A Good Friend

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Defining a true friend.

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017



 Everyone comes to the dilemma of defining what a friend is at some point in their early years. We think we have it figured out until that supposed friend follows a route we would never expect them to follow. That route may be due to them following the wrong crowd, just listening to the one in their ear when the lights are out. We all have our different perceptions on what a true friend may be, but most of our theories are similar. I for one do not believe in friends for the simple fact that it is non existent where I come from. The people chant "nobody's really your friend because you can't trust them forever, but there is a real thing called "family" ". A good friend of mine always seems to be the person I look to throughout our years of adventuring in this world. This friend very rarely has a negative vibe which makes me extremely comfortable when I'm around them. The feeling that I can approach them with whatever is on orbiting my mind with thoughts both good and bad. This good friend of mine doesn't just hear what I say, but they actually listen to elaborate with me all while I do the same with them. A true friend indeed as they wouldn't go behind closed doors or around the corner to talk about me as an enemy would if I had any. A great friend that expresses their thoughts and feelings, so they don't have to throw a brick then hide their fingers. One that isn't controlling over the next person's life just their own. No sense in talking behind everyone's backs fooling them when they are being fooled only to find out the phony has been faking those smiles and conversations together in order to become apart of the come up in the long run. This friend places the beautiful feeling of love in me when we cross paths no matter how much elapsed time has passed us by, so we focus on the now and happening just being happy to enjoy the time together. This wondeful friend makes my humorous nature feel normal as they add on to the laughter and fun.

Now I have a few people that I am close with, but this one friend seems to top the rest of them as I wouldn't mind going out to have a drink with them just to talk about the long week we've both had so far. A friend that recognizes there is no competition at all when it comes to others being close as well. This good friend respects me for the person I am, and accepts my appetite when we understand that everyone's appetite is different, so judgement has no room in our hearts nor do we have time for any. This great person wouldn't mind spending time with me even if their partner is around because this good friend understands that there's more to their day than just each other as it is good to hang around others as well. One who has come to many times and supported me even when I don't think my work is good enough. They point to several attributes of my stories, and have motivated me to keep going when those times of feeling like the end is near. This good friend and their partner would rather me join them when they go out to clubs, parties, or even just to grab a bite because the company of a great friend is always pleasant to have around. This amazing person has shown me others similar to them which allowed me to expand and connect with many more wonderful people. This person isn't just a good friend. This good friend is my family. A family member not of blood, but of a great spirtual bond that makes me feel like we are one and love is our language. Thank you so much for being one of the few perfect beings here that I have recognized.

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