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Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017



Graduation ,Jalapenos and Sugar steps

For every student, graduate represent the first step toward adulthood, but  graduate from High school is not only the  so call first step toward adulthood, Oh NO NO NO.... I want to talk to all of you mongrels about the real meaning of graduation.

"But sir what are you talking about? Graduate IS the first step toward adulthood, after graduating from high  school some of us are going to start working, but other will also start university."
Oh, by the holy mother Milla! You kids are so oblivious, GRADUATE IS NOT ONLY THAT!! Graduate from high school is the event that is supposed to make you able to think about the person you truly are, or aspire to become.
" But sir what are you talking about!" 
Please let me finish little one, graduate is the end of one cycle, but the beginning of a new one, full of tremendous  and painful ordeals,  you young one shall see that  event as  the moment to think back about everything that happened until  now, all the mistakes and lesson you had during those eighteen years of your life. You shall think back about each one of them, even the most insignificant , you need to remember them, to embrace your faults and mistake, your failures and fake joy and carve them inside your heart and brain, even if they seem painful to accept.

"But why sir why can we not forget about everything bad and just focus on the joy we feel at this moment? ," 

Well you can if you want but iwill not advice you to do it.

" Sir you are way too negative you know that? ,"

Not negative, just realistic for me people need to continue to evolve no matter what happened, and the best way to evolve is through  hardship and failure, You probably wonder why I ask you to think back about  this, at such a moment. It is quite simple, by thinking back about everything that happened to you,  in the new cycle of you life for some of you University and for other having a regular job, you won' t repeat the same mistake you did in the past, and gradually become the person you want to become in the future.

" So instead of Jumping  and celebrating that moment we shall  just think silently about our future and or past? ,"

Aaahahaha of course not! You have all the right to be happy, today is your day, but what I want you to understand is be happy and enjoy that moment, but do not forget to think back about your past to become the person you want to become.

"Sir by the way you are talking ithink you might have many regrets concerning your highschool year."

Ahahah far from it, now that i think back since .... well forever i never been the popular type of person, so  ihad really quiet school years, I was always alone, well not always alone.. I had those four persons i actually liked and highly respected back then, not only because i kinda get along with them but because i appreciate the person they were. The first one was a boy with a really special sense of fashion, always elegant and smell really good , compare to I , he was really popular i used to hang with him a lot in the past , and i m not gonna lie he was a really cool person i hope he still is, if i remember correctly he had the same name that the man who sought to reach the "ends of the world and the Great Outer Sea" and invaded India in 326 BC, you know the name it rhythm with " The Great". The second one was a girl , she was  a strong and beautiful  artist well at least for me she was  it was not until my last year that i really got to know her, but well she was so strong that she marked me.The third one was a hardcore  christian girl, I never showed her any signed of affection, I kinda admire her from far away , she was a black girl always wearing make up, in my opinion she was probably, really complexed by herself ,  and i most of the time was really mean to her not that i regret it , OH nonono but i doesn't change the fact that she might be kind of a little bitchy princess , i can not defile her mind greatness.

"What is a mind greatness???" 

Well, what I mean by mind greatness is like conviction, your principle in life, and that girl s convictions were no Joke trust me, that is why i admired her.

"And sir who was the last one? ," 

Well, the last one was a girl I met during my last high school year. She came from a country in the Middle east, and trust me my kids that girl was T.M.I.

"What is a T.M.I sir?"

T.M.I mean "To Marry Immediately " in other words that girl was the real deal , she was always calm and had a huge interest for Violin , but that girl was a golden nugget, well I don't know what she became after those past years  but she was really amazing, her way of seeing life, her  simple but complex mind, girl like that are the jewel of this world.

Wooh Sir, was she your girlfriend , or some sort of lovers? ,"

Aahahah far from it, I never been the lucky type in love anyway  I always messed up all of my  romantic relations  as far as I remember. 

" Got any regret in love Sir? ," 

No, it s true that all of my high school romantic relation end up really bad but, all of those mistakes and failure helped me to become the person I am now, so I m way more grateful to the girl I met during those years, back then i was a real monkey jumping around and running after girls and their bottoms, but with all the failure I got i changed and now I am really proud of the person i am now.

" So through all the pain you experienced you learned something  new that help you to become the person you are now." 

In a nutshell, you understand my point,  but i really changed thanks to the fact that , at each end of a cycle i thought about the mistakes i made in my way and took extra measure to never repeat them.

Just like when you graduate think back about everything that happened in your past , embrace your mistake, then move forward toward the dream you desire to achieve.

Now think about this.

No matter how much sugar you mix in, Jalapenos are still Jalapenos, It won't be complete without something nice. 

"What i don't understand, sir!?" 

Don't worry in the future you will, now kids it s time for you to go enjoy your night at least you  earn it , so go drink  get hangover, smoke  and get lungs cancer, do whatever the hell you want tonight,  go make as many mistakes as you want , but never forget to take the time to think back about them because.

  No matter how much sugar you mix in, Jalapenos are still Jalapenos, It won't be complete without something nice.

Graduation ,Jalapenos and sugar steps END

Well congratulation to all of the people who graduated from high school , i graduated to today  so i just wanted to give you some advice about the future based on my past experience and way of seeing life.

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