One wheel

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A quick short about a stop at a park

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017



The sense of failure is overwhelming on a daily basis. stuck in relationship purgatory, between the death of what was and the dread of what will be. But I fight back.

Yesterday I rode the best wheelie in my life. I met dougie at the skate park, he was on the harley. I've yet to really try to wheelie on the max because I love her so much and she's very powerful and I didn't want to risk flipping her over..... but the group skating all gawked as we were leaving and dougie fired up the drag pipes on the v twin. I knew what they wanted. I decided to not disappoint.

So I revved the max and dumped the clutch. The rear wheel chirped and she stood straight up. It was smooth. I got her on about a 45 degree angle and twisted the throttle full and rode almost to wake nation. Dougie caught up quick and said smiling "that was awesome" He said it looked like I carried it the length of a football field. He said the kids all hollered as I pulled it off. So he revved the harley and because he was in gravel just off the edge of the road his back tire burst loose throwing gravel and he did a swirly burnout as he hit the asphalt. That's why he caught up so quick! We stopped at River Road and he told me his perspective and about his burnout.

I smiled in a moment of triumph and said "they think we're badasses"

Dougie said "we are"

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