Hill Haven INN

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Haunted hotel

Submitted: July 15, 2017

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Submitted: July 15, 2017



I spent the night at "Hill Haven INN" when I checked into the hotel the women at the desk said "your room is room 208 and it's the only room left but it is haunted. "Yeah right I'll be the judge of that." I said laughing. "The women said "I'm sorry but I have to warn everyone who sleeps in that room that there was a murder. But that was a long time ago." "I understand thanks." I say as I grab the hotel key card and my bag. And start to head to the elevator. I get inside the elevator and press the second floor button. Once I get to the second floor I walk down the long eerie hallway towards a door way that led to the stairs. I enter my bedroom there was a king sized bed next to a closet and a window. I threw my bag on the bed. And I turned the tv on. And put on a baiting suit and I locked the room and went to the pool. About an hour or so later I came back to the room my door was wide open! I ran into the room concerned that someone broke in and stole from me but my bag was still there and there was no signs of anyone breaking in. I close the door it was close to 10:00pm and I was tired. I double checked to make sure the door was locked and went to bed. I was awoken at 2:00 am when a loud banging sound hit my door. I thought it was just some drunk person. I got up and walked to the door and opened it. No one was there. I shut the door and went back to bed. Ten. Minutes later I heard another knock on the door. "Go away" I yelled throwing a pillow at the door. I don't believe in ghosts and I certainly wasn't going to start now. I continued to sleep. About three Am I was awaken again this time my sheets on my bed flew off. "What the?" I say bending over the bed and grabbing the sheets and pulling them back on the bed and over me. A few seconds after the sheets flew off and some force shoved me off the bed I hit the ground. "Ow" I look to see who shoved me but no one was there. Angry I called the hotel desk and told them what had happened. The women said "I told you it was haunted." "Do you have any other rooms?" She had said "No". I figured I'd tough it out and hung up and fell back asleep. Next thing I new it was around 4:00am  I heard a Scream coming from the closet. I woke up instantly and jumped out of bed. "hello?" I ask. I heard the scream and a women shout "Leave me alone please Ahh" then I heard what sounded like an AXE breaking the closet door down and the women Screamed. I got up grabbed my bag and ran out the door. I told the desk what had happened and she got the manager and the manager had informed me that a family was slaughtered to death by a psycho husband about twenty years ago and it took place in that exact closet. Better said than done I was out of that hotel so fast. The manager had apologized and offered me the night free and another free night. I asked in another room?" He said "No" I said "No thank you" and left Hill Haven INN" never to return.

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