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A world in which machines now play the humans, literally.

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017




The happy control workers were out again, making us the better version of ourselves: happy. From an aerial view the world seemed still and silent – but it wasn’t it has always been forever moving and loud. We are a community which moves as one, I’m part of the most important line and we move in sync of horizontal and vertical lines, in a form of a cross for peace. There has always been lines, however they’ve grown into something better. We go everywhere together in lines and the only thing that has been changed within the past week is how we walk which is backwards, the happy control workers help us to move forwards in life, we are grateful and if we make a mistake the happy pill will make sure that we don’t in future.

“A10 to check 5, A11 to check 6,” sang the beautiful mechanical voice which is guiding us to success, we’re very lucky to be here: the grounds are completely de-saturated, only of a black and white tint and squared patterns with placement numbers, this is the definition of beautiful. There are thousands of us, if not millions and we never talk because we have the privilege to be loud and to be loud is to be silent, we are the same; our outfits which were once purple have shed themselves of their colour to transform into a magnificent grey, including our happy bags which have tubes connecting to the inside of our bodies, flowing substances can be seen within them.

A10 has always had an appreciation of the current state of society as well as all of those in sector B, C and so on, all of which are healthy as could be whereas those that have deteriorated as a human or have ceased to be of any use seem to disappear or assigned to a different check placement, it has been speculated in only their minds that the elderly, sickly or disabled have the privilege to reach the happy place where they all wish and are waiting to go to. The never ending cycle of hope is one which keeps one submissive – or if not consequences await.

Mists of grey always seemed to be slithering from the sly gaps of the checker grounds, devouring the minds of which were once able to make their own decisions however are left to have an illusion of free will and hope constantly. Humans weren’t in control anymore, only the machines of which the humans created: the happy control workers.

A11 had stepped on check 7 instead of check 6 and one of the happy control workers had escorted – or more so dragged them towards a passage which was illuminated with the colour white, all of us heard a screeching sound far from human as though life itself had died, we’ve heard this same sound plenty of times but have never been exposed to what it comes from. We have never heard each other speak so we wouldn’t be familiar with the sound even if it was a human. Silence crept upon us once more, the sound of happiness. A11 was back now and was assigned check 5 where A10 was, they knew what to do and connected their plastic tubes together from their happy bags, liquids were flowing to and from both bodies, A10 was impregnated and had been escorted by the happy control workers to a grey passage when the procedure was over. A11’s tube was completely empty and no longer flowed after the procedure; proving them infertile, thus they were also escorted out to the white passage and a defying screech was heard again, A11 never came back. We didn’t care as we knew A11 had gone to the place of happiness and A10 was going to grant us a new addition to the lines. Every month two with differing tubes were assigned the same check placement.  

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