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Two brother, another struggle, an infinite battle till the end of time.

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



My blade is inside his body, so deep that the other side is coming out of his back,

another fight is won.

Just like the last couple of times there is no longer blood dripping from his wounds, only black ooze, my sword is dirty.
But I guess this is expected when you become pure darkness, I wonder what this means for me?
My wounds still drop blood when I'm injured. Does that mean that I am not pure light yet?

What is the difference between us, then he talks: "Ha..., another fight,... another loss for me,

isn't that right, brother?"

I don't look at him, but I know his face is full of madness, he doesn't care about the pain, it is the only thing reminding him that he was once human, everything else is gone.

He asks me: "Why aren't you looking at me, brother, am I too ugly for you, fucking angel!"

As I hear his insults I decide to grant his wish and look down at him.

His eye's are voids full of hatred. For everything, even himself, such a broken creature.

I pull my sword out of his stomach and the black goo continues to drop out of his body,

his face shows a short sign of relief before the pain returns and with it the madness:

"Brother, I love it when we are so close, we should do this more often...!"

before he caught up more ooze.

It runs down his mouth and falls down on his elegant black suit.

Such irony that he looks like a very fine gentleman when he is not using his dark powers.

I'm not sure why he chose this kind of outfit, especially regarding his position as a demon.

But I always suspected it was his twisted sense of humor to dress up like an upper class businessman.

He falls on his knees and spits all over the ground.

"You know I didn't want this, I was chosen by Destiny, I hate this stupid motherfucker so much!

It is the only thing left for me, hate! Everything else is gone, brother, everything!

Hm hm hm hm ha ha ha!!!"

His laugh is gruesome, I can barely stand to hear the anguish before I say, just to shut him up:

"It was Destiny's call, brother, none of us can do anything about it."

He stops laughing and looks at me, desperate:

"But this is not fair, I am you and you are me! Why was it not you the Darkness chose?

Why was it me?! I didn't want any of this, killing everything I've known and loved, my girlfriend, my family!"

"It is not your fault, this is just your role."

After this sentence he finds the strength to stand up again, walking towards me.

I go back a couple of steps, feeling dread, even though I know he is dying.

"You Bastard, I will destroy everything you care about, you are no better than me, you deserve this curse just as much as I do!"

The ooze that drops down his wound begins to scream as well, the light inside of me tells me to destroy him faster, but I want him to get out everything, after all, he is still me, my brother.

His eyes become as black as his cursed excuse for blood that he leaves behind as he comes closer and continues to rage: "I will rape every single member of your family, afterwards I'll cut of all of there limbs off and drink their blood! Ha ha ha ha, yes, that will be fun, won't it, brother.

I will love them the way you never could, and you will have to watch everything!"

Then he pukes as he wavers towards me. I burn down the remains that he left on my blade and hold it against his head. He stops and looks at the burning blade, staggered, before he comes back to his senses, stops moving and begins to fade away.

"I'm sorry, brother, the Darkness got the best of me. I still can not control it, after all of these years, even after all that happened..."

"I know, don't worry, these are just the roles that we got to play: You are the Darkness, I am the Light, he is the Elements and she the Emotions."

He lowers his head and contemplates: "Ha, those two, no real alliance, they are only affiliated with Light and Darkness. We have to serve them, until we die. And we know they will abandon us some day, just like Destiny did..."

My brother is turning into dust and disappearing again, like he did so any times before.

"Who knows what the future will bring us, maybe we don't have to continue fighting until the end of time."

His legs are already gone while his arms begins to fade away as well as he smiles, desperately:

"Do you really think there is a Happy End for me in this? I'm have to be the Darkness, there is no other way. I tried so many times to change that..."

His torso begin to disappear as well.

"Maybe you can not, but as long as you return I promise I will always be there to stop you.

No matter what."

He looks at me, sad, but also with a small sign of relieve.

"You know what, every time I die I feel like a human again.

This is nice, those few seconds of happiness... Thank you, brother."

Those are his last words before he completely fades away.

After some contemplation on my own I purge the surrounding area from his evil presence and open a portal to return to my dimension, talking to the emptiness of this dead desert:

"I hope you like those few seconds, I will grant then to you every time you return, Tener."

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