The first creator

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i always believe that there is a creator. This poem is just strange.

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017



The group of viper-headed men kept on spitting,

I said: ''For God's sake, open the door, and let me in.''

Their breath was  like a burning flame,

Their leader was one that was lame.


I went through the door, and they followed,

Such ugly faces, I had never seen.

Their clothing looked as if they were borrowed,

Their skins were pale green.


''You're surely not from this planet,'' I said.

''You're so thin, you look like you're half-dead.

''Come, I'll take you to see my queen,

She's kind, full of love, and serene.



''Go on, tell me, you're the creators of this mess,

I'll laugh out loud, and I'll make a guess.

You tried to copy the first creator, and it went wrong,

You belittle the weak, and praise the strong.


So it were you who founded the earth,

When it was completely covered in darkness.

The mass of water covered the dirt,

You have surely made a great mess.


The first Creator, I will praise,

All the earth belongs to him.

He set the firmament ablaze,

Now we sing songs to him.

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