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Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



This Story is about a homicidal Doll named Hugo; Hugo had Dark Brown Hair, and white skin. Hugo was born with Mild Autism he was first a human-being, then he transfers his body into a doll. The Bush Family has a Daughter named Maisy and a son named Rick; Maisy is ten years old and Rick is twelve, Rick’s Hobbies are, he likes to play video games; Maisy went to go ask her parents if she can get a doll, Her Dad Rob replied! I will look at the shops tomorrow, the advertisement for a Hugo doll was on Tv, Maisy said in a happy voice Perfect; he is located at Sullivan’s Toy Store in a big town called Murrayfield. Rob bought a present for Maisy, Maisy went to open it, she said to the doll, what’s your name; I’m Hugo! will you be my friend she laughed and gave Hugo a big hug; Maisy goes to bed and puts Hugo in bed with her; Goodnight Hugo! Maisy Closes her eyes and Hugo does the same thing. In the morning Rick and Maisy made their way to school the bullies picked on them Called Rick Dick Bush and Maisy Lazy Bush because it rhymes with their names Hey Rick You got a Bush on your Dick Just Ignore them Hey Maisy do you have a bush on your Vagina. Hugo was lying on the floor, when Maisy went to her room, she knew Hugo was on the bed, and sees him on the floor, and she thinks to herself; hmmm that’s weird, she went to put Hugo back on the bed; Maisy says to Hugo she wishes he comes to life to settle her and Rick’s Bullies at School. While the Family was Having dinner and Hugo was in the room, he comes to life, then he escapes out the window and goes to one of the bullies house, his name was Terry! Hugo went through his bedroom window, and was standing like a statue, in his room; Terry was holding him, and said; what a Retarded doll! Hugo then Yelled Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Stabs him as he fell back and landed out the window Terry’s mum and dad called out Terry! Terry! They saw him dead outside they screamed and were also in tears; the ambulance covered him up and puts him in the van, Deputy Barrett said I’m sorry for your loss. Do you know if Terry has enemies, or anything? At School him and this girl Maisy don’t get on I will see if they know anything, I will go to their house now; Deputy Barrett got in the car and made his way to Maisy’s House. The cops arrived to the house, and Deputy Barrett talked to the Bush Family, and told them that Terry got murdered, would your Daughter Maisy know anything about that? When did it Happen? One Hour ago, when Maisy finishes school, she doesn’t go out, she comes straight home; what does this got to do with Maisy? She’s not a killer, Mr’s Bush! Mr’s Jenkins told me that Maisy and Terry don’t get on at School; I’m telling you my daughter is innocent, Ok I believe you, we will be in touch, thanks for your time. Hugo was back in Maisy’s room by the time she got up there, and even though her and terry didn’t get on, she wants to know who killed him. At school she got picked on more, Terry’s friends think that Maisy killed him, she said to them I’m Innocent! She then leaves the school, and went back home crying; her parents had to cheer her up, and told her not to listen to the kids at school.











While Maisy was a sleep, she had a nightmare that Hugo was alive and sitting on the rocking chair in her room, she gasped and woke up quickly; when she saw Hugo next to her, she then says to herself, its just a dream, and went back to sleep. In the morning the family was having breakfast and no one still knows the news how terry got murdered, Maisy says to Hugo, Hugo did you kill Terry! answer me! Rob said, Stop Maisy! Hugo is just a Doll. Maisy went to put Hugo in her room so he can have time out, she then went back downstairs. while Hugo was not seen he went to write blood on Maisy bedroom wall saying Fucking Whore! He heard footsteps coming, It was the parents, he quickly lies on the ground; when they saw the mess on the wall they yell Maisy! get up here now! Did you do that it wasn’t me it was Hugo! Maisy we may have been born but we weren’t born yesterday tell us the truth I am telling the truth so your telling me a Plastic doll went near the wall, and wrote that; She yelled Yes! Your Grounded young Lady, as they both left the room, and she stayed in her room, She said straight to Hugo’s face, Thanks a lot, you stupid Doll. Maisy and Rick made their way to school and straight to class, when everyone had recess outside, Hugo sneaks up to the classroom board and wrote Mr’s Stone is a Fat Cow; when she had a weird look on her face, and thinking that Maisy did it, Maisy said to Mr’s Stone she didn’t do it! when she Grabbed the doll and showed everyone that Hugo is to blame, everyone Laughed; and She yelled Enough! Maisy stop with your fantasy doll, I’m telling you the truth he’s dangerous; the bell rings! everyone is dismissed, except for maisy, she had to stay back after school. Mr’s Stone Called Maisy’s Parents and they went to go pick her up, They sent her to her room for her punishment, Maisy couldn’t take it Anymore; so she packed her things and escaped, She took a bus to leave town. Maisy ended up in a new town called Snowville where the ground was full of snow, she enters St Francis Orphanage; she cried and said to Sister Gertrude, please help me! I got no parents! Sister Gertrude Feels sorry for Maisy, and got her settled in. A Homeless guy was holding Hugo he gave him a fright ahhhh! And stabs the knife right through him he dragged his body and left him dead on the side of the road while Hugo runs to the building (St Francis Orphanage) he pants and hides to the side of the wall to see if the coast is clear, there was no one there, he made his way inside, and straight to Maisy’s Room; Hugo sits on Maisy’s Bed when Maisy went back in the building, she made her way up to her room, she closes the door and she realizes that Hugo is on her bed, She Gasped! Hugo says Surprise Maisy! Maisy parents weren’t good to her, they don’t even care that their own daughter has left them, so they took her out of the picture, and raised Rick on their own. The sister’s wanted to do a profile on the computer, to see if Maisy fooled them, and she got caught straightaway; on the profile she has got parents, she said to Sister Gertrude she’s got no parents, Sister Gertrude explained to Maisy you do have parents, so why did you come here; because they didn’t treat me right, I’m sorry for lying! its ok, I’m sure a nice family will adopt you.









The kids from the Orphanage went downstairs to have dinner, while Hugo was sitting in Maisy’s  room, he leaves a blood message on the wall, saying! wherever you go! I will find you! Hugo escapes! will he Return to haunt Maisy and other enemies! lets find out!

The Story to be Continued……………………

© Copyright 2018 Matt Torchia. All rights reserved.

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