Loved to Death

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10th Jan, 2020 This began with her autopsy report. The girl who could not write
about her fate and betrayals that she carried in her heart for years, her death
made it happen. The years of longing and pain that were imprinted on her heart
and bleeding through her eyes could be seen by none, because she had
learned to excel with time to hide it behind her smile that could make anyone
fall for her. She was a mess of Gorgeous Chaos and you could see it in her
eyes. She used to be a person who knew the true meaning of live in-spite of
whatever comes, she knew to live it all because she had decided to. But
unfortunately she lived in the society where people are judged, especially
women. Being a women itself is the toughest part of a women's life. Apart from
the barriers created by God that separates them from men and the pain they go
through to gain happiness, she has to face the turmoil and myths created by
the society and stand perfect on them. Only then she will be called chaste.
Though I am writing this story but just like you and me, I am a part of the same
world that judged her. That made her so tough and strong that she could face
every situation today, but also killed her true Beauty. We humans have a
tendency of seeking attention and we love to be loved. We don't wear clothes
that don't look good on us and even throw out the furnitures that doesn’t suit
our taste after some time, no matter how expensive they are.If these things can
be applied to those immaterial objects that hardly create an impact on your
happiness, then what if we are asked to compromise with our life and our
boyfriends or life partners. Being a delhite, I won't call having multiple
relationships in life as cheap or I won't judge the character of the boy or the
girl. But In most parts of India where falling in love is an offense, you cannot
imagine to fall for the same twice or thrice. Being intimate is common now.
Gone are the days where one would wait for marriage to get intimate and
hence we in our lives go through several relationships that judges us
This girl, Shristi belonged to a small town and dared to fall in love twice. Aditya
was enough to ruin her when fate played a dirty game to separate them. But
life gave her a second chance to believe in herself. She met Trushank, the
person who brought her back to life after the first setback, she found a person
who was so complete in himself that she could live every relation with him, it
began with relation of colleague to friends, She began to understand him,
while Trushank started reading her. He did like her from the very first day and
had made a relationship of pain where Shristi never uttered a word but he could
read it all from her eyes. She was finally happy and satisfied with her life. She
had just started living when society played its role, the two lovers became
“Baniya” and “Rajput” in no time and the society put barriers between them.Before she could confess her love before her family, she was named “Baniya”
by those Rajputs. Trushank was an orphan, brought up by his maternal uncle
since childhood when his parents left, and so was indebted. He was given a
choice amongst them and Shristi, The choice was simple. He could live a life
without love but not live his life like a coward who could not repay the cost of
his upbringing. Together, they decided to separate. Shristi, got married to one
of her childhood friend while she had no idea where Trushank was. She had all
his memories, they decided to be together as friends, but after her marriage,
none of them could gather the courage to call each other. It was morally
She started living her married life, trying to keep everyone happy with a smile
on her face and emptiness in her heart. She remembered Trushank asked her
to never let Anil feel down as it was not his mistake and she never let him
down. She devoted herself to Anil as a tribute to Trushank. Love happens only
once, but when life gives you a second chance, you fall for it. But maybe not
She has completed three years of her marriage and had a one year old baby.
They did manage to have a child, but she still could not let her heart fall for
anyone else. She was living two lives, a life with Anil and his family and a life
of depression, a dark side of her which no one knew about until she died. 10th
Jan 2020, 5 years after she fell for Trushank, She had to quit when her heart
and mind betrayed her. She had to give up and it was then her diary spoke her
story that no one knew about.
She was not a victim of love, but a victim of society that still classifies people
on the basis of their caste and not love and purity of their hearts.
We as Indians are trying to end the rivalry between Nations, while we still can’t
accept the difference of castes within our country.
It was not a natural death, nor a suicide, but a murder - a murder by the myths
of the SOCIETY that we live in.

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The Autopsy

Submitted: July 16, 2017

10th Jan 2020, Autopsy report declared it to be a natural death, hardly did her family know that she was poisoned. She was a lovely gir... Read Chapter