m here to take you girls downstairs to the dining room’’ the women claims. Jennifer looked like a very kind lady ‘’I’m not coming but I’ll ask Sofia’’ Sofia was still sleeping she goes and wakes her up ‘’Sofia’’ Stella says in a soft gentle voice Sofia opens her eyes ‘’Jennifer is here do you want to go to have breakfast?’’ ‘’no’’ she says half asleep with one eye open “we are not coming’’ ‘’are you sure girls? Stella nods “Well if you want to come you can anytime’’ ‘’okay then bye girls’’ ‘’bye’’

‘’Everything just happened so fast I can’t believe it’’ ‘’neither can I’’ Stella replies they both start to cry softly as they hug each other. “Hey I’ve got you and won’t ever leave you until this traumatic event passes by we have to be strong for each other’’ They both cry silently like that for the past minutes.

The next day it was very depressing and dull. Sofia walks into the bathroom. She was very tempted to get tablets from her bag that she had left over she once stopped using them when things got so high for her but after this bad trauma she started to take them again. She puts 2 in her mouth for now ‘’Sofia You woke up early’’ ‘’I didn’t sleep’’ ‘’neither did I’’ Sofia sniffs she looked like she had cried the whole night her eyes was so red and patchy.  Stella hugs her ‘’hey I’m going to go down to have a look around’’ “okay I’ll come with you’’ ‘’okay then let’s go’’ They both found their way with the arrows and directions without any help of Jennifer.

When they arrived to the dining room Stella noticed the arched windows and the colour of the building it was biscotti yellow again like that long corridor to their room there was other people sitting down eating and chatting it was quite big, they enter the room the door made a small squeaking noise, the people inside looked at us as we got in and made our way to find 2 empty seats all the eyes was on us everyone was talking silently amongst themselves about us all we could hear was 2,girls,new. It was quite obvious what they were saying.

After 5 minutes we see 2 girls walking towards our table they looked nice and friendly ‘’hello I’m Yasmine and this is Lauren I guess you girls are new’’ ‘’yes we are’’ Stella answers ‘’I’m Stella and this is my little sister Sofia’’ ‘’nice to meet you girls’’ Yasmine responds they sit down in front of us. ‘’I choose to stay here beyond my behalf because I wanted to be close to my school so I can study hard’’ Yasmine insists ‘’and I left home because of some tough issues in my family I decided to stay on my own I still see my family though’’ Lauren persists. ‘’How about you girls’’? There was a pause for a few moments it was unbelievable and something unpleasant and harsh to be said by the tongue because our pain that we felt was still so fresh. ‘’Our parents…. died in a car accident’’ Stella’s eyes was filled with tears there was a pause again. ‘’I’m so sorry that must be terrible for you both’’ Lauren cried with empathy. “In a few year’s time you will get used to it right now it is very difficult but things will start to heal. I lost my 2 brothers in a car accident so that’s why I know.’’ Yasmine convinces. Sofia and Stella look down on the table studying it.

‘’So how are you both finding it here?’’ Lauren asks there was no reply back from the girls, Stella gives a deep sigh. ‘’I know I get it. I just wanted to change the subject but it didn’t work’’ ‘’Are you girls going to go back to do your education like going to school?’’  Stella and Sofia think about it for a second. ‘’no we haven’t thought about it’’ ‘’well you both should are you going to both stay here forever your whole lives you can get out of the dorm when you finish university did you girls know that?’’ ‘’yes we know’’ ‘’girls I know it’s hard for you both right now but to stay strong you must have a goal at something you want and move on because if you don’t you will be down and depressed all the time it’s not good for your well-beings, I know losing a mum and dad is horrible but you girls always have to be strong” Yasmine explains ‘’your right thank you for supporting us’’ ‘’you’re very welcome’’ It was nice for the girls to have someone supportive for them they appreciated it. ‘’when I lost my 2 brothers in a car accident I felt like… it was so hard to lose 2 family members my 2 brothers were my everything they were always there for me when I needed them but….Yasmine says helplessly. ‘’we lose our closest loved ones but life still goes on’’ Lauren adds. ‘’yeah I know’’ ‘’losing the both of them feels like a building dropped onto our heads we miss them allot’’ Sofia jumps into the conversation. Sofia and Stella cry and sob. Lauren brings 2 glasses of water for them ‘’here it`ll make you both feel better a bit drink it’’

Suddenly there was a shade of darkness that sinked inside and filled the whole room the sun that came in disappeared it made the girls feel depressed inside, after a few seconds the darkness got away and the sun came pouring in again it was bright and made us warm.

 It was a winter season but summer was going to come by the look of the sunshine shining in. Today was 20 degrees the weather I love but Sofia loves winter she just totally loves it but I love when it’s warm enough and not when you’re freezing your ass, face and hands off. ‘’Were you girls born here?’’ ‘’yes we are Americans from Dallas’’ “I’m Greek and Lauren is Italian ’’ ‘’we are all different mixed nationalities.’’ ‘’yes I know’’ ‘’when you girls start back to school I want you both to come to our university and enrol there okay and it’s a close distance to the dorm it’s right next door to us how old are you girls?’’ ‘’I’m 15 and Sofia is 10’’ ‘’alright well you both are still young but that’s okay’’ We look around and see that everyone mostly has left the dining room, we slowly all got up ‘’it was nice to meet you girls I’ll see you both later’’ ‘’see you bye’’ Stella and Sofia say at once.

They leave and make their way to their rooms hopefully they don’t get lost but they didn’t they got the hang of it very easily it was only a 2 minute walk. It was okay I mean at least we had a place to live in but we did both miss our house we had never moved out until now here we are living in a dorm, we are responsible for ourselves and have to stand on our feet by ourselves it was hard because we were too young Stella was mature but Sofia wasn’t, Sofia needed help because of her behaviour and reactions and how she was on drugs she got use to stealing stuff from stores, it was because of choosing  the wrong friends in school, that’s how it happened however if she really didn’t have it in her personality she wouldn’t do it I guess. When it’s about homework Stella would always do it and get a plus but Sofia would never do her homework for once in her life she was lazy, fussy, and clumsy. When it comes to their appearance they were both opposite to each other Stella would dress up like a school girl she was also girly she looked pretty in pink. Sofia was into black, gothic and emo stuff. She would do her makeup so ugly, she would fill and cover up her mobile lid with black liquid eyeliner, she had a bag of cosmetics she would use every product that she owned on her face. However she was pretty but Stella was prettier. Stella would do a bit of makeup she liked it more naturally.

It was a vibrant sunny day the next day; the girls thought that the days seemed to pass a bit faster now. And they were feeling more up and not down anymore because they were lucky enough to have Yasmine and Lauren as new friends, they seemed to get even closer to each other because their energy was so positive and they were so friendly from the moment they saw them.

After a couple of months when their pain had settled down Stella and Sofia both enrolled into their new girl schools. They loved the atmosphere, they made allot of new classmates, without forgetting and ditching Yasmine and Lauren despite the fact that they both were very supportive and had sympathy for the girls they got along very well, at times they would even crack a joke with laughter they were friends for life after a loss of a mother and father they both grew stronger, their pain had healed and they had now found happiness again with their true friends that will be kept strong for a lifetime.






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