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Chapter 2 (v.1) - 4

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017




On one faithful day when Rose and Ademola were chatting, she already had the intention of flirting with Ademola, maybe the bond that is attracting her to Ademola could collide with his own. Finally Demola used this word 'I just love my life simply because it gave somebody like you' i just love you because you are already in my life, then she replied saying you are my world, gravity always pull me towards you. Demola i love you. Rose was already in 300 level about going to her final year in the university studying accounting. When Rose and Demola had started dating for some months, Demola finally took Rose home to see his parent. Dad, Mum this is my fiancee said Demola, his parent didn't say anything, they were just laughing but before they started laughing, Rose noticed their character when Demola first introduced her to them, they were frowned. Finally Demola's parent asked Rose what state she was from, she then told them Imo State, they said Ok. Rose was not happy about this because she was already thinking maybe she was going to experience a broken heart again. That night she could not sleep, she then decided to call Demola but he didn't pick the call. The following day she kept on calling, Demola did not still pick. She was already crying, she was helpless. The third day, she then decided to go to Demola's house but when she got to his place, she noticed that the entrance door that was leading to his parlour was opened. She then decided to enter inside the room, she saw one of her friend, Adeola, kissing him. Immediately she saw them, they tried to explain but she got confused and fainted and she was rushed to the hospital. She spent several days at RANDLE GENERAL HOSPITAL SURULERE, LAGOS. Before she was finally discharged from the hospital she asked the doctor if any guy came to visit her but the doctor said No. Although she has not lost her virginity to the guy. When she could not get over this for a long period of time, she decided to bombard him with lot of messages but no reply from him. This went on for a while, Demola didn't reply her back, she was still begging him that she does not even care if his dating her friend Adeola, all what she needed was true love. Demola did not still reply. She still kept on calling but no reply. She then decided to send him this... TEARS OF A BROKEN HEART Tears of blood fell from my broken heart, I never thought we would be apart when you held my hand the other day, you said to me "FOREVER", now that you are gone I know you meant ''NEVER'', saying you love me with that look in your eyes but that was a cold-hearted lie, your tender touch, the soft kiss you usually give me that is what i will miss. As I sit here thinking about you my face is wet with tears of a broken heart, I should have cried a long time ago but you fooled me with your love but i love you so. I know they say love is blind but I had only you on my mind, but you betrayed me. It hurts so deep, it cuts like a knife but wound heals and I will go on with my life. Demola did not still reply her back. She went into a serious depression.

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